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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


This story takes place before S3 E13 “Magical Mystery Cure”.

A rainy evening was threatening to spoil the view of a dazzling annual meteorite storm, but one lucky pony was going to be given an opportunity to see the spectacular event and also come to appreciate somepony special in a new light.

Now a dramatic reading by Flash Photo on YouTube!

Go check it out: Looking Without Seeing

Thanks Flash Photo!

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Comments ( 7 )

Sweet story and nice gesture by Luna to take Twilight to see the show she would miss. The neurotic Twilight would have a panic attack to know that Luna rearranged stars just for her. To quote another mare, "It's the worse possible thing!" Still a very pleasant and probable event for Luna and Twilight.

Yes, I could see it happening too, along with Twilight's sudden realisation that her special somepony may have been right in front of her all along.
Thanks for your support and I hope to see you again!

Thanks - I think they're a good match too.

Now a YouTube narration by Flash Photo!

I hope you all enjoy and special thanks to Flash Photo!

I found this highly enjoyable.

Glad you liked it and thanks for your kind words!

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