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The separation of Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi after Twilight's downfall should not have happened overnight.

But thanks to a startup biotech company called Canterlogic Pre-Natal Technologies, it did.

This is a story of how Canterlogic grew into the largest company in post-Twilight Equestria, and the ponies affected along the way.

The main chapter takes place in G5 Equestria, roughly a century before Sunny Starscout's time.

WARNING: This is probably the most emotionally difficult story I've had to write. This story contains discussion of eugenics which readers may find highly disturbing. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THIS STORY DO NOT REFLECT THAT OF THE AUTHOR.

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>This story contains discussion of eugenics which readers may find highly disturbing based

Heart breaking story, I've actually thought about how the pony races would've separated so fast too, with their shared history erased. There's no real answer that would create their ethno states without ethnic cleansing.

The propaganda in the first paragraph:

Once upon a time, there lived a young pony named Bloom. Bloom was the good earth pony kid, just like you fillies and colts. She loves the outdoors, playing ball with her friends, and dreams of taking over her family’s apple orchard one day.

Bloom has two friends: Belle and Scoot. Here they are, standing next to Bloom. Belle is in the theater troupe at Bloom’s school. Scoot is in the same skateboarding club as Bloom. The three have known each other since they were little.

One day, Bloom was sitting under an apple tree, enjoying her favorite Zap Apple Jam on toast.

When all of a sudden, bzzzap! Belle fries Bloom’s brain and she passes out. Then, while she’s knocked out, swoop, and like a greedy seagull, Scoot steals Bloom’s prized family apple jam recipe and flies away.

Bloom wakes up an hour later, luckily unhurt, but her apple jam—and her “friends” Scoot and Belle—are gone! Nowhere to be seen!

You might be shocked to hear this, fillies and colts. How could this have happened? Belle doesn’t have a horn. Scoot doesn’t have wings. They’re earth ponies too, right? How could they have betrayed Bloom like that?

Well, it turns out Belle and Scoot were never Bloom’s friends to begin with.

You see, Bloom was smart enough to already suspect something strange about Belle and Scoot. She was clever enough to save the saliva from one of Belle’s old napkins and Scoot’s straw, and sent them to me and my good friends working at Canterlogic. See, here at Canterlogic, we have come up with a very special device that can tell what species of pony you are, based on your DNA. Do you know what DNA is? It’s like a blueprint inside of our bodies that tell us how tall we are, what color we are, what pony species we are, and so much more! DNA is in all parts of our body—our eyes, our mane, our skin, our organs. No matter how many body parts you change, your DNA tells the truth.

And the truth is?

Belle and Scoot aren’t even earth ponies. They are both what we call an Amputees

Why they use the cmc for their propaganda again?
The ponies must be too dumb for fact check or Twilight Gov too dumb to fix.
Being the sister of the legendary Element of H, they must be famous. Evenmore, they also a teachers as School of friendship too. Record and picture about the friendship and races all over the place. It is impossible to lie about this, and our Twilight still ruling so she always can correct this missinformation.
And too bad that we can’t see what happened to Twilight, she only mentioned once. And other Alicorns like Celestia, Luna too

And the result was horrifying.

It was at that. Which makes your story a success, I suppose.

>Have Earth pony Waifu as a profile
Checkmate, Supremacist

I'm just a very confused supremacist, that's all.
Plus Pinkie is probably hiding a small horn underneath her mane.

Aw, your first dark fic. *Sniff* They grow up so fast…

If in real life people bothered to fact check blatant misinformation we would have solved racism by now.

This sort of rewriting of the past happens all the time, especially in dictatorships.

Congratulation, this is one of the most disturbing stories I've ever read... Which was, I'm sure, the whole point.

I think I've read stories with rapes, murders, even GENOCIDES, that aren't half as disturbing.

I feel dirty. This is a good story, but it definitely makes me feel unclean

. . . This story includes all of those things.


>Casually ignoring that one of the most magically powerful beings in the series ascended into being an Alicorn from the state of being a mere "Pegarat"

>He fell for the alicorn propaganda
Alicorns aren't real, they're an ingenious tool made up by very smart unicorns to control the populace.

Oh no I'm much more gigabrain than that.
What if I told you that Equestria was in fact heliocentric and not geocentric?

Please stop feeding the troll. Alternatively, OP, please feel free to block them.

These information gaps are one reason why I think it would have been better if G4 was considered a "children's tale" or legend in the G5 universe, and the goal of G5 was instead for Sunny to discover that magic does indeed exist in her "real world".

Wow, this was fantastic. I hate it. Love the skill with which it was written, but it sends chills down my spine. The corruption of the relationship between parent and child, the perversity of Canterlogic claiming that their actions are for the good of the people, the graveyards they filled with those whose only crime was Nature rolling the dice a certain way, the banal, euphemistic way Canterlogic referred to all this... By any chance, is Canterlogic's logo an eagle? Because "I see an eagle rising."

Incredible work, Mica. Please never do it again, I don't know if my heart could take it.

technically not a genocide, as the tribes are still alive... or at least, not a COMPLETE genocide. or maybe a localized genocide?

Also technically no rapes here. only false accusations of such.

still, you get my point. this is a really disturbing story, and I mean it as a compliment.

The United Nations defines genocide as any of the following acts:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
— Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2

The actions CanterLogic Tech takes in this story fulfill all of the above criteria. The title of the story is (probably) a reference to the Final Solution.

ok, fair. I've recently read a story where a species actually ended up extinct, so I had that in mind and mixed up genocide with "killed to extinction"

I'm giving this a like because it's well written.
It's dystopian horror, you've captured that impossibly well,
I want to cry.

This story makes me want to throw up. You did an excellent, horrific job.

This fic has genuinely disturbed me. You did a fantastic, horrifying job

the most horrifying things are the ones that are man(or pony in this case) made and comprehensible

Well... that's certainly one way to get three races to hate each other, and quickly. (And yeah, human beings did the same thing to each other not that very long ago. No links this time, just take my word for it.)

I'm not sure why this hits so different. Maybe it's because I read too much history. Maybe it's because my OC's backstory is as the son of a unicorn mother and pegasus father, Maybe it's just the old-school opposition to eugenics on moral/religious grounds. But this was heartbreaking and well-told... and I hope you understand if I only want to read this once!

Thank you for giving it a chance

This felt like a bit of a slog (10k words is generally a bit too much for a chapter), but it was pretty excellently done. It captures very well how modern power structures coerce people to support the official narrative, and suppress those who rock the boat, all while looking prim and proper to those on the sidelines.
My main gripe with it is that I think even with ponies' rather liberal views, I can't see them easily supporting mass abortions and deportations so openly; it would've made more sense if things were more secretive, and relied more on forced sterilizations (which historically were rather common in the 20th century, due to the ease of disguising the sterilization as medically necessary surgery, particularly to young girls who wouldn't yet be much invested in the idea of having kids) or gene editing (likely possible with some magic, and if not, could provide a good cover story for what CanterLogic is doing).

I half expected the CEO to be a half breed herself.

I apologize they were not able to provide the level of service expected of all Alien Affairs officials. The two officers have been identified and will be placed on desk duty for 72 hours. I appreciate you having the courage to come forward with your story.

This level of political commentary is a bit high, but damn if it isn't effective.

The Logical Solution definitely isn't a comfortable read. But it's the fictions which make us squirm, that make us look at the current world around us with transformed perspectives, that are the most irreplicable and necessary. And this certainly fits the bill. You have my utmost applause for releasing this remarkable story.

I’ve seen clopfics with longer chapters :derpytongue2:

Thank you for your detailed comments. And while you may be right that ponies would be reluctant to support mass ethnic cleansing, it seems to me the only way that the sudden separation of the pony races from G4 to G5 makes sense. Mass sterilizations, even done secretly, would have likely led to extinction of all ponies, given how common transracial births would be. And to be fair, the G5 universe does seem to have a smaller population than G4 (though this is probably just an oversight on the writers’ part). This is a public comment forum so I don’t really want go into more gruesome detail, but if you want we can take this to PM if you have more questions.

In a sense this story is also a criticism of G5 failing to address the sudden division of pony races, given that everyone’s genes were mixed (e.g. the Cake family). Something really dramatic must have happened when Twilight fell.

There is no magic in G5 :pinkiesad2: but regarding gene editing, I had thought about a society that relied on IVF (with “natural pregnancies” forbidden), and I think that would have been a compelling story too.

This is very well written and absolutely terrifying.

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