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As a person who knows where this is going, I can only say: :rainbowkiss:

5770117 Second that! xD

And I regret nothing.

There is truely not too much RariTwi.

"Maybe I write too much RariTwi..."

You take that back.


Maybe I write too much RariTwi...

Blasphemous pig! You shut up with that nonsense right now!

Even if she can't ask to dance without getting drunk, she's still the one to run out into the freezing rain after Rarity. Gotta hand it to Twilight--she might really suck at this romance, confidence, self-esteem, pride, alcohol-holding, dancing, and not-freezing-up-when-Rarity-talks-to-her stuff, but she can certainly pull through when it comes to emergencies.

I love the interplay between Rarity and Twilight. Rarity obviously holds her in high esteem, but Twilight doesn't share a wit of it. It seems like she only half-grasps that Rarity wants her at all. Teasing Rarity is best Rarity, and she was certainly in high form today--and Twilight's inability to respond, although frustrating, is also adorable.

A small one-shot that got drastically out of hand

This is essentially my life as a writer.

Why torture us with posting the second part so much later :raritycry:

I am lucky I was for Rarity & Twilight romance stories because this didn't show up in my feed for new stories

Your TwilightxRarity stories are really good, but I would like to see at least 1 complete story that isn't a one-shot.


Ah, well, I mentioned in the author's note that this fic is already complete! I just didn't post it all at once. The last part should be up in an hour or so.

Is it strange that I imagine Pinkie and Blueblood getting together after this?

It's completely crazy. Insane, even. But this is Pinkie we're talking about. She could be crazy enough to do such a thing.

And the idea of Pinkie and Blueblood standing next to each other, hand in hand, with a totally confused expression that says they have no idea how the heck this happened is somehow hilarious to me. :rainbowlaugh:

Her barely contained noises became barely muffled moans as Rarity's fingers did things to her that had to be illegal somewhere considering how good they felt.

This sentence slightly interrupted the scene for me--through no fault of your own, but only because I had to stop and wince as RL reared its ugly head. It would be a lot sweeter if it wasn't actually illegal in some nations.

This was an amazing story, and I like how you moved Rarity from her appearance of the almost perfectly in-control seductress to a girl who is confident (but not endlessly so), seductive (but not breaking Twilight's brain), and who has her own insecurities and doubts. Twilight's change from the hopeless lovestruck nerd into the nerdy, lovestruck more-than-friend once they were out of the party was also wonderful, and both of their changes were perfectly in-character. Although the former relationship is fun, the give-and-take of this is more fulfilling to read.

I think it was very nice and well-written. However, I think it still needs an epilogue maybe explaining how Rarity's feelings evolved (her convo with Twi implies it, but I think some details are not shown), if she ever saw Twilight fully naked (giggidy) and most importantly... What the hell did Pinkie do to Blueballs?

Well, I can safely say, at least, that even if everything else in the world stops making sense, I'll always know where to find Twirity.

No, I will not call it anything else. King Phy has spoken.

Every time I read one of your stories, the Raritwi in my mind yells at me "How could we maintain that any ship is better than this!?! Look at it! It's wonderful, fluff-filled, feel-punching, goodness, and (in this particular case) Rarity is even super-freaking-hot when she's written that way!" :raritywink:

And the rest of me just kinda stumbles over itself trying to defend Twiluna, trying to cite whatever cognitive bias makes people like/agree with things that are fresh in their minds. Then the Raritwi continues its psychic/verbal temper tantrum until the feeling of 'goddamn this fic is awesome' fades to a dull roar, and Raritwi sinks into muttering and grumblings, annoyed that Twiluna got the spotlight first and that the only reason it is still OTP is because its roots are too deep.

Fights such as these are not uncommon in my mind, but each and every one of your stories has sparked one. Raritwi sees a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps a few more and it will finally oust Twiluna, or at least, Raritwi hopes so. A mental construct can dream, right?


Gosh, people really do think sappy thoughts when they’re in love.

For some reason I read this as something you, as the author, said in the middle of writing the story. And so it was in your avatar's voice. As in, Donald Duck.

Strange :derpyderp1:

Damn it! I thought this was marked incomplete but then I read that perfect little ribbon you tied it up in at the end and I checked again. I now have to deal with the combination of all these warm bubbly happy feels from the story itself and the disappointment from the lack of more RariTwi.

As for this...

"Maybe I write too much RariTwi..."

I have a feeling that voice is going to find itself in a little accident.

Yeah, you're pretty great at this. :twilightsmile::raritywink:

God damn, that was sweet. Nice work!

I loved it and im not much of a RariLight person.

I loved this, I loved everything about it. Good job. :twilightsmile:

Please forgive my obvious inexperience writing NSFW

Knowing the difference between writing a sex scene and writing a lovemaking scene is the exact opposite of inexperience, :raritywink:

I am so glad I liked this before I read it. It met all expectations, then bound and gagged them and proceeded to pound them into oblivion with better.

For inexperience with NSFW fun times, you sure mace that amazing. Poor Minrie couldn't even hide his pride while working. Thank Celestia for counters.

Anyway, I asked for more Rarilight and it was provided in the form of beating Blueblood and intense sexy. I think I am satisfied hungry for more.

Twilight hugged herself with her free arm. “I just…” she drifted off, letting her mind go back to months ago. “I really hate him, Rarity… Really, really, really hate him…”

Don't we all?

Holy shit. :rainbowderp:
That was ridiculously good.
Have a rec.

Wow :raritywink: That was great it was really good :twilightsmile: I've always liked clop like this :twilightblush: which it is more than that :raritystarry: Nicely done can't wait to read the rest of your works :twilightsmile:

Receive an upvote for your funny little author's blurb at the end of Chapter One, and a fave for a great story.

You know...out of all the stories of Rarilight there are, most of them that I read were from you and you made excellent Rarilight stories:twilightsmile: I hope to continue to read more of your Rarilight in the future. :raritywink:

Earlier today, I had read a Flarity fic. I had a tiny voice say "Maybe it is better than Rarilight..."

Lel no.
This fic recked it.
Hurrah for being complete Rartwi trash.

This fic was wonderful. Rarity was sexy and Twilight adorable throughout everything.

Though I'm typically more of a Raripie fan, I must say, well done sir. Well done indeed.

Well that was just absolutely adorable. I think it's appropriate (and once again, adorable) that between their shared insecurities, even though they love and trust each other, they can only make themselves go so far as a handy for their first time.

Very nice!

I'm really late to this party, but God damn.
That was really hot. And beautiful. But above all, really sensual, too. And, hold on, let me get my thesaurus...

The point is, I just found you and I'm going through all your Rarilight and please never stop writing Rarilight. :heart:

That was lovely. You write sex as it feels to be in love. :)

I'd ship it, if I didn't like :rainbowdetermined2::heart::pinkiesmile: or :ajsmug::heart::raritywink: or :yay::heart::twilightsmile:. Sorry if it sounds like I'm judging, I'm not. Love your story! Everything about it was great.:pinkiehappy:

Raritwi- gotta be most my favorite ship alongside Twishy, Flutterdash, and Rarishy. That being said, I think you did an impressive job with this fic (and I'm NOT saying that because a certain tag you've put on this story). The emotion, the inner conflicts, the interactions...This has to be my favorite Raritwi fic alongside fics like Shadow of a Doubt.

NSFW, yes, but the most romantic I've read of rarilight NSFW thus far- especially a human fic. Every action you had them do- kissing, caressing, smiling, etc.- was written so that each simple act of affection was almost special in its own way. I'm not just saying that, either. The way you wrote their characters, and how you had their personalities shift a bit from what their appearances apply, also added to how romantically realistic this seemed to be.

This was beautiful! I'm glad I finally got around to reading it! You could really feel the emotions and love throughout the story. It seems like out of the few nsfw fics I read, so often it's emotional and sweet right up until sex, then it's just pure lust. You managed to convey the loving side of the act, the permissions (unspoken or not), always making sure the other is comfortable, and the act itself wasn't written as something wild and crazy, it was written realistically, and it was perfect! The story in it's entirety was fantastic, the club, the dancing, the apartment...the flow was amazing! I really like how you write Twilight and Rarity as humans, I would love to read more of this College AU, NSFW or not!

Wahtiff ( 7797607 ) already did an excellent job of pretty much my thoughts exactly, so I'm not going to reiterate what's already stated there. The only thing I'd like to emphasize is the human part. Too often, I see stories that are Humanized, but there's literally nothing in them that absolutely requires the characters to actually be humans.

Not this story.

There's so much in here that just feels way more human-like than pony-like. Sure, ponies probably have their own variants of the social stuff in chapter one, or the clothing (or lack thereof) things in chapter two, but it would be a different story of its own altogether.

Combine that with great characterization, and you have a winning combination. Have a yet another fave.

Superb stuff. Evocative and sensual as all hell, with wonderful character interaction as well.

Can you please get this read out on YouTube Is love to hear rarity teasing Twilight 😂

As always your work is above reproch. The sensual screen was fantastically done and very appropriate to the story and your writing style. :raritywink::twilightblush:

With horror, she watched as his lips curved into a sickeningly satisfied smile when his hand reached Rarity’s derriere and squeezed. While Twilight lacked any fighting experience whatsoever, it didn’t stop her from making a move to walk over and start practicing with Blueblood’s face. Or, she would have if Rarity hadn’t literally beaten her to the punch.


I dont know how I missed this before. I was sure I'd read all Mono-fics, yet here this sat in my 'Read it Later' shelf. When had it gotten there? Beats me.
At first I didn't believe was i was seeing, Mono and nsfw? Surely it would be something like the Constellations TEK sidestory. And it was a first. The first chapter was brilliant and fuck Blueblood. Perfect levels of Twilight being hopelessly herself and Rarity loving it.
Then the second chapter, the heat. It wasn't smut. It was barely sex. It was soooo much more.
That was emotional and passionate and just so very well written. It was a little journey. Seeing Rarity without her masks, so vulnerable. How she was and is still affected by Blueblood, and some of us can relate to that.
Everything I've come to expect from such an amazing author, and then a little more. While I certainly don't want to pressure you into making other content like this, I will say that it's refreshing to see sex treated so emotionally mature. For the characters, the sex wasn't great or enjoyable because "it's sex", it was great and enjoyable because it was with each other.
It really is, in my opinion, a good read and I'd even venture to send it to a few of my friends as an example of how sex should be written.

Honestly you took the words out of my mouth, I couldn't have expressed better why I loved this story in general

Monochromatic... YEEESSSSSSSSSS FUCKING HELL YEAHH!!!! This fic sent shivers to nerves I didn't even know still existed
Thank you so much for that

And fuck Blueblood like the asshole he is.

Rereading this because I can't get Never Look Away out of my head.

I can't get over just how much emotion is loaded into every word. This is probably the best erotica I've ever read from an emotional perspective, and if I can write nsfw scenes with even a tenth of the tone and pacing and generally good prose I'll be content. It's basically exactly what I would expect from the author writing this kind of scene, and that makes it perfect.

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