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Alternate Universe or not, I’m still having a hard time believing Celestia is truly this cruel unless she’s gone full Daybreaker. I’m betting the arena is actually her way of saving people from the prison. You have my attention I’m quite eager to see where this goes.

look good but with ship that I don't get, mostly cause I don't think pinkie pie could be ship with anything that not made of 90% sugar

he is not using the #daybreaker tag so i dont think that the case


*looks at user name*


Well this is Interesting I will wait for more

Lewd you suprise me every now and then

Shouldn't have to wait more than a month

This looks real interesting!

Best of luck I look forward to more

A damned fine chapter. I kinda had a bad feeling about their chances. I look forward to more.


"A dirty bread whore like yourself doesn't get to say no to your betters."


Twilight is going to castrate you slowly with a spork and fuck you with it and im going to laugh the whole time.

This has promise

You've got my interest! I'm not familiar with the specific plot of The Handmaiden, but definitely got some Hunger Game vibes here, and I am very curious to see where this goes.
The Twilight/Pinkie ship was unexpected but I will happily run with it, they certainly have a fun, opposites-attract dynamic.

more plot than smut.

:pinkiegasp: oh my, thanks for the warning! My poor virgin eyes would not have been able to handle such depravity.

:rainbowlaugh: Adding this to my to-read list, so sorry for a lack of actual comment, I couldn't resist the description though.

I just want to be transparent about where this is going: not much of this story is going to take place in the arena. Don't expect much more Hunger Games here

Damnit, now I'm invested. Looking forward to more.

This looks interesting. It should be fun to see where the girls all ended up in this world.

Cool! Thanks for being so clear, and don't worry, hearing that actually is a relief :twilightsheepish:
The actual fighting is almost always my least favorite part of anything, what I'm much more interested in is good characters trying to survive in a unique dystopian world, and looks like you're on the right track :raritywink:

Comment posted by Dude3 deleted Aug 11th, 2019

(Contains chapter 1 spoilers)

I don't know what would have been more cruel...

Having both go to "the games" as it happened in the story...
Having only Twilight go, leaving Pinkie behind after what spearhead did. Twilight never knowing what will happen to her lover.

Intuiting story and a different take on the Universe. I hope you plan a lot of world building, because this Equestria is interesting.

Thank you for posting.

Comment posted by Dude3 deleted Aug 11th, 2019

Appreciate the kind words

Do me a solid, though. If you wanna post spoilers, you can actually edit your comment, highlight your text, and click the little spoiler block in the task bar. So your text will look like this.


No rush but moar?

More is coming. Next month

yep full daybreaker you really need to change the tags

Couple things.

No, she's not Daybreaker. Besides the fact that it's not the same design or personality, Daybreaker is supposed to be Celestia's equivalent of Nightmare Moon. It's heavily implied that Luna didn't become evil just to become evil. She was twisted, corrupted, and possessed by an entity, the titular Nightmare. So, logic would dictate that the same would apply to Celestia and Daybreaker. There is no entity here, so this is not Daybreaker (also, Daybreaker is already something else in this universe). You can have an evil Celestia without her being Daybreaker.

It's very, very early on, and far too soon for you to make a judgement of how evil the High Queen is. Save that for when you've actually seen what she's capable of.

And, finally, I'm not gonna bother with any pointless changes over semantics. Whether I call the Empress Celestia or Daybreaker (the latter of which sounds kinda silly, when you look at it. Empress Daybreaker. Sounds like a Power Rangers villain or something) won't make any difference to most people reading this.

Don't tell writers what they "really need" to do. It's rude.

ok i agree that i was rude im sorry for that im not going to delete my comment so this clear to people who read it after and yes its early days but from everything iv seen so far this Celestia is evil for allowing this to happen at all. it could be the case she has no say in this as a puppet for example her sister is held hostage i dont know all i meant was that this Celestia is evil (to the reader at this point with no other context)and to me evil Celestia = Daybreaker that how i see it

all i meant by that was using the daybreaker tag would make it clear that this Celestia is evil that could very well not be the case but from what iv seen so far it would make thing clear and also, "Daybreaker is already something else in this universe" when why not add the tag ???????

any way you are correct i was rude in what i commented, it was the first thing to come to mind after reading the chapter so i was my honest comment i guess im rude sorry about that i honestly believed untill the moment i read your response it was daybreaker
plus how am i to know that is not daybreaker ?? thank you for making that clear now

Not to mention that Daybreaker isn't even Celestia's actual counterpart, it's just what Starlight thought her counterpart might be.


"Daybreaker is already something else in this universe" when why not add the tag

Because that's misleading. There's a lot of things in this alternate universe that aren't quite the same as you'd maybe expect. To character tag Daybreaker would be... Well, it would give off an impression that is different from reality, is how I'll say it, so as to avoid spoilers.

True that you don't have context, but I urge you to have some patience and some trust. I guarantee that, if you give me some time and come at this with an open mind, I'll tell a story in such a way that you won't care what I call the Empress.

very well should we both edit our comment to take out daybreaker to not spoil it for other?

im going to keep reading
P.S its going to take a lot to not see this Celestia as evil with this prison/arena and what the guards get away with and the lack of food
"judge and country on how they treated their prisoners"

"The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons." - Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky where i got that from

Editing of the comments is not necessary, no, though I appreciate the offer.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Quite the good chapter. I knew something was gonna happen there at the end. Hmm, Flash Sentry and Rarity. I wonder who else we'll see here.


“As punishment for your crimes, Pinkamena Pie shall be put to death at once.”

Well now things are starting to get interesting also fuck you Empress Celestia

well there goes my idea that the two were under a trance to forget they past and really work for the Empress, to check out golden oak prison,

Interesting theory, but sadly incorrect. Like most things in the world, Empress Celestia has Golden Oak in the palm of her hand

Keep on theory crafting. I'm very interested to know what people think is gonna happen next

The death of Peach Cobbler was absolutely brutal, holy fuck I did not expect that.

Deeply intriguing world here. You've nailed the uncanny valley of just familiar enough to be truly disconcerting while still feeling true to the characters... mostly. That Celestia ain't right, I tell you what.

Eagerly looking forward to more. It is in the nature of Twilights to supplant Celestias, and the nature of Pinkies to defy expectations.

“The handmaiden is essentially the first lady to the Empress. You are Her humble servant, Her trusted confidant, Her page, Her errand girl, Her pet, Her decoration, Her lover. You are whatever the Empress wants you to be on any particular day. Any task given, you will complete happily. Your only concern is pleasing your Empress.”

Given your previous work plus Celestia's behavior, is she going to ask Twilight to chop off her fingers or something more brutal to herself for "fun"?

This story is going to be a bit more subtle and nuanced than my usual wares.

yep im done 3 chapters in and i cant stand this story is it well written it is well done i just cant stand the shear hatred i feel for Celestia i find my self asking if twilight and pinky killing them selves is not a better option so yer im done i might come back to this story just to see how Celestia dies. how Painful and horribly she die at least that what a hope thanks for the fic but yer im done

Another good chapter. Holy shit, Sweetie Belle. At least she's alive...

oh celly 'Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis'

I hope twily spit roasts your corpse on a pike you bitch

Came for the smut, stayed for the plot. This is a beautifully written dark fantasy. I can't wait to see what devilish things Empress Celestia has in mind.

I would think that such an act would limit her usefulness to Celestia.

It’s a blend from the Wintermist family.

Yes, very good family, them. Everyone that meets with the head of the family always says the same, extremely good things, about them. I am in no way under compulsion to say that.

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