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Rarity is a busy mare, but such is the life of an up-and-coming young fashionista like her. Between designing her newest gowns, overseeing multiple shops in multiple cities, all while managing to maintain her social life, she hardly has time for anything else. There are some things, however, some ponies, that she will always have time for, such as that little red-headed filly gazing through her window of her boutique.

Featured 12/3/22 - 12/10/22

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This is such a beautiful look into the heart of Rarity. Twist deserves a most magnificent ensemble! :raritystarry:

I'm pretty sure I'm one of Twist's biggest fans out there, and so I'm always happy to see her get more love from the fandom. This is getting added to the Twist group. (It's also, as previously commented, a great take on Rarity and her view on other ponies.)

Twist is always adorable 🥰

I've done my own share of stories that made it into the featured box. But this most certainly deserves to be up there. There are no standards under which that shouldn't happen.

And Snails falls in love with her head-over-hooves after this. :duck:

I just realized:

The title is ripped right out of the show's theme song!

"Big adventure! Tons of fun! A beautiful heart! Faithful and strong!"

AHHHHHH! :pinkiegasp:

I love your description. And of course, a bit of psychology on the thought process of best pony, never hurts. Thanks for writing.

A simple enough tale, but very well done. Congrats. :rainbowkiss:

Very well written and really wholesome. The description at the beginning really flows beautifully. For example:

Of course, one might not pick up on this atmosphere if one were to glance in the direction of a certain young mare making her way down one of the old, dusty streets of that town. Unlike the ponies she occasionally passed by, mares and stallions content to mosey along as quickly or slowly as they fancied, this mare's hooves beat the ground in the rhythm of a brisk, yet ladylike trot. Unlike her peers, whose pastel coats and simply styled manes gave them a quaint, almost cute appearance, this mare's head boasted an elegantly coiffed swirl of deep purple which contrasted strikingly with a coat as white as freshly driven snow. Unlike the lazy smiles and friendly grins on the faces of those around her, this mare's beautiful visage was contorted in a grimace of deep thought.

I love how you've used similar sentence constructions to kind of highlight the similarities between Rarity and the ponies around her while still trying to give the impression you're highlighting differences.

Well done, all around!

I clapped after reading this. Wonderfully done.

One of my favorite things about media intended for children (which I don't see nearly as much in media intended for adults) is that it shows the audience characters and heroes who they're supposed to want to be like. I really like the feeling of seeing a character in a piece of animation, or a book, or a game, or wherever, who is the kind of person I can look at and think "Wow. I want to be like that."

This story, whether meant "for children" or not, gives me that feeling about Rarity, and I very much appreciate that. So, thanks.

:twistnerd: And Spike helps you with everything?
:raritystarry: Oh?
:twistnerd: I hear it from...
:unsuresweetie: Spike helps her model and sew...
:applecry: Spike's always hanging around her...
:scootangel: He's had a crush on her for years
:duck: Spike is many things...
:twistnerd: I know... But
:ajbemused: He tried to save her from the Diamond Dogs
:rainbowlaugh: He used his fire breath against the Storm Kings Troopers
:flutterrage: He befriended Discord and The Changeling King
:pinkiehappy: He kidnapped Rarity he went all greedy and stuff
:facehoof: He grew wings and saved her from a Rok and saved her from Chrysalis
:twistnerd: and
:moustache: I'll always have my Rarity time...:pinkiehappy: So that's how it works.

:raritystarry: Let start on your dress ... Okay?
:twistnerd: Okay, Is Spike going to help?

Simple yet solid. Superb!

Yeah that's one value that children's media has. They know they are building the future. Maybe adults feel like they are at a point where they falsely believe it's too late for them. But that's one reason everyone not even just teens reading these stories should be insoired by these stories.

Although for inspirational heroes for adults, there are some great ones like Andy from Shawshank Redemption or Rocky Balboa.

This is beautiful.
It’s gone straight to the special shelf of my Favourites list.

"I'm...I'm glad I have someone to make candies with...even when Miss Heartstrings eats them all.”

loira u lidl shide

Very sweet story. I love when Rarity's beautiful heart (:D) is the center of the story.

Twist is adorable and deserves love. I'm glad she gets it here.

That was a good story.

What a lovely little character study. And a dimension to Rarity we seldom saw.

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