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Backstreet's Back... Alright!


Dear Princess Celestia,
About that Spike-looking toothbrush. It’s not what it would seem…

Preread by Majin Syeekoh and Tidal

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Well, that was quick, not that I'm complaining great work once again.

This story was a fever dream I had to get on paper. Thanks for reading!

That was warm and fuzzy.:twilightsmile:


Sorry to disappoint you if you wanted some drama to read about.

:ajbemused: mah drama....

I prefer the explanation that it was simply Spike's toothbrush, and Twilight was just full of BS

First Epi of s6 spike is using a different toothbrush. A normal one.

Oh, I can definitely understand having to get an idea out quickly.

This was fantastic. Really sweet too. Feel like I need to brush my teeth after reading it. :rainbowwild:

Thanks for the feedback!

I'd like to say that the writing staff is being cutting edge with including such an obvious romantic sub-plot, but we did it first bro!

short and sweet. and i'm the same way when traveling and forgetting lotion or my tooth brush.

Aw~! This quick dose of cute just made my day a little brighter. Keep up the good work!

The same person having multiple toothbrushes is a thing that happens.

That's fair. Thanks for stopping by, either way! :twilightsmile:

This could've been ten times wackier. But eh, a simple, cute read works too.

I thought about taking it along the lines of Starlight earning it in a battle to the death with Spike over being ruler of the dragon lands... but ain't nobody got time for that.

Dear Princess Celestia,
About that Spike-looking toothbrush. It’s not what it would seem…

Is this a metaphor for oral?

I was just thinking that I hadn't read a cute Starlight story in a while, the timing couldn't be better :pinkiehappy:

My Sparlight senses were tingling and lo and behold a new fun story about Starlight and Spike has been born.

I need to catch something that comes with a fever too if the reward is a dream involving Spike! :rainbowlaugh:

Aww, this was nice <3

Famous, you did it again!

hey, you're a guy who wrote a thing, and now, you're a guy who wrote another thing.

Forgot your toothbrush moving to a new place.

I'll show myself out now

What are you?! Some kind of freak!? *I say as I have two tooth brushes in my bathroom.*

That was pretty neat!

Aww. I wanted something sillier

That was... definitely slice-of-life. This was about as slice-of-life as it gets.

But beyond that.. it doesn't really speak to anything about the human condition or aspects of philosophy and/or sociology, as the best-written slice-of-life stories will tend to aim for since they're not engaging in mysteries and adventures, or drama and intrigue.

I always take such stories as "Death of a Salesman" and even the more whimsical, but still very grounded in 'life', "Stuart Little" and "Charlotte's Web" as what slice-of-life does well.

This story needed just a bit more 'purpose' behind its glimpse into this everyday event. Perhaps more introspection, a bit more polish on what Starlight was experiencing and why it was becoming meaningful for her. I can see a bit of what it was aiming for, but there's not enough substance to reach the goal.

That's a very fair point and I appreciate your opinion! Thanks for stopping by. :twilightsmile:

It’s sheer size and royal appeal


A nice little thing.

Thanks for the correction there, sir!

Sorry to disappoint you if you wanted some drama to read about.

That was what I was expecting...
I like it, It's different from the type of one-shots that I've read. :pinkiesmile:

“Hey, Spike, we still on for that rematch at Marenopoly tonight? Because, I was totally thinking we should make some under the table kind of deals during the game and we might be able to finally overthrow Twilight from her capitalist crown.

The bookworm Princess of Frienship is also the Princess of Marenopoly :rainbowlaugh:

cavity cleansing apparel

I would have said "implement", but hey, maybe she wears it.

Nice bit of friendshipping. :pinkiesmile:

"Just because you were an anarchist villain in the past..."

Wot? She took over a town either by force or by hook and crook, brainwashed them into her belief system, ripped them of their individuality, and made herself top of the food chain in direct opposition to her statements of equality. If anything, she was a Marxist.

Otherwise a nice little slice of life. But I'll still ship SpikexStarlight. ;)

Awh I missed one!

That...was not what I was expecting at all.

I was honestly expecting a story that Twilight, in an absolutely crazy fit of 'Princess-based-panic', was in too much of a hurry to go to the bathroom to grab a real toothbrush, so she transformed a nearby Spike into a toothbrush to use for her excuse. And this story would be all the drama and maybe even comedy that followed once Spike transformed back.

I can't have been the only one who thought of that, right? Or are my own ideas for a 'Twilight's Panic and Paranoia Goes Way Too Far' story just my thing?

8265770 At least it wasn't a bad OC alicorn HiE self-insert crossover with Warhammer and vampires.

Then I'd have to vivisect you alive. It's part of The Rules, you see. :pinkiecrazy:

That what I thought it was as well, that she was in such a rush that she grabbed the nearest toothbrush. Which was Spike's how much you want to bet that it was made in the Crystal Empire.

Twilight rushed in and levitated a book off the perfectly placed shelving. She levitated it over to Starlight, who read off the cover.
Upper Class, Lower Class, No Class: A New World Economic Order’?”
“For authenticity!”

I don't get it. Why is she mad?

I was in the bathroom, polishing my scales and other dragon things, when I noticed that you...
...down the hall to the bathroom where Spike was, as usual, polishing his scales and doing other dragon things.

I wonder what he is doing...

Well, that answers the question.
Nice story!

That's what I thought of too. I then imagined Rarity might ask to borrow brush-Spike for some reason. And then my mind went into a long story of the mystery of brush-Spike being stolen by various ponies that kept pawning him off to other ponies and after he was back to not-a-brush-Spike and with Twilight, Twilight then enacted a law that forbids turning living creatures into anything that could be considered a grooming implement.


That was indeed the original joke, that she just grabbed any random toothbrush within range as a transparent excuse to pop over to Canterlot and interrogate Starlight Glimmer. But you know how fandoms are, no joke is just a joke.

We have to take it all the way. Remember all the fics that stemmed from Spike having a Rarity plush?

Would you believe the 99 cent store here has those tooth brushes in stock?

well this was funny in all honesty i thought you where gonna ship starlight and spike XD

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