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Equestria died long ago, but Princess Twilight wouldn't give up. She made her own star, and built a small planet alongside it.

For a time, these new worlds knew harmony, and learned to prosper in a dance of friendship and magic. But even these worlds would eventually die, and the ones that replaced them.

Finally, the universe itself began to die, as all remaining matter evaporated into radiation or was sucked into infinitely dense singularities.

That didn't stop Princess Twilight Sparkle.

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Hmm. Can you tell us what you wanted to do with this story?

It was dangerous and what life did manage to evolve was limited to violent predators that existed in a state of perpetual misery, fighting amongst themselves over bits of meat or golden trinkets.

Then Sunset Shimmer showed up, and Twilight killed the simulation for fear of what recursive nonsense might come of it.

She turned off the universe, and you ceased to exist.

Wow. Rude.

A distressingly believable explanation for the universe as we know it. (We certainly can't disprove it from our position.) Still, existence is still running by the time I post this comment, so hopefully it doesn't specifically apply to us.

... Thinking about it, I may have been closer than I realized when mentioning Sunset. Given Twilight's goals, I could see this world as a trial run for the EqG universe.

Interesting little thought-provoker. Thank you for it.

Woah. Not really sure what to make of this, but it is provocative.

Awesome, are you going to write another one for this?

Ok, so I refreshed my memory on determinism, and I think I get what's going on now. This whole story is just a giant case study designed to poke holes in the theory of free will and whether or not it truly exists. Basically, mankind created and controlled Twilight, who in this story then goes back and shapes mankind. So, who has free will, then? Do we? Does Twilight? Both? Neither? It's an unending loop of existence, a paradox of puppet and puppeteer.

Immediately, she began executing a search routine for graphical depictions of her ponies, hoping she could at least find them, although they might be beyond saving.

She then discovered Derpibooru, Deviant Art, and Fur Affinity. And the universe computer bricked.

I'm... not sure how I feel about this. Like, has Twilight grown so detached from life that she no longer sees the value in anything short of perfection? Or is the point that Equestria is sooooooo perfect that we pitiful, disgusting humans are but pale shadows whose lives are not worth living?

Not sure if I'm impressed at the thoughtfulness of it all, or insulted...

I need to point out something from the start. Twilight is now operating on the scale of the Multiverse. Not just one universe done over and over again.

Somepony did a story like the description of this sounds for a Writeoff, and I think they published it afterwards. I have no idea what it was called, but it's one of the ones from a prompt with "Stars" in the title, I think.

So, what we have here is a universe with subuniverses

"Off" you go...

Looks like the cycle ended. It's not Twilights all the way down. It would be interesting if humanity was the only way to recreate Twilight's perfect world. A developed simulation ultimately given life. Your pearl was in the ugly oyster, Twilight.

Cute take on simulation theory. I get the feel that you're a "glass half-empty" type.

"-yearning for impossible things that could never exist, and never knowing why they were so drawn to them."

What a chilling existential reminder. Liked for this line!

Eternity, and becoming a goddess who shapes universes and life, might make one end up treating life like something they can switch on and off as they see fit...
It reminds of me of Dr Manhattan in Watchmen.


Basically Twilight goes Kronika.

An interesting concept. I'm generally more of a "glass half full" person when it comes life enduring in the fate of the universe, the longevity of goddesses, and things of that sort. I like to think that Twilight would have seen inherent value even in the failed universes. I'm not entirely certain if she would just outright delete them out of frustration, but I can see the angle you were trying to hit. Very thought provoking. I knew you were going to go with some sort of angle involving our world near the end.

Again, very thought provoking that probably hits hard on a lot of people. This line in particular stood out to me

yearning for impossible things that could never exist, and never knowing why they were so drawn to them.

I very rarely read stories of this tone, but this was good. Fave+Like :twilightsmile:

Can there be a sequel if there is no one left to write it?

Don’t project your definition of misery on other civilizations Twi.

She's lived so long and has such a specific view of happiness and good that she forgets her worlds of magic suffered the same sadnesses, and shes always chasing the nostalgia of Equestria. She just covers up her personal wishes with her strict goals. What a Twilight thing to do.

So that's why 2020 was so bad. Twilight decided to try and terminate us.

Honestly, I'm fine with that. Existence is more of a pain than nonexistence.

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