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Cadence was many things; stunningly beautiful, kind, full of love for her fellow pony, and a wonderful mother to Flurry Heart. She even managed to put aside her unease to give a young changeling a chance.

But effectively raising two foals on top of her duties as Crystal Princess took their toll, and Shining Armor knew his wife needed a break. It was high time for an intervention, his beloved Cadence needed a night off.

Preread by Timaeus.
Cover art by Ende26.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 25 )

That was short and sweet.

Edit: I've decided to come back for a more in-depth review of the story, because why not.

I loved the interactions between Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, which flowed naturally and showed us the depth of their relationship and how they deeply cared for one another. I don't particularly see Thorax as an Equestrian equivalent of a child, but still.

The way you started and ended the story with the same theme was a nice touch, too. It's not something we see very often.

Taking all bets on Twilight's alleged crush!

I've got five bits on Applejack and a cool ten on Starlight.


Fantastic story. Really funny, really well-written. A great one-shot

Aww... Just loved the interactions between Cadance and her husband. They really felt natural. And Thorax as a adopted child? I can totally see that now.

7580387 Ahhh, so cute! I love these little explorations of romance, and I liked how the subject of educating Thorax about Equestrian society was woven into this.

And on another note, I'd like to put down a spread bet, five bits each way on Starlight, Rainbow Dash, and at an outside chance, Spitfire.

I'll put twenty bits on Caramel. Long shots mean huge paydays.

7580387 Call me predictable, but I'm going with Flash Sentry.

And by the way, "Turquoise Glimmer"? Any relation?

Cute little story :twilightsmile: that maked me to think, Are you going to make a new chapter of the shield's protector? :rainbowhuh:

Oh right. Even with the Unicorn aspect of her powers suppressed Flurry still has her Earth Pony strength. If said strength is on par with the other abilities she displayed during the S6 premier I'm surprised Thorax's skull is still intact.

Put me down for ten bits on Big Mac, and another ten on Rainbow.

Ah this was nice. Just a nice happy and fluffy little story. Great job.


I was a little surprised that Shining Armor and Cadance ha e been together 10 years now but that didn't detract from the story. It's cute though, just a nice little thing. I like the familial interplay and that you didn't go for a lot of cliches in the restaurant scene. Just really cute ZOMG.

I thought the whole 'Thorax as child' was a bit weird, if amusing. Whyever such a thought?


I can only speak marginally on ZOMG's behalf having preread and idea-bounced with him, but when he appeared on screen, Thorax acted very much like a child/foal with Spike. That, and when he shapeshifted into 'Crystal Hoof', he turned into a foal. This implies to me at least that he is a young changebug who still has much to learn.

It was good!

Great success!

One of many things I doubt I doubted I’d ever get used to.

some doubling up here?
Son of a Mule!

"Lucky son of a mule" is a bizarre turn of phrase, what with hybrid sterility and all. Perhaps the luck factor is its very existence? According to Wikipedia, there were 60 cases of fertile mules documented between 1527 and 2002.

I like the idea of them kinda-sorta adopting Thorax. He does seem to be fairly young. Not a child, but a teen. One that deserves a loving family.

I'll put 20 bits on Moondancer. Seriously just look like she adore Twily. :twilightblush:


I'd have Rarity down as being Cadences inside source. There's no way she's give up the chance to gossip with royalty!

So nice to get a glimpse of Shining and Cadence's life in the Crystal Empire, and narrated by Shining himself! :twilightsmile:

What a cute little story between couples:heart:

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