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very good, please continue.

memes aside, I'm excited to see where this goes.

Next chapter tomorrow morning! Thanks for reading!

got you saved to read later hehe

"Discord, will you marry me?"


Alrighty then, let's see where this goes. I would say I can't imagine he'd say no, but knowing you... :trixieshiftright:

Love it! Can’t wait to read more :twilightsmile:

Fluttershy proposes to Discord.
Chaos ensues.

Ohhhh, snap! Fluttershy pops the question?! This is gonna be good!

With how confident and assertive she had gotten over the years, she was hoping this wouldn't lead to another one of her increasingly rare relapses.

The feels like you're just telling the audience about character development, with how spelled out it is. Maybe change it to "leaps and bounds" or such?

Although she initially scoffed at his suggestion of using his chaotic realm for some of the animals, she eventually had to admit that it could be handy when sanctuary space became an issue, which it periodically did.

I can't believe I didn't draw this conclusion when I rewatched that scene.

Perhaps it's because I don't ship the two of them, but it seems weird to me that she's dropping the proposal when the two haven't had a conversation about their feelings actually reaching the realm of romantic. Also, even though he clearly cares about her, it's actually been a long time since the show actually had just the two of them hanging out together. Their last get-together was back in Season 7, with Discordant Harmony (an awesome episode to be sure).

How the hell do you propose to a god?

I am really liking the opening here. You will have my supports all the way through. Wish you the best of luck.

Yes!!!! Now, I hope for heavens sake as well as everyone else's that they produce a foal!!

Maybe. I just want them tl have a foal.

but you still have to wonder...

I reread my comment and realized I had left my suggestion unfinished. I corrected that now, sorry Miles.

Love this story ❤️ I gotta say that I like the idea of Celestia being the one that Discord goes for advice. It’s really good written.
I also wanted to thank you for writing this story. I was afraid that after the finale, the fandom’s gonna abandon fimfiction community, but I’m really glad that so many people are still posting new fanfics :pinkiehappy:
So once again, thanks so much :raritywink:

Aw hell yeah!
Keep the good work, I'm loving this story!

I really feel you're nailing Discord's motivation with those three. We Grogar, all he ever wanted was for them to "work together!"

A lovely climax, I must say......and that ending! :rainbowlaugh:

Wonderful ending!!! Just wonderful!!

ALso glad you hint at them having foals!!

So her secret desires are just porn parodies of episodes? Why? Are we suppose to think she was feeling titalated when they were happening?

Maybe not right as they were happening, but perhaps they developed over time, as the two of them grew closer.

Don't read into it so much; it's clop.

Well that's disappointing to hear. I started Following the story because I wanted to see how you'd write these two in love. You'll remember on your blog, when you first told us about the story, I didn't know if would even have erotic elements. Now that you have gotten here, the physical component of the relationship could have told us more about them, and maybe have been really unique. But what you're telling me now seems like there isn't much reasoning behind it.

It was going to be on the shorter side, with clop as the main element. Aside from that, all I wanted to capture was Fluttershy's thoughts on proposing, and Discord's initial worries about his immorality, and discussing those with the only pony he knew with a similar predicament.

I'm flirting with the idea of eventually writing more of these doors unlocking, but this is one of those times where it's basically just for the clop, and I leave other parts of the relationship to the readers.

Celestia, Luna, Twilight and Cadence are one thing. They have very powerful magic and immortality. But Discord is a literal god. The things he has seen and done would no doubt take many years long after Fluttershy died to explain. I like it but I feel bad for him.

Very sexy and very in character though we can tell by the final episode that Shy had no children so I'd say maybe she never wanted any. Great job.

I'd say the animals are her children so she doesn't need any.

Loved this thank you for the story!

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