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Years pass and days go by, but the important ones in our life stay with us forever. Spike knows that better than anyone.

On a lonely night, Spike takes time to remember one of the most important ponies in his life and all the good times they shared.

2nd Place winner in the fall 2k17 Cuddlefic Competiton.
Editing and Prereading: Not Enough Coffee and ChappedPenguinLips

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Simply byoteful.

This was so cute and sweet, I'll have to commit murder just to feel manly again.

I mean, great job, Famous! A cuddlefic that wasn't just a cuddlefic, but had substance and meaning to it. Woohoo

But not quite as cute as that avatar.

Thanks, girlfriend. Keep doin' what you do. You know, work, school, dealing with me and Seven's bullshit... the usual.

Noice. Love your stories dude, and this is no exception :heart:

This made me feel gay in a good way.

Wow... That was surprisingly heartwarming! Good work as always! XD

Twilight is dead!? :applecry: I hink the reasons why stories like this are so few and far between is because this scenario is just too depressing to think about, especially given how heartbroken Spike seemed in "The Crystal Empire" when he lived his worst fear. Despite the depressing situation, this was very well-written and very cute. We need more stories like this. :twilightsmile:

i like how you hint that she died in her sleep... =/

this is pretty good for a first attempt. it had your usual way with words, but had like double or triple the usual cuteness. good to see that the cocoa will never die if you can help it.

Aw, that was nice and bittersweet. Very good for something that's new to you.

That title... Is it based off the song?

Yes it is. The chapter and fic title are based off songs.


I love the title song. Ben Moody from Evanescence wrote that. He's an excellent songwriter. Also, great story.

Thanks, man! I really appreciate it!

Ugh. I went into this saying, "This isn't another damn dead Twilight fic, is it? No, it's not tagged Sad. I'll give it a chance." AND IT'S A FUCKING DEAD TWILIGHT FIC. I loathe manufactured artificial Feelz (TM), and killing a character to produce them is the most pathetic form of pathos possible. That said, you're welcome to keep producing this sort of schlock for those who may enjoy it, but please, tag your damn Sad.

Well, the reason I avoided the sad tag is that although she's dead, Spike has moved on and focused on the happy side of their time together, as opposed to regretting her loss. Someone dying is depressing, sure, but after time you still have the memories of them to make you happy.

Like, if I wrote this fic from the angle of Spike spending time with Twilight right before she died and his emotional shock because of it, yeah, sad tag all the way. But this was more based on the idea of moving on and being happy with the good memories, so I don't feel it warranted a sad tag. Believe me, I thought about it.

You're welcome to your opinion, though. I just appreciate that you took the time to read it despite your hesitation. That means a lot to me.

Keep rockin'!

Thank you very much, my friend! I wanted to take a sad premise, but give it a positive twist. Paint the good side as opposed to the depressing one.

What in the world...? A fanfic...?

Where Twilight ISN’T immortal and gets to brood over all the sadness for centuries to come???

A fic where the Princess died in peace and is happily remembered?

In this fandom?!?!

What is this BLASPHEMY?!?!?

But seriously, good job. It’s honestly kind of rare to see a fic where Twilight isn’t immortal, and I enjoy the more subtle, interesting POV those stories give.

This was pretty sweet, but why do you believe Twilight won't be immortal?


I believe the show staff themselves have gone on to say that Twilight isn't immortal, so that's where this idea of Twilight not being immortal comes from.

because the plot demands it?

Right, but what they said was that she won't outlive her friends. And it doesn't make much sense for Twilight to still be mortal when Celestia and Luna are immortal.


I believe the show staff themselves have gone on to say that Twilight isn't immortal, so that's where this idea of Twilight not being immortal comes from.

The actual statement was that she "wouldn't outlive her friends". If you think about it though that statement can be taken in two ways. One way is that she's mortal, but the other is that her friends are immortal too.


8579254 They might as well be, seeing as how they've been alone for 1000+ years. It seems "1000 years ago" was not a good year for those two. This is even mocked in the comics.

8579363 Well, that's comforting concerning Spike and Twilight. As with this story, it's extremely depressing thinking that Spike will outlive his friends, aside from Twilight, the Princesses, Discord, and Pee Wee.

Ok, in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there's this little girl who runs around town and is excited and you play games with her. Later you find out bad guys killed her mother. Then if you go up the side of a hill early in the morning you find her there, looking around. Turns out she's convinced she's going to find her mother, who is really really good at hide and seek.

The character is not sad. But the story being told is just heart-wrenching. It's a sad story. This, too, is a sad story. It should be tagged Sad.

And the tag is not there for you. It's for readers. Readers who want to see, or not to see, certain kinds of stories. Obviously this system failed here. Please remediate.

What do you mean, they might as well be?

Why do you like ones where Twilight isn't immortal?

8579453 Because it's just too depressing thinking about Twilight outliving everyone she loves and cares about.

8579451 I mean that considering the fact that they've been alive for 1000+ years, they might as well be immortal.

I think Pee Wee went off before Tirek's attack, though.

Really enjoyed this. Short and to the point. Best of luck in the contest!

Definitely hits you hard in the feels. What if Twilight was not immortal as a result of being an Alicorn? That would mean Spike would out live her and be in such a situation. I'm certain all the thoughts, memories, etc. you made note of in this short tale would always flood his mind after her passing. She was the closest pony to him. She was like his mother and his teacher and his boss and, well, a whole lot of things. Being without her would definitely take time to adjust coupled with knowing, as you mentioned, he was continuing on in her memory.

Very touching story. Very worth the read.

Thank you, sir! Had to bring Spike into it, somehow.

Constructive criticism: Perhaps having it flow more smoothly rather than each skip seeming to just go to and from. The story was enjoyable to read and I felt Spike's emotions clearly but yet I still think something is missing with this piece.

Can you give the link to the picture?

A diaper hit Spike smack in the face sticking like a ruptured mud ball his ears filled with Twilights laughter, He used a dozen foal wipes to clean up the mess grumbling "So Auntie Twi you'll say I'll think this will be funny later in life?":moustache:

"funnier" :twilightsheepish:


"I'm back. Anything happen when I was out?":duck: "Spikey please be a dear Sapphire and Ruby need changing too and I must get back to the boutique quickly."

:moustache: "funnier yeah".:twilightsmile:

The concept of mortality and the consequences of immortality is an excellent concept, and one that as a follower of philosophy, I enjoy reading from time to time.

But in this fandom, that trope has been beaten to death, Tartarus, reincarnated by Celestia as an alicorn, and then killed again in an edgy anime battle.

As for what the “Canon” is for Twilight, I’ve actually discussed this with a few Youtubers in their comment sections. Yes, McCarthy said that she wouldn’t outlive her friends. If you make some crazy over-complicated explanation for how the Mane 6 would all be immortal and how they would all accept that fate in the first place, yes, that works. Not to mention you have to make it believable.

Or, more simply, not all Alicorns are immortal.

My idea is relatively simple.

Celestia and Luna = Ancient race of Alicorns, immortality is in their blood. Them AND any of their offspring would be immortal.

Cadance and Twilight = Ascended Alicorns, NOT immortal. Their “ascension” gives them great power, almost as much as Celestia and Luna, but they lack the “magical ancient” blood, so they are not immortal. Similiarly, none of their offspring (Flurry Heart) would be immortal either.

Simple as that.

Actually, RarityDash once mentioned while discussing this that in one of the books, Cadance mentioned something about how Alicorns like her aren’t immortal. No clue there, I don’t own the books, but if you do, might want to take a look at them again.

I find that to not only be believable and easy to explain, but it also fits very well with all the official statements and 100% canon facts.

But she could make lots of new friends, and accomplish a lot more thing in her life. Celestia and Luna have probably outlived lots of close friends, and they're not sad all the time.

Got it. I guess living a good full mortal life could be a good future for Twilight, too.

8579495 Sadly, yes. That was just one if the things that pissed me off about "Just for Sidekicks."

8579876 Yeah, that's true. I haven't read any of the tie-in books, though.

8580120 That's true. Even so, it doesn't make the pain any easier to deal with. Even if you've lived thousands of years, you're still going to feel some pain when the anniversary of their death comes up. That's just part of our nature and being who we are.

8579836 :rainbowlaugh: I like the way you think.

8580262 True, it would be sad to outlive so many people, but she'd also be able to remember them first hand long after most ponies had forgotten them or only knew them as names in a history book. Plus, most people don't remember the exact anniversary of when a friend died.

8580466 Considering that the Mane Six and their friends are considered national heroes, I think it would be highly unlikely anybody would be able to forget them. Even if Twilight does outlive her friends, she's sure to carry on their memory by telling others about all of their grand adventures and the lessons they learned. Plus, there's the journal that the girls recently published.

Got it. So you think it might be good for her to live that long?

8580765 I don't know. Maybe.

Good shitt 👌

Got it. I guess either one would be pretty good, assuming she had a fulfilling life and performed great deeds with her friends.

Nicely written. A little bit sad, but also heartwarming. :twilightsmile:

Daw! So cute and heartwarming! :3 :heart:

You're ruining my chances of winning the cuddlefic contest! XD

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