• Published 26th Jan 2017
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Raison d'Etre - Rose Quill

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I felt my eyes pop open, and I scrambled to my feet, climbing back into the apartment.

*reads that the story is complete*


*looks at uploaded content*

Ah the stupid...I'll have the rest up before dawn. I must not have grabbed the entire text when I copied it over.

Aha...so I see the connection now. :pinkiehappy:

I wonder then if sirens could interfere with a harpy's ability to drive someone mad... :derpyderp2:

:Squee: The start of the Dazzlings redemption? I love this idea! See my comment on your blog post from a few days ago regarding Sunset and you'll see why I'm excited.:heart:


Which blog? I have written a few in the last few days. :twilightsheepish:

Came back to re-read this after finishing Chaos Theory. Nicely setup my dear. Well done.

As far as siren redemption fics go, this is definitely one of the better crafted ones. I find the subgenre is a lot like romance; some people will just have them be good guys from the get-go and tell the audience to deal with it, but the best ones take time to examine the characters and follow them on their journey. Nice work, and a wonderful hook at the end.

Wow, this was posted a year ago. I haven't kept up with Homecoming as well as I used to. I'm trying to catch up now by following the timeline, going story to story and I could not pass this one without saying again how much this story moved me. This story and the timeline as a whole is a literary work of art. Thank you for creating and sharing.

when i first come into this site, i feel like mlp fanfics are way to dark.
but why then? my heart ached when i see happy ending...

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