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"What if the authorities see that haircut and mistake you for some kind of transient, and throw you in jail!”

“Ponyville don't have fashion police,” Applejack said.

I love how this implies that other towns do.

A wonderful bit of silliness. Thank you for it.

Okay, Mullet Rarity needs artwork now.

Hmm. What was my reaction to this fanfiction? Oh, I only—


:rainbowlaugh: i can imagine Applejack's hair cut she would look good.

Heh. My brother used to collect pictures of particularly fine mullets he saw around town.

The mullet is the superior hairstyle

Short in the front, silly in the back! :ajsmug: :raritydespair:

(And do I see a possible smidgen of a hint of Rarijack where Rarity compliments AJ on her new butch haircut? :trollestia: )


who else clicked on this story to get a better look at rarity's face

Aww. I was really hoping Rarity was going to think that she should shave the rest of that side and start that stupid fad of one side shaved/one side long in Equestria! That'd be hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Honestly that haircut is even worse than the mullet.. it's really popular at my niece's middle school :facehoof:

I would like to look at Applejack with her mane shaved off. In fact I would like to look at Applejack with all the hair shaved off her body.

This was delightfully silly. I'd love to see an animation of that scene with AJ knocking her out.

Is the title a sex joke or is it just me?

Revenge of the Vokuhila: The Vokuhilaning

This fic made me laugh. I even featured it on episode 160 of my podcast.

Like I said there: you know what you're getting when you read the title, but you have to read it anyway. And it doesn't disappoint.

Thank goodness this didn't take place at Canterlot High. Someone might assume AJ lived in a trailer park!

Youtube "five iron frenzy the phantom mullet"

7598703 Have you read Tumbleweed's other stories? At this point, I think it’s safer to assume Rarijack until until proven otherwise.

7610427 It’s a very common description of a mullet.

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later #64.

My review can be found here.


Great stuff.

“I suppose that'd be the silver lining of so much death and destruction.”

Rarity can rationalize with the best of 'em.

Not sure who I feel more sorry for, here. Probably Applejack...

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