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Didn't expect this to be so hot. It's really, really good.

I haven't read this yet, but I am happy someone wrote about R63 Celestia and Discord. Sounds hot. Mainly because my favorite thing people make is R63 stuff. My favorite thing ever.

Was hot.

Yeah, I don't like Discord x Celestia, but that fic caught my attention.
You got a thumbs up, take care of it :twilightsmile:

I'm morally obligated to read any F/M clopfic involving Celestia or Discord. (It's like, my dragon code, or something) Plus, rule 63 is my jam, so i will definitely read this later.

Damn this was hot. I haven't commented on anyone's story in a while but this deserved it. Well done brooo~ :rainbowkiss:

“Fuck it all!” Solaris yelled.¬¬¬¬

What does ¬¬¬¬ mean? Just there for fun or does it serve a purpose?

Plague take hi involuntary reaction to the sexy draconequus before him.

This doesn't sound right to me.

:twilightsmile: Good story though.

*clears throat* *inhales deeply*

“Don’t be so stiff, Solaris.”

I thought that's what you wanted, Eris :trollestia:

Okay so

Maybe it's just me but


Something about this list of groups doesn't look entirely right


Oh, but it is correct. This is a story I just wrote for fun and didn't really try to hard on. It only took like 3 hours to type all this out and I didn't bother editing or revising.


Uh well

Point about not bothering to edit or revise notwithstanding

It was more about this fic being added to I Just Want a Comment, I Just Want to Watch the World Burn, A for Effort, Under-Appreciated Extravaganza, Texas Bronies of Texas, American Bronies, and the Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau

While also being in Write For Fun, Not Fame.

That just struck me as weird I guess.


Group spam.

Back with a bang, huh?

He hilted in her, feeling a burst of pleasure as she in turn jerked her hips to math his.

Math in the middle of sex, I approve.

Even as they cooled down, they remained an entangled pile of spent limbs, Eris still weekly trying to milk her exhausted mate

Is this going to become a weekly thing then?

Sometimes, even a chaos spirit wants vanilla icecream sex.

6583420 Funny typos are the best.


In my opinion, stories are like butter -- best when spread around.

Eris 100% of the time got pregnant. A. Because that's something a creature of chaos would do and B. Because the look on Solaris' face will be too good for anyone to pass up on.

6582972 Fame on a website hosting fanfiction?


Just read it. This was a fucking nice story. Rule 63. My favorite thing ever. Dislestia, 2nd favorite ship. Both of those combined? Sheeeeiiiiit. Instant fave right there.:raritywink:

6585020 Nice fucking story?:trixieshiftright::trollestia:

Hhehehee.. Took me 5 hours to finish it, A lot of paper towels and ALOT of moaning c; I love ittt

6583420 as someone who does calculus for fun, I would say math plus sex would be difficult but so satisfying

I'm going to say something that I rarely ever say to anyone (aka, no one ever)... You know more mythology than I. I originally was going to come over here ans ask why Discord's R63 version is called Eris since Eris is a dwarf planet, but a little bit of research later, and I find out that there's a goddess of Chaos in Greek mythology even though there's a proto-primordial god of Chaos who mated with Nix, goddess of the night. That actually confuses me as to why there's both a god and goddess since Chaos and Nix were the only two in the beginning of Greek myth and had a bunch of children including Gaia and Uranus. Now that I think about it, Greeks seemed to think that incest is okay. Now, I'm not just here to say good job on knowing more than I, I'm also here to read this. I just felt like letting you know that you have done something no one, except maybe professionals and the Greeks that lived during these beliefs, has done before.

Is it okay that I am disturbingly aroused by this pic of Discord?


Yes. Yes it is.

6586547 At least there's another person who agree's

Not really a fan of Rule 63, but hot nonetheless. Enjoyed it truly. :heart::twilightsmile:

From the picture will this be anthro? Despite not having the tag?

This could actually be the foundation of a good story


Yes it can, and I can definitely write it.


Care to try?


Lemme read this frist. Frist. Not first. Frist. Because Frist is totally the correct word.

Though, I am also very interested in writing this fic about a stallion turned into a mare. Seems like a good idea right about now.


I have to work with Breaking a stout, steady set mind into ruts at consecutive points, and I have to work with an insane seductress.

I can make it work.

Any one else found it hard not to laugh?

6595032 I take it that you don't approve of... something about this story, yes?

6710480 It was the title of the story. It threatened to destroy my brain and i wasn't going to have any of that. I don't care how many triggers i would've received but i had to do it.

No idea you where the one who wrote this you get a Cookie and nice rule 63

Another story which I have read in the past on several occasions, and which I have not yet commented on until now.

First off, I am a shipping maniac, and I would totally ship Solaris x Eris, just as surely as I would Celestia x Discord. Sensual slinky chimaera and beautiful alicorn (beautiful whether mare or stallion)...mmm. Delicious.

Eris being sensual and coming on to Solaris feels quite natural, I feel, what with how playful and mischievous the Spirit of Chaos is. Chrysalis may be my main crush, but Discord (and by extension, Eris) is a close second. I'd love to be at his mercy, his body all coiled around me...and maybe his eyes beaming out those hypnotic spirals and I'm a good girl I'm a good girl for my master I—

Erm. Ahem. Forgive me. Got a little too excited there.

But yes, ultimately I feel this pairing works, and works well. And now here, with the genders swapped, to see the beautiful and virile stallion that is Solaris, hooking his forelegs over Eris' shoulders and driving himself into her, rutting her and filling her...UNF. The UNF is strong with this one.

That sublime bitch…

I couldn't really put it any better. Eris is a sublime bitch and I am so freaking jealous that I couldn't be in either of their places. Stupid, sexy fantasies! *grump*

11/10 Would clop again.


I'm very glad you like so many of my stories and surprised to see how much of an effect they are having on you. :twilightblush: Perhaps I am giving you ideas?

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