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Very few ponies knew Rarity well, but not even her friends knew her true nature.

Until now.

I appreciate the story being shared around, commented on, liked, enjoyed, all that jazz. :ajsmug:

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I like it. It does seem to be an alternate take on Wanderer D's Three Sisters. But I like it.

These are the moments when I wish one shots didn't exist. I wish there was more! This is a good story, great job!

I know this has nothing to do with the story but I always viewed Chrysalis as putting up a front of being evil because her pride wouldn't want Celestia to know her kind were starving and before becoming Queen she was always.... a social outcast of sorts. Not sure how to talk to others even those among her own kind. So when she and her kind were blasted out by Cadence and Shining Armor's love it actually allowed them to survive due to it being actual pure love and once she landed back at the bad lands she slowly but surely tried to establish a treaty with Celestia.... of course that's LATER on but you know. One can hope.

*slams head into wall* I am so, so, so, so sick of the "ponies scream at changeling as if they've killed whoever they've been copying, then changeling says 'I am [blank]'." It's a bonafide cliche at this point.

I mean, if Twilight spell actually worked (in fact, why did it even exist in the first place? What was the point of that spell? Seems like a cheap plot device), it should have should have shown Rarity's "true nature."

Overall, this story didn't offer anything new. In fact, it was notably dissatisfying, like biting into a muffin only to find it stale.

Nothing unique...and it leaves some questions(or plotholes) if the story stops right here, like are Rarity's whole family changelings or what, or why couldn't Rarity warn about the changelings at the wedding. Although I don't regret I read this one, some additional story will be nice.

I appreciate the feedback. In all honesty I write this as a test of sorts. There are things like Rarity's immediate family that I left out I am realising. But it's all mistakes I can learn from for the future.

It was a cheap plot device, aye. I just wanted to focus on Rarity's situation. I was not aware of the changeling cliche, however, that is news to me. Either way, thankyou for the feedback.

Duh that Mad Max reference, funny that its itself reference

Quite decent, but there's some large —pardon the pun, holes. I can even sum one of them up in one picture.


Still, I noticed that's already pointed out and its easily enough explained with Sweetie either being another 'anomaly,' or adoption.

That cover is terrifyingly beautiful

6264935 yeah me too. I'm sure this story would benefit greatly from expansion.

:raritystarry: Spike knows what I am? Oh dear. . .
:twilightsmile: Ah yes . . . He still has a crush on you , But I think you need to see him.
:raritydespair: I'm sorry Spikey
:moustache: Can you really change?
:duck: yes
:moustache:Like In to a dragon?
:raritystarry: :twilightoops:
:moustache: cool

I really enjoyed this story. Rarity being a changeling? So awesome :rainbowkiss:

The only critique I have is with the rating.

I turned up the slut factor, shook my arse a little…

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not being sensitive, I enjoy stories no matter their rating. However, by the sites guidelines this deserves a 'Teen' rating. Teen being anything more risqué or salacious than content you might see in the show.

This is an excellent little one-shot--very well-written--but what about Sweetie Belle and Rarity's parents? Perhaps they don't exist in this universe?

Anyway, you really have to feel for both Rarity and her friends in this situation.


They do, but I was a bit of a twat and may have completely forgot about them. Whoops. :facehoof:

so is there going to be sequel?


Nope. T'was a one shot.

6324676 It feels like you could extend the fic into a longer one if you wanted, or do a sequel...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

The glaring hole I see? Why wouldn't Rarity help confirm Twilights suspicions during the wedding planning?

the chapter title; is that a reference to mad max?


though bad Rarity, you do not call our glorious queen a bitch.


She had told us it was a spell for harmony that would show our natures, but I hadn't thought it had meant our forms as such, too.


Amazing one shot

Seems rushed. We go from crying to xenophobic to accepting in one scene. No verification of stated facts, no other elemental bearers.

I like what I just read, make no mistake, but it feels like we are going through a checklist.

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