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I'm back, with a new idea! · 10:10pm Aug 9th, 2018

I'm struggling to come back to this site more and more every day, yet something about MLP fanfiction just keeps pulling me back. I'm constantly finding myself thinking, "Which of the Bearers would fit as this character, or in this role?" (I refuse to call them the "Mane 6", that's just lazy). I'm also coming up with new ideas for stories every few days, and I think I hit on one that actually makes sense with ponies. Sorta. It's also a Minecraft story, but in no way linked to Mindcracked. Well,

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Thanks for the watch! :D

You are now a commentator for the PCaRG!:pinkiehappy: Upon your request of course.

Majin Syeekoh

Thanks for watching me!

Sincere thanks for the follow. :twilightsmile:

1219886 I'm gonna hope that's a yes on the physical department.

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