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An exhausted sleepwalking all-powerful Alicorn walks into a store.

She kind of messes the place up a bit.

I appreciate the story being shared around, commented on, liked, enjoyed, all that jazz. :ajsmug:

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He needs to look on the light side of things at least he only got Twilight to deal with, For i wonder how much of a mess Celestia and Luna or Cadance and her Demon spawn will make in this world if they have these half dead walks aswell

I can assure you, somewhere out there in Equestria, a cake shop holds the answer to the frightful question of Celestia. :twilightoops:

I might have to make a fun little series of it.

So, like... does it just never occur to them to try waking her up?

Here’s a comment to feed on.

Sounds like fun

That was a unique idea. An unstoppable, invincible alicorn sleepwalking through a Store and unluckily destroying everything in her path? Yeah why not:twilightsheepish:

I read it and was amused.

"Ya know, I thought I read that this sheila's meant to live up in Canterlot." Boxer commented

Ah, so Boxer's from Horsetralia? That explains the attitude. :derpytongue2:

Maybe I should have had him say 'cunt' a bunch. :rainbowwild:

Ah, I see the uncontrollable craving for sweets is something she shares with Celestia ;3

Celly has cake.
Twiggles has cookies and doughnuts.
Luna has 5000-degree Kelvin cups of Earl Grey tea.

I wonder if the Canterlot treasury just automatically pays these invoices when they randomly show up...

the terrified look on the chefs when she demanded "Tea, Grey, Plasma" though they say the tea kettle will be usable again in only 10,000 years

I imagine the cloud of snack foods is also a defensive shield

No snack food barrier can stand against a bucket of mop water.

You're lucky she wasn't after coffee. (I loved writing that one.)

Georg wrote a story a while back that was also about Twilight sleepwalking. Only she was desiring coffee and not convenience store candy. It’s a great read. Very funny.

Glad to see you mention that story! Still a favorite of mine. Still hoping that we’ll see Dry Roast again one day.

11271796 Sadly most convenience store only carry little bitty snack cakes that would only annoy Celestia not to mention HOW FRESH are those things? Not sure how Luna will react to the slowly burning ancient coffee a lot of convenience stores sell then again there energy drinks cold coffees served in cans anymore

This was a fun read =)

Loved it. I know the exact art you're talking about because it's on the wall behind me. NCMares is a gem and this was fantastic. Thanks for the read.

her excessively make-up lined eyes promptly returned to ogling the sexy centrefolds in her nudie-mag.

How exactly that worked in a nation without a nudity taboo is a question best left to sociologists.

Delightful stuff. I'm sure the palace handles reimbursement quickly and quietly. Or else. This kind of blackmail over the reigning monarch can be priceless to the right party.


The Donut display cabinet is changed out every morning. So that is fresh every morning. Usually around 4AM. As for the shelves of prepackaged stuff, it depends on how popular it is. For the popular stuff, like Twinkies, three or four days old.

Really not as bad as you would think.

Now for the stuff that isn't popular, years old.

That being said, Im talking about a popular convenience store in a normal area, not a mom and pop privately owned hole in the wall, or a store that doesn't get any foot traffic.

11273811 was thinking of how small they are compared to what Celestia is used to and largely the prepackaged stuff which not really old wouldn't be nearly as fresh as she is used to either

In the words of the 9th Doctor...That was fantastic!:eeyup:

I really enjoyed this one! I do hope you make it series! Sleepwalking Alicorns must become a thing.
Reading the comments sometimes leads to more gold and more ideas. :pinkiehappy:

I already have a part two in mind, but I don't think it'll go a series. We'll see.

That Sheila from Canterlot likes to have some fun mate !

Pretty alright but fix up the comedic timing and maybe shorten up some gags. like we get it twilight is messy

"You've got some red on ya, mate."

I SWEAR this is a Shawn Of the Dead reference

Laugh out loud!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The Berserker

GG lad, check out the sequel. ;)

This just introduced me to two glorious artists. Thank you for this!

I consider writers to also be artists, btw.

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