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Whether rain pours or a storm rages, no matter the time or day of the week, or even if the destination lies far across Equestria, Derpy sees it as her duty to travel wherever she must to ensure her letters are posted to their rightful recipients.

"No letter that can be sent deserves to go undelivered, sir."

Inspired by the Violet Evergarden novels.
Proofread by JimmySlimmy.
I appreciate the story being shared around, commented on, liked, enjoyed, all that jazz. :ajsmug:

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Who is the cover artist?

An artist called Pridark.

I'm glad I caught this in the New Stories section, as I really liked your characterization of Derpy. I also really enjoyed Clootie even though there were some bits where I had no idea what the big mare was saying :derpyderp1:.

Thanks, I hoped to give Derpy something nice story wise.
Which parts in particular for Clootie? I don't mind translating.

Bro, I saw this, then I saw the chapter title, I was not expecting that at all, goddamn boy.
-Ya Boi Satan

Love Violet Evergarden, let's see how this goes :twilightsmile:

To look over something carefully or thoroughly is to pore over.

(As I get older, I make homophone switches all the time, so I understand how it could happen better than I used to.)

In "Waste not want not, mah loon," the first bit is obvious but I couldn't parse what "loon" was meant to mean.

In Doric, quine means girl/lass, and loon means boy/lad. :twilightsmile:

Oh aye, that was totally already what it said and I didn't correct my mistake because it wasn't there. :scootangel:

"Young man", I'm pretty sure.

Oh, interesting! I was guessing "quine" was a generic term derived from "equine" to refer to ponies, haha! Today I've learned something! :twilightsmile:

Wow. Just... wow. I loved Derpy's explanation and determination. Cinnamon is probably going to need reinforcements, if she wants to get Derpy to a doctor before those letters get delivered.

The title got my attention.
Violet Evergarden is such an amazing anime so naturally I was excited to get stuck into this one.
It was a nice story. I adore that Derpy is portrayed as a determined and thoughtful mare. However, I found it difficult to maintain that Derpy was Derpy. A lot of the words and descriptions in Derpy's pov felt like we were looking at the world through somepony else which took me out of it a majority of the time. (Not sure if I have any right to say that as I'm sure I've done similar with Derpy before).

The writing, especially in those first few paragraphs, felt very loquacious.
Some of the descriptions became redundant with repeat words which made the story feel slightly bloated.
When I read that Derpy was doing mail runs to the Crystal Empire I almost fell out of my seat. I understand the circumstances in the Empire during the story make a transfer difficult and that the story hinges on Derpy making this run, but it's still half a continent.

All in all, despite my difficulty (and complaints), I found the story alright.
It's nice, I love how Cinnamon dotes on Derpy and tries to look out for her. Clootie was an especially fun character to read, that accent was a joy and Red Pines segment was written well. His pov felt a lot more natural to me than Derpy's (I'm sorry).

The title of the story sparked a lot of joy though. A lot! I adore Violet Evergarden and the ponification of the C.H. Postal Company's name in reference to Derpy was brilliant! :pinkiehappy:

Appreciate the feedback.
Derpy is such a blank slate in terms of how she's portrayed in the show as a total klutz that I wanted to give a different idea of what she is and can be.
I heavily prefer the novels to the anime. The anime was gorgeous and brought quite a few of the novels stories to life, but ruined many parts of Violet's innate character to do so. In the novels she is (further spoilers if you ever plan to read them) heavily hinted to be a fallen goddess in human form which is completely removed from the anime, her signature weapon Witchcraft has likewise been removed, and her staunch understanding that despite her knowing thanks to Gilbert that she isn't a lapdog or weapon to be used anymore that violence is necessary to defend herself or those she cares about. This is most prominent in two stories before the anime goes completely in its own direction from the novels. The first where she comes to the aid of the solider to write his letter, and kills the enemy soldiers pursuing him so that she can save him long enough to deliver his message home. The second when she writes letters for the dying mother to her daughter, and the daughter sees her in the guest room with a pistol in her bag, to which she explains that it is necessary for a woman to carry when travelling alone.

Well written with a good cover image. :derpytongue2:

I've found getting a hold of the novels to be incredibly difficult, so difficult that I'm convinced that they either aren't licensed for release in a foreign market, or that there isn't an official translation available. I am aware of some of these aspects of the light novels, you left out that there is an implication that Benedict may be Violet's long lost brother :raritywink:. I'll admit that the anime isn't perfect and that Violet's approach in the visual novels is logical for the world she lives in, but there is something nice with how the anime approached things. I'm unable to draw a proper comparison, given the unavailability of the novels in my region. So I am just a bit biased.

As for my criticism of your work: I feel like I could have offered you more positives and advice, and thus I apologize for not bringing a lot to the discussion. My impression is you could have cut down a lot and have lost nothing in the process. I find it works better to describe only what is needed and nothing more. There's no need to be telly, but that's just my approach. :twilightsmile:

Then you're in luck my friend because I keep this link handy for anyone that wants to read them.
As for having a lot of words, I simply enjoy being descriptive. :raritywink:

I adore this story, but these lines got me to tear up. Well done. :twilightsmile:

He raised a brow. "Even through a blizzard? To the point of injury?"

"No letter that can be sent deserves to go undelivered, sir." She stated, sounding almost as serene as Celestia always managed to be.

Corner Carver had himself a near brush with the open pastures of Elysium too when he was younger

Looks like corner carver hit a carving corner. Lol

But you for real had me tear up at that dedication. Mwuh

That was a good story.

Derpy really is best pony.

This is why I fell in Love with Derpy she is such a clean simple dedicated character. I love this story thank you.

I've read an awful lot of stories. I do not say this in boast, I know many who read and experience more and better stories than I, but I mention this for context.

I've read famous stories from famous authors. I've read unknown stories from anonymous authors. I've read amazing stories that were beautifully written, I've read badly written bad stories, I've read good stories that were badly written, and bad stories that were well written, and everything in between.

Amongst all of that reading, I've learned that my favorite stories are, quite simply, those that put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.

This story did that for me.

Thank you.

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