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Fluttershy has just landed on the ground for the first time, and my goodness, everything is so different! But when and how will she get back home? And what is that wingless pony doing in the middle of nowhere?

Young Fluttershy learns that even though she can't fly well, she can do a lot of things that most pegasi can't. Just like the earth ponies. Appleshy friendship. Hopefully canon compliant.

Chapters (4)
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It could use a more definite ending, but it's cute and I liked it. I'll be adding it to some groups so other folks can read it.


Thanks for commenting and adding it to some groups (I'm kind of new to this site so I don't really know how to add stories to groups yet). And don't worry, there's 3 more chapters to go.

Oh! Not sure how I missed that "Incomplete" tag... Derp! :derpytongue2:

Well, this has peaked my interest.

Sorry, I meant Piqued :facehoof:

How did AJ get from Manehattan to Ponyville so quickly?

5298580 She moved at the speed of plot!
Actually, I don't know how far away Manehattan is from Ponyville. It seems like you can travel to anywhere in Equestria within a day.

Myomancy! No, wait, that's muscle magic...
"Malliamancy" or "Capillomancy" is hair magic.

I think the '-mancy' suffix actually refers more specifically to forms of divination than actual magical action, which is such a widespread mistake that it is usually accepted when inventing magic-practice words.
'-turgy' would be a more appropriate suffix, given that it means "work" as opposed to -mancy's "prophet".
So, cappillaturgy would be even more appropriate and needlessly obscure!

So sweet- I loved it! :yay: I think you did a great job keeping everyone in character, and the friendship between AJ and FS was awesome. I also liked how you took a few liberties with the actual storyline, it really worked.

Great job! :eeyup:

I just found this story a short time ago. Absolutely awesome! Wonderfully, masterfully written! The style is wonderfully easy to read and the origin of Fluttershy in Ponyville plus how Apple Jack got her cutie mark had me smiling from ear to ear from beginning to end.

This story gets


Beautiful! I look forward to reading the rest of your stories. :twilightsmile:

Count me in as one of your new and happy followers! :twilightsmile:

This story has been reviewed by the PRaCG. The review can be found here!

Absolutely adorable slice-of-life, with the charm and style of a real episode. Thank you for writing.:twilightsmile:

Interesting. I was actually surprised by Applejack getting her cutie mark as she reunited with her family; I remembered it wrong and thought she got her mark right when she looked out the window and saw the rainbow and had her epiphany. But I checked, and I guess I was wrong. This way does work even better with your story.

I do have to agree that Applejack seemed to have gotten to Ponyville awfully quick, if she saw the Sonic Rainboom at the same time as Fluttershy. Did Fluttershy spend so many hours with the animals?

7649572 Thanks for your comment. Yeah, Fluttershy spent several hours with the animals in this fanfic, but you're right that AJ got there a little faster than is plausible.

No d story overalls. It also silly when you know fluttershy real parents ans how shy they were roo lol

8143372 Yeah, I've just come to accept that the show is going to kill my headcanons. Doesn't stop me from writing them. :raritywink:

Quite an adorable tale. :)

This was a really charming tale. A lovely example of slice-of-life. ^_^

Why thank you! Good to know my earliest pony fic still holds up.

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