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Redemption for the Sirens, eh? Interesting, interesting...

It's also the ending dying for Chobits. Man i love the sirens.

7897876 Did you mean "ending theme"?

7899169 Yes. I did. I have no idea how my phone got dying out of theme though.


Yes, same name, but the lyrics are very different. That would be more appropriate for my Rarishy story.....I mean... um.... :twilightsheepish:

7899806 No doubt. It's a lot more cutesy for sure.

You have quite a world building here. I shall have to follow you, cleverly disguised with thick glasses. :ajsmug::coolphoto:

Oh crap. She's going to start cutting, isn't she?


I don't really condone/condemn cutting. But if I were to pick one of the three that would I'd say it would likely be Aria. Sonata would be super grumpy, and Adagio would be (was?) overly apathetic. Hence the title.

A siren redemption story? Why do I only now realize this has been missing from my life?! :raritydespair:

Awesome story, by the way. I especially loved that bit near the end with the boss. :raritystarry:

And now it's officially Taco Tuesday! :yay: :pinkiehappy:

Well........That escalated quickly.....

For some reason I've always thought Aria would be into rough body play.


I'm...happy. I'm glad Aria's pain is beginning to heal. And I'm glad the sirens as a whole have taken an important step on the road to redemption. Only a step, though, as this is but a crossroads and I expect they still have quite a bit of Bad to unlearn. But it's a fitting start, and I look forward to seeing what comes of it.

...did they become like...cupids?


Not quite. They're still empathic feeders, but as they once fed on negative energy with a red gem...


You sound hesitant...

7971358 Do I? Sorry, that wasn't my intention. At most I was uncertain whether 'happy' was the right word to describe my feelings. I meant everything else that I said.


It's ok. I know I implied a touchy subject (hence my waffling for two weeks about it) so I just wanted to make sure.

=Adagio Dazzle of Equis=
=Sonata Dusk of Equis=
=Aria Blaze of Equis=

=You have the ability to instill great hope. Welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps.=

Sorry, couldn't resist. :pinkiehappy: Cool story so far. Somehow, I read the first chapter, faved it, but forgot to follow it. :facehoof:

Looking forward to the next chapter!


I always get a kick out of your comments, Snow. Glad you're enjoying them. :raritywink:

As we hung there, being fed somehow, I spied a young couple in the bushes off to the side, oblivious to the world as they made out.

The harmonizing stopped and we drifted to the ground, and around our necks were three new gems, sapphire blue and smaller.

Hmm, innnnteresting....

On a side note, while I'm not sure about sapphire blue, I do find that lighter blues like this or maybe this do look nice against black. But that could just be me. :twilightsmile:

“OOOH! And they’re half-price today cause it’s Tuesday. Let’s go!”

:facehoof: I shoulda seen that coming. :heart::pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp: N-no... Aria. Please...:fluttercry: Talk with your sisters. I had first hand experience helping a loved one with this. Don't let jealousy or anger keep you from your family...And I hope soon friends. I'd be happy to be a friend and lend an ear if I were there. :heart:

:pinkiesad2: Phew! Ok, maybe I should have read all the chapters available. Left myself twisting with emotions for a little while there. This would be the first Dazzlings redemption story I've read and I'm liking the idea. I left a comment on your blog post. Thanks again and I look forward to the next update.

I know how Aria will be cheer up: A lovable pet.

I still think a cute pet for Aria would be great too.

Oh gosh...the light of hope... :fluttercry: *happy tears*

I can only wonder if the Sirens might come into play later and use some form of magic or powers for good. :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

Okay, having read all the chapters of this story, I was really worried about Aria in that third chapter. Rating the whole story with a Mature rating because of it was a very good idea.

I felt my eyes pop open, and I scrambled to my feet, climbing back into the apartment.

*reads that the story is complete*


*looks at uploaded content*

Ah the stupid...I'll have the rest up before dawn. I must not have grabbed the entire text when I copied it over.

Aha...so I see the connection now. :pinkiehappy:

I wonder then if sirens could interfere with a harpy's ability to drive someone mad... :derpyderp2:

:Squee: The start of the Dazzlings redemption? I love this idea! See my comment on your blog post from a few days ago regarding Sunset and you'll see why I'm excited.:heart:


Which blog? I have written a few in the last few days. :twilightsheepish:

Came back to re-read this after finishing Chaos Theory. Nicely setup my dear. Well done.

As far as siren redemption fics go, this is definitely one of the better crafted ones. I find the subgenre is a lot like romance; some people will just have them be good guys from the get-go and tell the audience to deal with it, but the best ones take time to examine the characters and follow them on their journey. Nice work, and a wonderful hook at the end.

Hmmm...it's a wonder this didn't happen sooner

Wow, this was posted a year ago. I haven't kept up with Homecoming as well as I used to. I'm trying to catch up now by following the timeline, going story to story and I could not pass this one without saying again how much this story moved me. This story and the timeline as a whole is a literary work of art. Thank you for creating and sharing.

Things like this always hit me hard. Two of my siblings have depression and/or severe anxiety. It sucks.

Unexpected indeed. If you didn't have my attention before, you do now.

This has got to be one of the most disturbing things I've ever read.

Its owl mascot glowing happily in the afternoon sun.

Me: :facehoof: It's Hooters, isn't it? :rainbowlaugh:

when i first come into this site, i feel like mlp fanfics are way to dark.
but why then? my heart ached when i see happy ending...

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