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Wallflower Blush has finally been welcomed back into society following her shenanigans involving the Memory Stone. Now that she has a stable life at Canterlot High and a place in the hearts of many, Sunset Shimmer wants to make sure that it stays that way.

With the little help of a fluffy little friend for Wallflower.

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 104 )

Okay, I admit, I'm not a fan of you starting another multichapter story when you have so many already, but I think this is cute. Heck, you could easily leave this here as it is, really.

My mind was somewhere else when I read the name of this fic. Great start.

This looks interesting. Did you know that Wallflower and Smolder share the same VA, Shanon Chan-Kent? :twistnerd:


who made the cover art

Looking forward to more adorableness.

Though with a puppy, "soil" is right...


isn't she also Daimond Tiara's VA, wow, no wonder i hate both those characters:trollestia:

9028573 No, Diamond's VA is Chantel Strand.


oh, wallflower is a still a spiteful bitch, tho:trollestia::trollestia:

Nope. Silver Spoon. She is also Lemon Zest. She's also Pinkie Pie's singing voice.

Oh hey! Spike's (possible) sister belongs to Wallflower! Nice match, especially since the two are the same VA! ;)

...Think I just got diabetes from the cuteness of this.

Was wondering how long it would take for Smolder and Spike to meet.

If Smolder kissed Spike, would magic manifested into her and cause her to talk too?

Welp, this has my full attention!

Did that by chance come to you from the sequel of All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Sorry I won't be able to leave with you girls today. I'm helping a friend out with something important. I'll definitely see you all tomorrow, though.

Excuse me. I can never figure out how to make that text message part look that. With the black line and the text being centered. Could you tell me how, please?

It lives! But seriously, really cute chapter. I predict romance on the horizon for Spike and Smolder...

I think Spike should win, just because it would be good for character building with Smolder. Even though Smolder the dragon is older than Spike in Equestria, Smolder the dog doesn't have as much experience in the human world (unless you write her to be that way).

Absolutely both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, I just knew losing a pet in both ways would come up in this chapter, I just did. And I have to say you handled it wonderfully. One minor thing though, the whole Goddess only knows bit? Strikes me as too Equestrian coming from someone who's not actually from there.

Thank you for the feedback. Re-worded the goddess part.

Now, I shall return to my sleepies.

I still keep expecting Smolder to end getting the ability to talk.


Looks like SuperBobiann's work.

I was a little afraid this was the last chapter. I can't wait for more. And I know how it feels to lose a first pup.

God, this was painful to read... I lost my 1st dog 2 months ago...

Now, she had a new friend for life; one that would never leave her side.

Like a star in the daylight, or like a diamond at night?

Way for Spike and Smolder to bond... Let he stay with Spike during school, his intelligence makes him perfect for watching other dogs.

Awwww... Sisterly bonding, and just when I thought you were going to burn yourself out of ideas. But serious, legit talk here, I'm not sure how many more chapters of this that this story actually needs. I mean, it doesn't have to be one of those uber-long stories. You could easily close up the story in just four to five more chapters, possibly three.

I can see that, actually. Might just do as a sub-plot for a future chapter.

Just ask Twilight how she managed with Spike at Crystal Prep. Obviously she had to have a way to provide all his needs and keep Principal Cinch from finding out.

I think it's kind of implied Twilight got special considerations cause she's a freaking genius and Chinc would never miss a chance to get something to manipulate someone with like "I let you break the rules and keep your mongrel in the lab I let you use for your private research"

9427572 Never thought about it like that. Still, even considering Spike talks now she has to have a way to keep an eye on him and keep him out of trouble when she takes him to Canterlot High.

Wallflower must ask Fluttershy and Sci-Twi about this situation.

This was a good chapter to show the relationship between Wallflower & Fuchsia as well as their horrible past as villains

...Considering the circumstances... I couldn't resist. Very cute though.

So now Smolder can talk? Well, this should be interesting. Betcha she has a lot of questions. :raritywink:

Ahh speech is a communicable disease!!!

Dogs don't really kiss though.

Who knew that if a dog kissed a magical talking dog, it too would be able to talk

I so called it!!!!!!

"You're telling me. I mean, a talking dog? In what world is a talking dog normal?!" Wallflower asked, her arms splayed out like jagged bolts of lightning.

Oh, there's quite a few I suspect...

But seriously, very cute chapter. I cannot wait to see the reactions of CHS, or possibly lack thereof.

For common courtesy, Spike should kiss Smolder in return.

So, how long until Smolder starts asking the awkward questions or goes all "Lawnmower Dog"? :trixieshiftright:

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