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“Non-Compete Clause” never happened. Rainbow Dash and Applejack are frustrated when they aren't chosen for Teacher of the Month. But instead of getting carried away with competing against each other, they ask their students for honest feedback about how they can improve. The answers surprise them.

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“Non-Compete Clause” never happened.

You immediately have my interest.

A nice little thought piece. Subdued, but a heck of a lot more enjoyable than the episode that inspired it. Thank you for it.

JWR #2 · Feb 21st, 2019 · · 4 ·

Now normally, I'm against the idea of these stories because they're reactionary and written to "fix" non-issues simply because they disagree with the direction of the episode and miss its point altogether.

But this was admittedly entertaining and well done.

Alrighty, miss, you earned a like and a fave from me.

Adding this to my personal canon. And following you, because apparently, I forgot to do that while reading So You Escaped From Limbo.

This is a much better take than the episode, which I would put among the five worst episodes of the entire series. Good for you for handling it in such an even, insightful way.

Thanks! At least some good came out of that episode.

For me, fix fics and episode revisions are a mixed bag. I've read some that I liked, but there are others that "fix" episodes that I don't think need to be fixed, like you pointed out. I'm glad you thought mine was well done, though. :ajsmug:

Thanks for the follow! And I really should finish "Escaped From Limbo" sometime this year. :twilightsheepish:

I had an idea of who wrote those last two notes, and it looks like I was right.

I think the real problem with "Non-Compete Clause" was that the writers got too focused on playing up the scenario for laughs that the intended moral became a bit of an afterthought, and thus it feels just sort of...stuffed in there and blatant. Had they done the reverse--focused more on setting up for the moral and a little less on the laughs--the episode could've been, at the very least, salvageable.

Anyway, one of the better reaction fics I've read or seen for the episode, in that it stays very level-headed about it, to the point that I don't think calling it a "reaction fic" really does it justice. Reaction fics then to be implusive and venting. This one was thought out and calm, the exact opposite. :twilightsmile:

Congratulations, I think that this might be one of the best "fix fics" that actually accomplishes the purpose of fixing the original story by having the characters actually, y'know, BE in character and not painfully regress for the sake of forced "comedy".

This was really nice to read, especially because most of the other fics written about Non-Compete Clause just rake Dash and AJ over the coals and basically completely ignore the fact that this is a show about friendship, forgiveness, and growing to be better.

Anyway, enough of my grumbling about the failings of other stories. This was a real treat to read, good job! Have a fav and an upvote! :pinkiesmile:

I tried to give hints without making it too obvious. Hopefully it worked.

Thanks! Maybe I wasn't giving myself enough credit by calling it a reaction fic.

Without naming any names, I will say that the problem I've found with most "accusation fics" is that they don't get to the heart of the episode's failings. The problem with "Non-Compete Clause" isn't that RD and AJ don't get any comeuppance, it's that they behaved the way they did in the first place. They acted out of character within the series' continuity.

This is perfect. Also, regarding the last part of your author's note, you ship those two, don't you? :ajsmug:

Thanks! And yeah, I do kinda ship them. :raritywink:

Great story. It very smart of you to let a few weeks to pass after the episode to get a better less raged filled mind to tackle the story. Very interesting take here.

Thank you! Sometimes there's an advantage to writing slowly. :derpytongue2:

Yep, this would have been a better episode.:twilightsheepish:

Applejack stared into her own mug. “Maybe I’m just not cut out for this teachin’ business. ‘Professor Applejack’ still sounds weird.” She frowned and shook her blond head. “I didn’t even like school all that much when I was a foal, to tell you the truth. Our teacher made us memorize all these boring facts and she didn’t explain why we would need to know them in our adult lives.”

“I know what you mean, AJ. The worst part for me was being forced to sit still for hours on end,” said Dash, flicking her tail in irritation at the memory.

I find this part of AJ and RD to be relatable in more way than one. At least for me personally.

Another page, another outrage. “You are a fruitist. Apples aren’t the only fruit in the world, and they aren’t even the best.” Applejack's pupils shrank. “I'm sorry, I don't think the words 'apples' and 'aren't the best' are supposed to be used in the same sentence like that.”

Who the hell is gonna complain about that? That seems a wee bit far-fetched.

“But . . .” Applejack’s jaw tightened. “Okay, so I ranted about strawberries one time . . .”

“I'm pretty sure it was more than one time.”

“You didn't let me finish!” Applejack held up her foreleg. “In front o' the younguns, I was gonna say.”

“I'm still not sure that was just one time,” Rainbow said quietly.

“I . . .” AJ's ears drooped. “I reckon I could stop bad-mouthin' other fruits.”

I stand corrected. This IS a legitimate issue.

I will say. What you wrote was far better and more constructive than the episode itself. I enjoyed every part of it. Two thumbs up for this. 👍👍

“Non-Compete Clause” never happened.

You probably should be using the alternative universe tag; if you're playing the episode straight until you decide to subvert it or replace it entirely, it's the very definition of AU/What If-type situations (even if it's a softer AU) that aren't *quite* about the episodes themselves (because of the obvious change). It easily fits within the tag description here: "Changing the outcome of major events, large setting changes, or anything else that represents a large break from canon, particularly if the change is something that does not happen during the story itself. " Link if you wanna look for yourself.

Glad you enjoyed it! I've found that the "fruitist" thing is more exaggerated in fanon than in the show (usually for comedic purposes), but the Apple family does have a history of hating pears.

Yeah, if I hadn't looked it up on the mlp Wiki, I wouldn't have remembered that episode at all, usually I can at least recall basic details about a given episode with a little thought. This was a cute and cuddly reworking of one of the more forgettable episodes this show has ever done. I'm liking and adding it to my library.

Thanks! Glad you liked it. And I think I would have forgotten about this episode if the ending hadn't pissed me off.

OK this episode Non-Compete Clause Did not go very well like Fall Weather Friends applejack and rainbow dash Are so competitive with each other But the none complete course is kind of Taken it a little bit too far And this was the young 6 Appeared And to be honest I wanted to see more of those kids but anyway It happens

OK now after reading this story this is actually pretty nice way to get some advice from the kids even though some of them is Mean and some right dumb but but there is a lot of good evidence to applejack and rainbow dash And I really enjoy that and yeah Non-Compete Clause was Frustrating episode I admit But this story was pretty good so nice job that was nice of Sandbar and Ocellus for saying those nice word

I'm so glad I crossed this piece! I felt insulted by Non-Compete Clause - it was painful to watch all that arguing and fake collaboration turning into more arguing, like years of friendship meant nothing and Rainbow Dash and Applejack straight-up hated each other.

Your fanfic on the other hand is really enjoyable. Their characterization is on point and it's easy to see the friendship between them. I could keep reading for more 10000 words without getting tired. Nice work :ajsmug::rainbowwild:

Thank you! Applejack/Rainbow Dash is one of my favorite duos to write about, and I wanted to do them justice after the poor way they were portrayed Non-Compete Clause. I'm glad you thought the characters were in-character. :twilightsmile:

Do you have anyone in particular who wrote the negative ones?

lol i was talking about the negative suggestions in your fic
but the one you sent me did seem bad

Ohhhh, I get it. Well, most of the suggestions are from random background characters, but Gallus wrote that Rainbow says awesome too much because he couldn't think of anything else to write. And Smolder wrote that AJ was hard to understand. I figured that since none of the dragons have a Southern drawl, she probably did have trouble understanding AJ at first, but she's gotten used to it by the time this episode takes place. Again, it's a matter of having trouble thinking of a suggestion.

okay, just seeing if any of the young six wrote be more like fluttershy 🤣

Couldn't anyone besides the one student who was polite actually offer some constructive feedback. Applejack is an apple farmer which means she likes apples best of all. This whole story seems like insult the teachers instead helping them be the best they can be.

Most of the students' comments are based on actual complaints I've seen from fans, although some of them might be tongue-in-cheek, such as Applejack being a fruitist. Most of the entertainment value for me was writing the two protagonists' reactions to the comments. Plus they started defending each other when before they had been rivals. But I guess I can see how it's not everyone's cup of tea.

I guess. It just seems mean when they want constructive criticism so they can be better teachers almost every comment was a thin veil insult isn't a good thing. After all if you are asking for tips on how to do your job better you wouldn't want insults. But your the author.

Awesome. The description creates a false impression that this situation will turn out to be another comedic vanshot, when in fact everything is serious. This is very surprising, give a nice contrast.

Who's to say which teaching style is best?

tests showing how much the level of knowledge of students has increased

what 's wrong with evil ?

the fact that these are insults does not make them unconstructive

In order for them to be constructive they would have offer more than just an insult. Considering nobody offered any ideas on what they could do better. Exactly how are they supposed to understand how to be better if complaining is all they get and not like I have a problem I wish to talk about it complaining. These are just insults.

What do you mean I didn't say anything about evil

translare eror. "is Mean" not evil

before start arguing about concepts, what do you mean by constructive criticism?

Okay fine but what are you talking about evil

I don't understand what you're writing.

Explain how they could be better. They complained about Applejack having an accent yet that is the way she talks. And yes she thinks apples are the best food considering she is an apple farmer who destiny is to farm apples. I doubt any other farmer doesn't think their food is the best. The only one that was good Explain they believed they were good teachers and they may have flaws but they aren't doing a bad job.

. I meant criticism.

I doubt any other farmer doesn't think their food is the best

you just said that all farmers wear rose-colored glasses (except 1, who really has the best). I don't know the exact words, so I'll just call it very racist


what 's wrong with evil ?

when you said that what are you talking about evil your not making any sense

I already said

translare eror. "is Mean" not evil

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