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This story is a sequel to I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.

There are two types of ponies in the world: dog ponies, and cat ponies.

Anyone with two eyes in their head could easily determine which categories both Applejack and Rarity fit in. But, when Rarity must take a last minute business trip to Manehattan, it falls on Applejack to take care of Rarity's beloved pet, Opalescence.

The problem is, Opalescence doesn't like Applejack.

Opalescence doesn't like anybody.

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Do my eyes deceive me? a New Rarijack story! hell yeah lets do this.

Oh, I'm looking forward to more of this. That cat is all that's bad about cats with none of the good. Poor Applejack. She's going to catnip drug that cat into oblivion before the time is up, lol.

a sequel to one of my favorite RariJack story, I'm hook

Hah! Yeah, that's going to end up in scratches, curses, and catnip-crazed Opal. :ajbemused:

A promising start; this looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!

Opal doesn't hate Fluttershy and Spike.



Well, to the readers, at least. Don't give me that look, AJ!


Other than that, great chapter. Fluttershy was a surprising but welcome addition, and I loved the way you introduced her.


Oops. Spellcheckers are a funny thing.


Let me get this straight: Opal wrecked the boutique and gave Applejack a run for her money, almost got trampled, and Rarity gets turned on by AJ's bravery and dedication?

And a fine ending to a funny story. AJ needs to stop trying to interrupt Rarity when she's on the roll, I see!

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Whenever I've needed a cat as a piece of living couture, I've found catnip is usually the best answer to make them amenable too.

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