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The princess of the night is not a pony you would imagine as being too shy to ask out her crush. Yet here she was, unable to talk to the mare that had stolen her heart no matter how long she tried to muster the nerve. She just hopes that at least Twilight would enjoy the new dream Luna crafted specifically for her.

Done as part of the monthly request thread on my patreon! For just five bucks a month you too could have a story just like this one, written just for you.

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I am a simple man of simple tastes. I see twiluna and i click

Well I hope you enjoyed the little shippy goodness I sent straight into your heart.

I'm even simpler. I just saw Luna.

*dies from an overdose of cuteness*

Tuna smooches :heart:

What a cute little shipfic

Absolutely adorable.

Thank you for writing this. It was very short, sweet, and lovely. Perfect for Friday-night reading just before bed to start my weekend.

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