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I might read this, but I am hesitant because it is a mature with a sex tag.

7913127 It is 100% vampire story with clop. It's not as gratuitous as it could be, and it is very much relevant to the plot.

Not ideal, but I might read. If I do, I'll have to tread carefully.

7913173 What about Stokers Dracula? I was just asking about what Carmilla is.

7913184 I was joking. I linked you the Wiki page. Carmilla is a novella about a young woman who is a vampire who preys on other young women.

7913222 Some people are uncomfortable reading about it for lots of reasons. It's quite alright.


HELLO, CYNE, JUST WANTED to say that there's nothing I can say here that I didn't scream to you in capslock already during the weeks you've been writing this and I've been waiting by the Gdocs like an overexcited puppy, but I still want to comment here to tell you this is sincerely one of the best RariTwi fics I've read (plus the best M-Rated RariTwi fic there is mostly because IT HAS AN ENTRANCING STORY AND IS TASTEFUL AND JUST????TASTEFUL????LIKE I SAID THAT TWICE BUT IT'S IMPORTANT OK) and I love it, and I also love you, and I'm very very glad you're posting it <3

I can't wait for you to post the rest ;u;

There isn't anything wrong with sex, but I don't like to imagine these characters doing that. Then again, I could slap normal names on to try to disassociate it.

The best part of waking up is Folgers on your chest and eyelids.

Thank goodness for moist towelettes! A girl's best friend!

7913234 Tasteful M Rated fics are few and far between in my opinion so if this gets your seal of Approval I can not wait to have time to read this.

7913234 If this gets the Mono Seal of Approval this must be a must read.

7913549 I know right. Im just laying here trying not to burst onto laughter.:rainbowlaugh:

I don't mind shipping. The thing I have the most problem is tasteless and unnecessary oversexualization.

Cyne can we just agree that you writing lesbian vampire stories is quite possibly the best thing currently happening on the site. First your last update, now this. My cup runneth over.

(Also is is uncouth of me to say I found the sex indescribably hot? Probably. I will anyway.)

have to say i like this already, but i got feeeling twilight been away form the princess for longer then 7 months and the princess knew the turth.....

C'mon man I find this when I'm supposed to be working?

Also yes welcome to the writers trap known as "getting snizz on the reg"


It was like reading some 19th century author and then right at the end "Man, all this sweet poon is fucking with me." :rainbowlaugh:

The notes were nearly as much fun to read as the story itself but indeed; the story does stand on it's own merits. :)

Kierkegaard and vampires. Sounds like one of those dumb "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" kinds of things, and yet it's actually completely appropriate.

Did Celestia turn Twilight into a vampire to "resurrect" her student? On one hand kind of the opposite to the original source material, but similar enough given, well, vampires. Twilight Sparkle, saint of Vampirism. Also somewhat appropriate since St. Lazarus came to be associated with the care of lepers.

7914493 you actually inadvertently guessed what the last chapter is named

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
and how bad does it get ?

7914640 Speaking as someone who is wholly allergic to the dark tag, it's pretty harmless.

Specifically it's because it does have a gothic feel to it and it's about a vampire who preys on young women. but the two scenes of her drinking blood are not overly explicit or gory. There's also an implication at one point that Twi could kill people.

Sometimes the art is just too good to masturbate to... That is a rare and powerful thing.

I honestly can't put together words on how to describe how much I am enjoying this. Please don't let this go bad.

7914137 Yeah, I'm totally not reading this at work either. Nope, not at all. :trixieshiftright:

7914831 look just because I can post from my dildo factory doesn't mean I'm the bad guy here.

It is the daytime, under the sun alternatively kind and cruel, that we find it most easy to hide. The daylight hours are the times of posturing and respectability. The light, ironically, lies to us about the secrets of the world. It appears that everything is uncovered—and, perhaps, to some that might be true—but I’ve always felt that we are less real in the press of activity. Less authentic. Detached from ourselves.

I really like this theme that you've played around with before, it's such an interesting idea to flip around and play with the imagery of light/shadow and our perceptions of truth/deception.

You know I'm not normally much for Anthro fics but so far this is good stuff. Also I'm not sure I've ever seen vamp Twi with Rarity, I think it's usually the other way around. You get bonus points for an approach I haven't seen before. I'll be waiting for updates :)

Hmmm. I'm a little torn on this one. On the one hand, vampires! Carmilla-based, even, and delightfully capturing the voice of the source material, if I do say so myelf!

On the other, this Twilight feels somewhat out of character. We have a Twilight who has been Celestia's student, but who obviously did not make friends in Ponyville in this version of reality, so surely she should be awkward, bad at social interaction, nerdy, whatever. It feels very surreal and jolting, whenever Twilight is on stage, because she's so confident, so arrogant, even. She's very Carmilla. She's not terribly Twilight.

I recognize, and the story text itself seems to hint, that becoming a vampire may have changed her a lot, but still... I would look for moments, hints, bits of the Twilight I know from the show, and I can't find any. The Rarity is a little different but feels enough like Rarity to be an AU of her, but Twilight... I don't know. It just keeps niggling at me.

Still, I'll stick it out till the end and see how it goes. I am liking it as a story!

Marvelous! I should read the source material but I'm quite enjoying myself here in the mean time. This entire chapter was fantastic! Really well done.
It helps that I've currently got a table top character who's similar to Rarity here.

7915493 Pretty much, but since it has sexual stuff in it it's gotta be mature.

7915579 I actually unpublished that. I've been meaning to. I'm considering renaming it

I am not familiar at all with the source/inspiration material here, but this story has pulled me in like few other stories have on this site. I was hooked after a few paragraphs, and by the end of chapter one I was totally enthralled.

The writing style is just beautiful. The environs of Rarity's house really come to life, and the dialogue is simply divine. Twi and Rarity's verbal chess games are a joy to be immersed in, but very emotional too. And really, what can be said for the more mature sections but 'Wow'. Emotional, subtle, palpable, and oh so beautifully crafted.

Seriously, author, bravo!

“Well? Aren’t you going to invite me in?”
“Do go in,” I said in a huff. “Are all in Canterlot as formal as you?”

Somehow, somewhy, I laughed so hard right there. That author's note, too.

On that note, I find this story and then, later in the day, my friends sends me this song. I'm not sure how fitting it is, since, well, I didn't read the thing this was inspired by, and neither did I read all that there is right now, but I think it's a pretty decent fit:rainbowhuh:

I... I'm no longer sure what to expect, as my first guess seems to be way far off. Oh well.

This is the kind of stuff of dreams and wonder, the kind of thing that made me follow you, Cyn. I'm enraptured, and more than a little bit hot and bothered, by the story and the fanciful nature of it. I'm eager to see more, to ride this until completion, but Twilight's reaction there at the end has me worried that it will end in heartbreak. I don't want that to happen, but should it come to pass, i know that you'll handle it beautifully.

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