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This story is a sequel to A Mare's Image

Several nosy little birdies put Surprise on the path to discovering Spitfire's budding relationship with Rainbow Dash. If Spitfire gets her hooves on any of them, they won't be flying so well. Especially if that information gets spread around to the rest of her team, or Rainbow's friends.

Just what part of "keeping this quiet until Rainbow gets settled as a Bolt" is so hard to understand?

Preread by Timaeus

Cover art by Rossby Waves

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Summarising the ending of the story in a thousand words:


7786650 I'm rather OK with that :pinkiehappy:

eh, surprise should be put on administrative duty with twice the hours, same pay for 6 months. this will never happen again.

I kinda wish you'd led with the "steps Spitfire needs to take" thing towards the beginning, rather than leaving it to the very end. I was completely livid with Surprise for the whole fic because it sounded like the relationship going public was a straight up career ending catastrophe waiting to happen.

Holding something like that over someone you're supposedly friends with isn't just cruel, it's legitimately sadistic. Not to mention the whole "creepy stalker" thing. Even after seeing that Spitfire can take some steps to mitigate, I still think Surprise was waaaaaaaaaay out of line for someone who is supposedly Spits' friend.

I'm not even in the military or some kind of "secret" relationship, but if I found out a "friend" was spying on me looking to blackmail me, even if it was for something as insipid as a prank/party, they wouldn't be my friend any longer. It's just weird, not to mention mean.

Sorry to say, I just did not enjoy reading this. Was expecting to laugh, instead became incredibly pissed off. Pretty disappointed considering I loved the first fic.

… I wonder if Rainbow would help me hide the bodies.

7788187 I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I half-wanted to see Surprise's teeth rolling away like Chicklets are a few points. :rainbowlaugh:

Spitfire is a lewd, perverted, exhibitionist sadist.

Surprise is a jerk

I just don't see the humor inherent in pretending to blackmail your boss.

Loved the story, you write the pairing very well. I particularly enjoyed the way you wrote Spitfires internal monologue, great stuff! If you have more inspiration in the tank for further stories for this series I'd love to read them!

I love Surprise in this story!

Isn't that a thousand and one words?

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