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Two weeks have passed since the Fall Formal, and Sunset Shimmer finds herself plagued with nightmares and self-loathing. In an effort to break the cycle and try to show her what it means to be friends, a week long series of sleepovers happens where Sunset will learn things she never suspected about each of her newfound friends.

Chapters (4)
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I look forward to seeing what she learns. :twilightsmile:

She couldn't remember the last time she was unable to figure out what someone was thinking.

Ooh, possible Call Forward to LoE?

Maud and I have karaoke at the University. Classic rock night.”

Man, rock really started going downhill in the Paleoarchean.

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I'm curious. Why exactly did Rarity and Applejack end up having to do all that yardwork at the Shy household?

Imagine the events of "Look Before You Sleep," but without the two of them realizing how much damage they were causing.

I agree with you on that timeline you created for sunset. For makes sense when they made the comic showing sunsets down fall it’s shell in the background a young twilight sparkle who had not gotten her cutie mark yet. So it makes sense that it took longer than just two years For sunset to be gone.

atheist is another ideology what happens after we die. but again we don't TRULY know yet. guess we will have to wait and find out once that day comes.

I am very much intrigued. Great job so far

And replace Twilight with Fluttershy.

Is this in the same continuity as "Repercussions"? I was just recalling that one of the girls (Think it was AJ) telling Sci-Twi that she and the others had helped Sunset through her nightmares via sleepover.


My current Equestrian Girls timeline, including which stories of mine are included in it, is located here.

Nice! Thanks. ^_^ I hope you get around to continuing "A is For...", I've got a couple of ideas on what the other A's might be, and maybe who for. ^_^

Okay, I just realized that the asterisks next to the A's aren't in a random order. (On the cover picture) There goes my theory of one of them being Autistic and one of them being Altruist.

Thank you so much for the new chapter.
Keep going (hope I'll get to your stories soon enough for high praising but long story short your in a top among all my favourites and I'm entertained for what you'll do next)!

This chapter was both hilarious and heartwarming. I loved it!

:twilightblush: ddddaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww on that ending. I love for them to get together if it was that type of story.

Man I like this version of Fluttershy.

Sunset and Fluttershy casually discussing murdering her brother. this made my night.

Some of the fantasy novels were thick enough to successfully bludgeon a burglar to death.

Or, if needed, a brother.

Paint Spatter's great.

I wonder if that's also a pseudonym... If so, Watermelody comes to mind.

Small typo:

picke dup

picked up

Fzluttershy explained

Another small typo

Great work with this chapter.

Okay, this was great.

Loved those board games! :rainbowlaugh: And also, the ending of this chapter was adorable.

So, next up is Pinkie or Rainbow. Wonder how that will turn out. (Especially with Rainbow's parents... God, I can only hope they aren't as loony as their Equestrian counterparts...)

This is an amazing chapter! Both hilarious and sweet. <3 A great combo


Plus, Zephyr was probably there. I blame him.


This was a cute chapter. Except for Zephyr, who can die in a fire.


Who is that?

Okay, it's not her official name -- she doesn't have one yet -- but... her.

Much adorable, and I liked how you balanced Fluttershy being sweet and caring with still being able to be annoyed and make morbid jokes.

I suspect Fluttershy would love the game Gloom. Though she'd be tempted to help Zephyr win...

Could You tell me, will You continue the story?

Working on it. Just have a couple of other projects in front of it.

Even if this story never continues, this chapter was definitely worth reading.

Man, this was a really solid follow-up.

Between this and In the Days That Followed, you write some really strong character interactions.

Fluttershy is great. This is a wonderful story, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it continued.

And it looks like I don't even have to ask if/when it will be.

"All right, darling,” Rarity said, putting her lunch tray down opposite Applejack. “How did it really go last night?”

"...The rest of us drew straws earlier and she'll be coming over to my place tonight. I want to know what I can expect. Do I need to lock up the silverware? Hide Mother's heirloom jewelry? Get Sweetie Belle rabies shots?”

Bitch look, if you don't want to do it just say so.

Good Day. Will You continue the story? It is good, and I want to translste It in time.

This story is an absolute treasure. It has everything--funny stuff, provoking stuff, cute stuff, sad stuff, uplifting stuff... I really hope to see it continue soon. You've done a wonderful job with it.

“I know where Dad hides the lye in the garden shed,” Fluttershy answered. “And I have a large metal washtub I use to give the neighborhood dogs baths. It shouldn't take too long to get rid of the body.”

All hail Sassyshy!

Wonderful stuff. I especially love how Zephyr brings out the worst in Fluttershy in the best ways. Looking forward to more whenever it may come.

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