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I just saw this description and title, and it's just so YouTube humor I can't help but read it someday. :rainbowlaugh:

Mature stories really get regocgnition from me. A comment is rare and a favourite is even more so. You however have earned both. Because this is extremely funny and I had to try very hard not to laugh out loud at 2:20am. The last part almost defeated me.

This is gay.


A 1000 word joyride from start to finish. Amazing quality 10 out of 10 tell Twilight to take the thumb from my life and put it up her butt (in a good way, of course).

And now I know how Twilight would have reacted if Celestia has been much more detailed when she told her to get laid... exactly the same damn thing lol.

I was laughing the whole time reading this.

Twilight Sparkle, princess of Friendship...with Benefits...And writer of Equestrian version of Kamasutra...


I'm glad I gave you such an enjoyable experience. You can thank sleep deprivation and me being a trolly perv.


From the guy who write M/M stuff. LOL!


Why thank you! :twilightblush:


I see you too read Evil Rat's story.


I'd love to see someone write that fic.

Great stuff, I think my favorite line is "'Don't make me make a special visit to Ponyville and **** you myself...'"

You sir, have earned another like and fave from this. Good show!

The white alicorn blanched. All the way in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle swore she heard the scream of a familiar goddess.


youtube insert wouldnt let me put a specific time in:fluttershbad:

What is Celestia so upset about? She got what she wanted.

Pretty good, earned a like :rainbowlaugh:

sequel sequel sequel sequel sequel sequel

All I know is this Spike is the first one in the gang that's no longer a virgin.

Yup, Poor Sparkle... :facehoof: that went right over your head and out the window. Oh well at least now it seems Celesta is going to have random erotica sent to her only Sparkle could write that's about as interesting to read as stereo instructions. :twilightblush:

This had me laughing so hard I was in tears. :rainbowlaugh: Great story!

Try it from behind. Try it face to face.

I think this part could have benefit from some Seussian quotation: "Try it from behind. Try it face to face. Try it with a bridle, holding you in place.

Try it with a burly colt, try it with a milquetoast. Try it with a pair of twins giving you a spitroast."

Still, very funny!

Only the hedgehog can never be buggered at all!

P.S. If Celestia will object against these reports, Trollight can reply with "Are you jealous, Princess? Your family has a real bad story of being jealous, you know. So you better get laid soon as well. Maybe you can t(h)rust your mercenary in it. And afterwards, we compare notes!":twilightsmile:

Also a typo, " it has been two long". Feet?

I urge you to think of this as the next step in your friendship studies.

Actually, you called this on yourself, Celestia:twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh:

I'll be honest, Twi's reaction caught me by surprise. Trollight much?

-not three minutes later, Twilight hears her front door slam open.

"TWILIGHT!!! .........come here..."

Author Interviewer

I laughed pretty hard at how old she is. :D


This is going into my head cannon!

Omg it's great!


Thanks! I laughed nonstop while writing this.

P.S.: I'll get your edits done next week. Ramadan ends Monday, so I'll be properly fed again next week.

Seriously, I didn't know you wrote this, I was/am power reading through my lists.

Great job!


Lulz. Keep charging, buddy!

is this a good story?
but this reads like the prolog to a longer story.
this cod and can use a few more chapters to really complete the story line.


What storyline? I intended this as a fast joke.

sorry to say I hade a huge lack of coffee the morning I saw this one shot story.
yes this is a vary good story and vary funny.


As you know I've taken on this story for review for the Reviewer's Cafe.

Here it is, and thanks!

This entire story was hilarious, but this

The lack of dick in your life and loins is constituting a national emergency on far too many occasions.

Made me lose it, HARD :rainbowlaugh:

And so, the best remedy I can recommend to you is to go get your brains fucked out until you are a quivering mass of pleasured jelly incapable of doing anything but basking in post-orgasmic bliss.

This...So much this.

Damn, Celestia, way to be blunt! :rainbowlaugh:

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