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Coming back from a hectic job, the crew of Serenity experience a ship-wide malfunction as a bizarre incident occurs in space around them. Eventually all of the ship's systems clear and they think nothing of it, that is until they discover they've taken on a rather interesting hitchhiker.

An MLP/ Firefly crossover story, if that wasn't obvious.
I appreciate the story being shared around, commented on, liked, enjoyed, all that jazz. :ajsmug:

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So is this an Alt universe where Wash was not killed on Miranda and Shepard is also still alive, seeing the picture had him on it

I dislike Whedon killing them off. They're great characters.

Yep, wish the TV series was more then one season.

Is it Firefly? Because one guy looks like Nathan Fillion?

I'm surprised this made it past the mods. They usually don't allow stories to get posted without pony in the first bit of content. Whoever oversaw it must have a soft spot for serenity.

So the real question is, did Inara and Mal still hook up?

So dose Twilight show up in the next chapter?

You've reignited my need to re-watch the whole of firefly again, it's such a good series

So EG is non-canon to this Twilight and its after the movie? I can dig it.

I aint fond of the barbieverse.

I bet River can speak Equish.

Strange home, ha! Wait until Twilight realizes she's aboard a spaceship - and the implications of such. Shouldn't take too long ... her assuming she's on some unexplored corner of Equis is already a stretch - surely the planet isn't that unexplored :facehoof:

Wonder why she didn't simply fly up the ladder though. Surely that's less startling than magic, if she wants to break the later easier to the humans?


River is a Telepath, Twilight herself has CONSIDERABLE mental abilities, "speaking Equish," is unnecessary. In fact, the two are probably the closest to intellectual equals the other has ever met. "Speaking" in their case would probably be the equivalent to apes grunting with how the two of them are going to be able to communicate. Also, River, despite her truama, is a prepubescent girl, there will be squeeing, there will be snuggling. Not even mentioning when Kaylee and Inara see Twilight. Bonding will happen. I also kinda want to see Jayne critically fail his cuteness save. Heh, heh.



River is only telepathic in the sense that she can vaguely see the future or have strange visions. Her psychic abilities are what allow her to feel everyones emotions and read their thoughts and possibly their memories.

End of the movie Mal is talking to her. Openly asks her why she wants to hear what he has to say when she can read it out of his head, her reply is, "Because I like to hear you say it." Which implys that she is at least a reader, maybe not a pusher, but can receive thoughts that are either "loud" or sent her way. Hence why in the series and the movie she tends to shut down around reavers, because she picks up on the constant static of maddened aggression and deviance that they project into their envronment, which combined with her own truama and the secrets locked in her head overwhelm her. Which makes when she fights them all the more powerful because she is at last taking back control, or quantities there of, of her own mind and Destiny. She's not a victim or little girl anymore, but a full blown badass. Just how I see things but most of what I just threw out is open to interpretation anyway. Circumstantial evidence and all that. Still, even with the version you're going with she's still a receiver and Twilight CAN broadcast and rather powerfully. Besides, little traumatizied girl meets cute, obviously friendly, adorable, magical, intelligent, pony that wants to be friends. Yeah, gonna stick with the hopeful, River deserves to snuggle Twilght. Whatever you go with, gonna be along for the ride. You saved both Wash and Shepherd, as well as done an EXCELLENT JOB with these characters. Your grammar is on point and I will enjoy reading where this goes. I have read a little of your other stories, and you are a gifted writer. There was a big reason on the basis of a first chapter I immediately, followed you, faved this and tracked it. Something I rarely if ever do. You may be the first and only writer I have done that for. So take my words for what they are, a geeky, friendly discussion between two fans of the best sci-fi western there ever was. I know I can sound harsh, but it's meant to offer the other point of view not be mean. So, Good Job.

You hardly sound harsh, and thanks for all that nicespeak, I know the characters in and out and write them as they are. Aint fond of characters being written well out of character or acting over the top.
You are correct in saying that, yes; Twilight could theoretically think things on purpose so that River can know it.
And yes, she is at the very least a reader, but we haven't seen nor been told in either the TV series, film, or comics, that she can make others hear her thoughts or communicate via mindspeak, and again yes, the reason why she shuts down is because she cannot not feel everything because of the stripping of her amygdala, and them Reavers are a slightly aggressive bunch. :twilightsmile:

Oh, I don't believe in anyway that River can send AT ALL, although whether or not this is a side effect of living in a verse where her gift is SO unbelievably rare that she would never know that she Could or that her sensitivity makes her to unfocused to do so. Can't speak in a hurricane as It were. However, my point, as badly made as it was. Was that when you put them both together, communication, when you add in River's and Twilight's insane genius, plus Twilight being able to do both receive and send, granted with a spell. I can see them being able to communicate wonderfully on all levels. River and Twilight are prodigies, they have never met their intellectual equal. Now they have. They both just got a sister a piece was my only point. By the way, I don't do nicespeak, I just tell it as I see it. If it Turns out to be nice, Good, if not, well that isn't my problem. All of my opinions are backed with verifiable fact. Just so happens you turned up on the positive end. Sorry, people who nicespeak lie, I factspeak.

I don't ever recall Twilight putting thoughts in peoples heads.

Not putting thoughts in someone's head, but in at least one of the comics she did communicate that way. Although the fact that with minimal time to prepare she was able to begin a reforming spell for discord which implies that she is at least capable enough for communication mind to mind, since she would need that basis for any kind of "reformation" spell to work. She doesn't do so naturally and because She's seen what "reformation" spells can do, she tends not to rely on it lest her fear of falling to darkness as Sombra did come true. Skip and a jump from communication to inserting, after all. She is the element of magic and such spells ARE well within her purview. That hesitation being said she would easily see River's talent just based on observation, no actual magic required. Just on observation alone she has already decided not to pull out her magic chops for fear of scaring the natives. Even allowing herself to be carried up a ladder. Which is not terribly fun, it is well with Mal's capabilities, but doing so does get jerky when carrying any appreciable load. So, I made my squeeing observation based on the clues you introduced here and on what the show, including the extended universe showed she is capable of. Oh, just remembered, she did put thoughts in others head, or at least a desire. The Want It Need It Spell. The grounding in empathetic magical effects, ie; Psychomancy, she'd need to cast that is enough to allow for a spell of communication at least short range, especially if she has a receiver as powerful as River in line of sight, where her spells would have the strongest effect. In fact with her sheer power as an Alicorn she might have to lower her "voice" to avoid overpowering River. Akin to shouting into a telescopic microphone, which I assure you is not fun for the person listening. Migranes if your lucky, ruptured ear drums and hemoraghing out your nose if your not. Again, only taking about Communication, not control or inserting random thoughts or desires. The content and depth is what I am fangirling over, which is awkward because I am a rather large scary looking guy and I'm giggling over what those two would talk about. Or get up to. Giggling at work. In retail. Add in Kaylee, who has a "sense" for machines, in particular Serenity, and the potential for mischief goes up exponentially. Again giggleing sounds weird coming out of me, I'm getting looks.

You do talk a lot, don'cha? :raritywink:

Honestly that's what the inside of my head sounds like. So, more just decide to stop holding back. But yes, yes, I do.

Keep going this is excellently detailed.

Is the fact that Twilight looks like she did in the movie in the picture meaningful?

Not particularly, I just like how she looked, and this is after the MLP movie so I thought it fitting.

So I guess they are going to do language and communication the hard way - guess Twilight doesn't know any "communication" spells off-hand, or is too skittish to use them at the moment.

Can't wait until Twilight shows magic around them and the reactions - should be good (And once they realize that telekinesis - the first thing they are likely to see - is positively mundane compared to some of the stuff in her arsenal :rainbowlaugh:)

I like this. Following and a thumbs-up for you. Firefly + MLP = Great Potential

I've never been fond of the 'Oh hey we have the same language' trope or easy to do magical solution, never as fun.

You are a silly pony.

Shiny. Will be following this one with great interest.

Welp, Twilight got her hooves on a PDA - good luck tearing her away from it ever again :P

And hmm ... I must admit them jumping to the "magic" conclusion felt a bit premature. From my understanding Twilight has only demonstrated telekinesis around them for now. While certainly an extraordinary ability, I would imagine the first conclusion being that her species are naturally telekinetic or some form of psionic. I'd expected that she would have to show something more exotic beyond telekinesis - like teleportation or matter transmutation or what have you - before they would pull the trigger on the "magic" word.

Oh well ... I imagine that they won't have to wait too long now - with Twilight seeing them being pretty much OK/fascinated with her TK, I wouldn't be surprised if she instinctively did something more exotic not too far down the road that would really flip everyone's heads :rainbowlaugh:

On another note - how did Simon spot her teats ? 0_o
Even in her "catlike" sitting posture, given how small she is described being next to a human, I'd imagine you would have to be darn near laying on the ground and pretty close to her to get a good look at the lowest part of her underbelly, especially since it's all covered in fur.

... and now I'm picturing Simon slithering on the floor like a snake trying to get a good look at her, with Twilight rearing back with confusion and a scrunched face :rainbowlaugh:

I think they would be more surprised by the fact she used a pencil. Hooves should not do the things they do in the show.

I think you meant to say 'ascent' instead of 'descent', it's not like this is Lost in Space

Pretty good, now we just need to wait to see how Twilight reacts to finding out she's on a spaceship. I'm betting she has one of her freakouts, with a side-bet on her pestering Kaylee and/or Wash on how it works.

Is the story dead?

No. I just update sporadically sometimes.

Kay. Thanks for the knowledge.

I can hardly wait to see how "Star" reacts to learning that Equestria's geocentric planetary system is probably unique, if not artificial. On the other hand, I am dreading her breakdown upon realizing that she isn't on a planet right now.

I'm very impressed. Nobody, and I mean nobody, remembers to insert a language barrier, and I love it. I don't even use one in my stories, though I might in the future. Honestly over all this story is supremely well written. I'm enjoying it and thats a whole separator matter but its good. Please continue to write it.

I do love the idea of screaming horse the first time someone encounters an MLP character.

When they get to Persephone please let them encounter a bunch of strawberries just floating through space or does this take place before the serenity movie?

At first I was worried that Twilight would be stuck with pirates, but after reading in a bit to make sure, I had a sneaking suspicion that this was a Firefly thing; I'd learned of it from encountering a few crossovers here and there on Fimfiction. Knowing nothing of it other than its name, the fact that it's set in space, and general feeling ― just enough for the suspicion ― I then worried that the crew were bad people. But now I assume that the Alliance government is bad, and that the crew are just rough rebels who are good at heart.

Basically something like the Empire and the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars. Is my assumption right?

“The form is very feminine, don’t you think?” Simon said, pointing to the curvature of the pony’s body. “And there, you can see from here as she sits, those are teats. If her species follows our own equines biology more than they do in their skeletal structure, then only females of their race should have teats. Given that, it’s also quite safe to assume she has a vagina and uterus given the presence of the mammary glands.”

Kaylee giggled at his straightforward description with a light blush given the subject matter, while everyone else other than Simon, River, and Mal looked slightly uncomfortable at the bluntness of such talk.

Only scientists. :rainbowlaugh::twilightblush:

Simon never stood a chance against such weaponised cuteness, really.

Resistance is futile, give in to the cuteness!

Mal and Zoe fought against the Alliance that wanted to bring all planets and border planets under their control, they lost due to the Alliance being overly powerful and because they don't want to live under Alliance rule along with a few others, live in a ship as their home and do odd jobs and such to make ends meet. The film Serenity, named after the crew's ship, actually puts them in a situation where they're the defacto good guys against the bad guys though.
The TV Show was eventually meant to explore what the film's plot was, which was that the Alliance had created a test planet for terraforming and used chemical exposure to subdue the populace and make them complient. It worked too well and basically killed everyone because they stopped doing anything and just laid down and died, whereas a percentage of the population had the reverse effect, they became mindless savages that murdered, raped, and pillaged. The Alliance created Reavers, which are basically the Firefly universe's boogeymen of utter fuckery.
So not exactly Star Wars.

Well, the fundamentals are similar enough for me. :scootangel:

The bad guys try to take over, the good guys attempt to stop them but fail, and now the good guys live as rebels. Add to those very basics the space element and you can the similarities. (Of course, the specific details are different, though.)

P.S. Thanks for the explanation.

P.P.S Is that Kizuna AI I see?

Her expression is my expression to the overwhelming amount of clopfics that end up on the frontpage. :trixieshiftleft:

Well, you know what they say: if it exists, there is porn of it.

Whether that's a thing to delight in or a thing to despise is up to the person.

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