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There had never been six greater ponies. There had never been six greater friends. Their lives took them many places, but not always together. They came together in the end though. Not even death could keep them apart for long.

Featured 1/21/23 - 1/24/23

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As a game once said.

Always together. Forever apart.

...this is so sad... but in a nice way, if that makes sense

Why does this song fit so well?

Why am I crying right now?

From Rarity’s...”There had never been a more fashionable group of mourners. She would have been proud.” to Fluttershy’s...“Many ponies came to her funeral. Many more who were not ponies came as well.” each piece of beauty had its turn.

That’s a good read right there pardner. It made me feel tranquil. Well done. Well written. Told well. Excellent job in my book.

Together forever, no matter how long,
from now until the end of time,
we'll be together and you can be sure
that forever and a day, that's how all will stay
Together and forevermore

-Together Forever, Pikachu's Jukebox, Pokémon the original series

That was good story my friend. But my heart aches now while reading it,

And lost it when applejack daugther played the days gone by.

Twilight: *wait for her friend dies*
Spike: What about me?
Twilight: you are my son, not my friend, so I will do a gamer move and leave you to the princess :trollestia:

An effective throwback to early FiMFiction's pre-Twilicorn takes on the Mane Six's (predictable pun inbound) twilight years — the days when, if any of the main cast, Spike's abnormal longevity was the one users pondered. It and its evolutions have been tried-and-true (if occasionally cliche) formulas over the past 10.5 years, and I'd say your take on the premise does it justice, particularly in the way the closing sections bring it all together. That plaque was a great touch to go out on!

It's nothing especially revolutionary, but it doesn't need to be; the excellent writing tugs at the heartstrings in and of itself. Nicely done!

Phenomenal. Cried at every part. Thank you for this <3

:pinkiesad2: :raritycry: :fluttercry: Fucking onion ninjas lurking around this story, waiting to strike.

But was it right to tear Fluttershy away from her husband? That doesn’t seem to gel…

*Bows my Furry Head in Respect*

A fair point, and one that I myself had thought about while writing this story, as a few of the Main Six do outlive their husbands. Admittedly, it is a bit of a contrivance on my part to say that all of them would have chosen to be buried together, rather than some other way. That being said, burial is an incredibly personal thing, and not everyone chooses to be buried with their spouse, even if the two of them were on good terms. Could the Main Six have chosen to be buried with their families in this story? Absolutely. However, I don't think such a difference really matters when it comes to the theme of this story, that being the everlasting bonds of friendship and how even death cannot truly separate us from the people we love. Having the Main Six buried together was just a striking visual element I used to hammer the point home. How close we are to our dearly departed is not a factor of the physical distance between us and their remains.

You know, it would take Cel to talk Angel into letting his mistress go ...

:moustache: First I cleaned up their messes and brought the cookies with tea
:trollestia: Now you clean up their resting place
:moustache: From a Host and Janitor to a gardener

Then centuries later, a seventh - if larger - grave, and another statue.. of a dragon, curled around and smiling gently down at the six mares..

Comment posted by starship fables deleted Jan 22nd, 2023

If you want LGBTQ stuff, go elsewhere. There's plenty on the site. Not everything has to have a mandatory alternative lifestyle shipping.

that's a bit.... harsh.

nobody said anything about lgbt, i was asking why they were all married with children?? like yk damn well most of the main 6 wouldnt even get married let alone have children. also thats a WHOLE lot of aggression against lgbt, you need to re evaluate yourself and your heteronormative views.

also, representation IS mandatory, ethically speaking, so no.

not to mention, i wanted to open a discussion with the actual writer of the story. i like it, i was just confused. nobody asked for your assessment.

Comment posted by starship fables deleted Jan 22nd, 2023

Trying to sum up all of my feelings for this story, but I just can't.


No, it's not.

disagree all you want, its merely a fact. also, i know youre using your alts to dislike my comments, grow up.

I like how the tense changes from past to present for the last little bit. Makes the resting place feel more permanent.

Six individuals is a kind of small sample size to require lgbt lifestyle representation out of.

six individuals, 3 of which are literally queer coded. hell, twilight, rainbow and pinkie all have colors of pride flags 💀 its not even a headcanon at this point, hasbro just didnt want mlp to have lgbt rep, thats why they didnt do shit with the characters romantically until the final episode with pinkie. not to mention, the same could be said for a heteronormative "lifestyle" as youve so incorrectly put it. (lgbt isnt a life style, incase youre too dense to realise)

Look, I agree that despite how much I love the world that MLP FIM takes place in, it's gay as hell and would probably have way more gay bi and queer citizens.

But somehow the sexuality of the characters in the show and all derivitive fiction has never really bothered me. There's plenty of stories on this site that have transgenderism as a core story element and probably more than a quarter of the stories on this site that show more than three relationships have at least one gay or lesbian relationship.

Getting worked up over the sexualities or lifestyles of the characters of stories doesn't help anything if they don't have any bearing on the story itself. The entire reason lgbt stuff shows up so much in fan fiction is that people get to fill in the gaps of the show however they want, so don't get too upset if an author filled it in in a way you don't personally jive with.

Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

my issue isnt with the fact it ISNT lgbt, my issue is with the fact they all live the exact same life (all outlived their male spouses, had children and actually lived long enough to see their great grand children.)
its not about lgbt, its about the weird amount of heteronormativity and lack of creativity.
its boring. its lackluster. its plain, vanilla, and incredibly anti-climactic. im merely stating a fact, thats all 🤷‍♀️

i will never understand this fandom. how yall gonna like gay rainbow horses and STILL be intolerant to anything that isnt just nuclear family? bffr.

Not showing lbgt relationships is not the same as being intolerant to lgbt relationships. This fandom is probably the second most supportive of lgbt stuff behind Steven Universe. Stop acting like it's under attack.

A powerful and well-written piece. A beautiful way to say goodbye to the six ponies who brought so many of us together.

Fun Fact #1: the main six were originally designed to intentionally break stereotypes and that show that there is no one 'correct' way to be a girl. Fun Fact #2: insisting that a girl must be gay because she's a tomboy and thinks rainbows are cool is hardcore stereotyping.

I'll say that it is strange that all six of them happened to outlive their husbands. It makes their lives feel a little bit same-y? But ultimately it's not really important to the story. I enjoyed it for what it is, it feels like it came out of the early days of the site! :twilightsmile:

I like this, except for what I THINK was an implication that Twilight picked death over continuing to make new friends and serve the living.

Technically I would argue that would require the 'Suicide/Self-Harm' tag, but I am uncertain if the mods would agree with me. I mention it almost entirely to clarify my point.

If I am mistaken regarding your intention then I am sorry. If not mistaken then let us rejoice in the open exchange of ideas as we search for Truth.

No offense, but I believe you may have misread parts of this story. I do make it explicit that some of the Main Six, namely Rainbow Dash and Rarity, do not outlive their husbands. Also, women (at least in real life) tend to live longer than men on average, so I didn't consider 4/6 of them living longer than their husbands to be unrealistic. In any case, I'm glad you enjoyed my story.

It was not my intention in this story to imply that Twilight committed suicide, and I am sorry if I have disturbed you by making you think that. If Twilight had committed suicide in this story, then I would have made it significantly more obvious that that was the case, and I would have definitely put the appropriate tag on this story.

In this story, Twilight's case is one of a very old mare who has lived a long, happy, fulfilling life and knows that she is nearing the end. She has witnessed her five best friends pass, and knows that she will most likely not live much longer herself. You are correct that she probably could have soldiered on, fighting for every last day to delay the inevitable, but that is not how I chose to portray her. Rather, I chose to have Twilight take a lesson from Fluttershy and not fight against her imminent passing. She says her goodbyes and goes out on her own terms, dying peacefully in her sleep, having chosen to let death take her.

Admittedly, losing the will to live is not a very realistic cause of death, and is a bit melodramatic, but I felt that that element would not seem out of place in such a romanticized story as this.

Good to know!
I have long since ceased to be "disturbed" by what I thought was happening.this, if I ever was. The terms "annoyed" and perhaps "despairing for humanity" would be more applicable.

I may add a link to a fic by someone else that goes along with my thoughts on the matter later.

In any case, your clarification has earned this fic my fav and upvote.

i'm guessing this story takes place in a universe where the major events from season 3 on did not happen, cause no discord, and no alicorn twilight.

I recognize the image from Argodaemon. Concept can be seen here at 3:08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOiCj8wX7KA

Such a wonderful story of a "what if"! Yes, as it was mentioned earlier, stories like this were dime a dozen in 2012, but nowadays this counts somewhat novel. And I honestly would prefer this canon instead of what the show went with. Have a like.

And that's a good thing! It's commendable when authors dare to stray from canon in such a manner.

another similar one to this is one that was written all the way back in when season 3 was still airing i think, its from the pov of spike exploring his 'horde' which instead of gold and gems is memorabilia, mementos of friends past...he talks a bit about each, and about the ponies that he used to know (the main six) the story takes place long after all of them passed away.
sadly i have lost track of it and can't find it anymore, or any of my other favorite stories with this theme, i could probably dig them up if i took a few days to poke around but eh, i have my memories of them (i read stories basically till there burned into my brain) so yeah.

funfact #1 ; when you make something so blatantly lgbt then say its meant to break stereotypes and isnt actually lgbt, thats queerbaiting! crazy right! thats like making a masked character that shows no skin have aave and dark dreadlocks but turns out theyre actually just a white brunette that "talks crazy" when they take the mask off is racism!

funfact #2 ; acting like a queer coded character with clear connotations to lgbt (down to the color palette) is heterosexual purely because YOU dont like the fact that gay people exist is homophobia! who wouldve fucking guessed huh :)

talk when you know what the hell youre talking about. stereotyping is one thing, and calling out people for being in denial is another.

its really not. look anywhere and youll find that the fandom acts like all the characters are cishet. hell, its not just homophobia either. maybe you should stop acting like it ISNT under attack, hm?

also, the steven universe isnt supportive of lgbt it just fetishizes them, specifically female x female relationships. thats why there are no male x male relationships in the whole series, as someone whos part of both fandoms.

It sounds like you just have really high standards and that you should lower them to a realistic level if you want to find peace in life. You are the only person still going on about this here. Maybe there is a reason for that.

I'm going to block you so that I don't get any more notifications about this because getting into pointless, drawn-out arguments with strangers online doesn't bring me happiness. I'm pretty sure it doesn't bring you happiness either.

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