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The eagle version of Hooters

Sqwakers or Squwakers.

Which is it?

I think you mean 'Squawkers'.

Either way, it's very off-putting seeing it spelt wrong, especially as it's the title of your story.

Cute story, like the concept!

Glad you do! Remember, this is a commission

That was super sexy. I know it's dark and probably shouldn't be aroused but, a thicc curvy bottom heavy beauty like her is something I'd be a big fan of. Would love to see more of Bangles and her have a good experience with a nice stallion. Very interested.

Dat poor vulnerable rump, very nice. UNF

I know the name is a reference, but there's no way this... lovely establishment is a 1-1 comparison to HootersTM. ...Right?

Took you til the dungeon basement to piece that together, eh?

Comment posted by randowcrash666 deleted July 5th

I absolutely adored the first chapter! Will there be more f/m action?

Meh, it could be worst. At least they aren’t doing.....*gulp*...... Hand Holding


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