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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?


Fluttershy and Big Mac love each other, so they want to do grown up pony stuff, right? That's what two mature, adult ponies do. So, they do all sorts of lusty things, because they love each other, and are attracted to each other, and stuff.

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covering her wings with her head.

Do you mean that she curls her head (and mane) over her own wings (difficult to picture) or do you mean that she hides her head under her wings (which seems more anatomically possible)? In which case you mean "covering her head with her wings."

Other question -- how did the adults find the Hearts and Hooves Day, heh, "fanfic"? Did the CMC give it to Big Mac or Fluttershy as a sort of hint, or did it fall into their hooves by accident?

And yes. This would deeply embarrass Fluttershy.:fluttershyouch:

I liked the part where Rainbow Dash wanted to make sure that Scootaloo had put in the action part :pinkiehappy:

Hah wut? Well you succeeded in writing as a child, I had a assumed your younger sibling had written this and you posted it for them. Very well done on that point. I wonder what sort of writer Big Mac is. I imagine that would also be an entertaining read.

Thank you for the fun short B.W.

The moral of the story is to hide all of your incredibly embarrassing writing from prying eyes so they may never be unleashed unto the world.

Twists an Turns my man, an Discord ended where he began. Yet another Dynasty. :facehoof:

I wnder if Big Mac was going to use Double Tree Sap? :eeyup:

"The CMC are tagged in this? Odd."

"I'm here to see Ms. Fluttershy. She's the most beautifulest mare ever, and when she walks by me, she's very graceful and beautiful! You're not going to stop me you varmint!"

"Wait a second. Is this going where I think it's going?"

...griffin ninjas...

"Yes, I'm pretty sure it is."

The irony of saying that on Fimfiction, of all places, is overpowering.

That was extremely silly.


The moment when Rainbow Dash flew into their clubhouse, and came across their unattended story

Pretty sure that's how the adults got hold of it.

4349617 that was kind of the point. I'm happy you saw the subtle joke.

That was good I guess for the cutiemark crusader's "first story/fanfic". :applejackunsure:

4349556 Well, my youngest sibling is 19, so...

Now I want to see what the adults write... :trollestia:

At the start I thought this was a troll-fic. I'm still not sure it's not, but I'm glad I finished it.

tfw this pops up while you're browsing fimfic:


"BronyWriter does clop....?" :pinkiegasp:

"Wait....." :unsuresweetie:

".....no, not exactly." :rainbowlaugh:


Oh ... now I see another reason why Fluttershy in particular was so embarrassed ...

This is Rainbow Dash telling her about it ... :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, I liked this. I didn't know you did comedy. Now, about that CMC story...

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seriously bronywriter. what the eff star star star. still loved it though:pinkiesmile:

*relife. Oh when I first started reading it, you had me worried that you lost your touch. Then I got to the end, and relife when I found out the first half was suppose to be bad.
Great job, ... I don't suppose you would take me on as a proofreader friend?

4350557 I dunno. What are your credentials?

Well there was Lemonade Stand but I never read it...

4350586 I, don't have any. And I admit, I still have trouble writting, but I'm getting better at editing. So far my best story to date is. Pony Vs. food (sorry for lack of link), and all I can do is offer a first read through, and maybe some good ideas. My main desire is be a better writer through this fandom, and giving my time to others.

Cute story!

Although, given the "authors", now I'm not certain if the typos and spelling errors are deliberate or not. :trixieshiftleft:

On one side I'm like "Painful reading is painful to read." On the other I'm like "Tee hee now what shall happen."
You could not fathom. The amount of imaginary popcorn I wasted at.

Fluttershy took two knives out of her cocktail dress

Well, that was something.

Fluttershy took two knives out of her cocktail dress and blocked the assult! The griffin was shocked,

Yeah, I think anyone would be shocked in that situation.

"Suddenly, before they could reach the restaurant, a group of griffin ninjas jumped out of the bushes with their swords and dastardly expressions! Fluttershy gasped, but Big Mac wasn't scared at all. He had been waiting to show Fluttershy how amazing he was. He took a smoke pelet out of his jacket and tossed it at the claws of the griffin ninjas! All of the griffins were unveloped in green smoke, and they fell to the ground, knocked out. All except one, who attacked Big Mac with his sword. Before the sword could strike home, Fluttershy took two knives out of her cocktail dress and blocked the assult! The griffin was shocked, but before he could strike again, Big Mac bucked him in the face, knocking him out."

Nope :eeyup: I am not reading beyond this point, screw this.

4353558 Um... maybe if you did then you'd discover that there's actually a point to how dumb this is.

4353851 I know, I was joking, sorry but I have a lack of an ability to tell jokes over the internet, the ending was a little bit funny.
(either way I wouldn't have been able to read past that point due to circumstances.)

I had to back out of the story and see if I read the authors name correctly. And then when I realized it was indeed a story written by BronyWriter, I couldn't help but wonder if you were drunk or high. Started not to read it and then read it anyways. I'm glad I did.

I nearly died at the end, poetic justice!

Lost it at "griffin ninjas". Cute. Clever. Very obvious to see who had a hoof in writing which parts. Hopefully the CMC stick to fanfiction about, well, fictional characters from here on out.

I was very confused by the start of this story, as I didn't read the tags at all and I was like "What the hell is this?"

Then I found out.

Poor CMC. Going to get a little talk from Applejack.

Mac, you fool! Writing an equally crappy fanfic will only start a cycle of wanton cruelty to the written word!

(Seriously, though, most amusing. I figured it was somepony's fan fiction, but wasn't entirely sure whose. Thank you for this.)

Hmm, I think Rainbow's the one who deserves to have the next story written about her, not only for snooping, but then showing what she found to everyone else. Not that the others had much reason to read it either. Yup, the CMC are the true victims here.

Terrible action-romances starring ponies they know. It'll be Equestria's version of LoHAV.

I was just skimming through most of this story. I was considering skipping this story. Then I reached the end. Now I see why it was written the way that it was.

I was was wondering what was going on with the ninjas and the children level romance. Well played.

Haha... will there be a sequel? I really wanna read what Big Mac wrote. I am sure that that would be hilarious:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::trollestia::facehoof:

why did i laugh at the discord sence

ha at first i just assumed this was your first story. my how your writing has improved!

5062176 Even though this isn't my first story, my writing has improved a heck of a lot.

*slow clap*

I laughed. Still a better love story than Twilight might write.

So thanks for that.

I can so picture Fluttershy pulling a Crocodile Dundee "this is a knife", also now imaging her with an Aussie Sheila accent.

First of all, I cracked up at the fact that Applejack is giving the CMC "the talk". I can only imagine how that is going down. Second, I'm surprised Rarity wasn't a little more concerned that Sweetie Belle was reading her romance novels. Also, I love how purposefully terrible you made the beginning of the story. It worked really well.

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