• Published 17th Mar 2014
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The Collected Poems of Maud Pie - Titanium Dragon

Maud Pie has written thousands of poems. Here are some of her poems. They're about rocks.

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Don't last forever.
They change.

Some rocks
Become soil.
Other rocks
Are pushed underground
And come back
As new types of rock.
Either way
The original rock
Is gone
For good.

Don't come back
The way they were.
But we can learn
From what they were
Before they were
What they are

This is

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How hilarious! I need to give this to my science teacher for extra credit :eeyup:

This poetry is totally underground.
It is also on top of the ground,
And sometimes is the ground.
Poetry of the ground,
It rocks.

I shall never take you for granite, Titanium.
take my like.

These are:

Absolutely grand.


This has been oddly addictive and like eating a chip, you can't just read one.

Shame there wasn't a poem about obsidian lava rock (aka the sharp shiny black rock that Aztec weapons were made from), obsidian is awesome.

Those were all spectacular. :pinkiehappy:

I especially liked "Sand" and "Understanding Rocks" :twilightsmile:

Very entertaining, insightful, and heart wrenching. :pinkiesad2:

Looking forward to more. I also wrote a few poems about rocks. I'd be delighted if you were to check them out. :scootangel:

Brilliant! All of them! Number fourteen (can't remember the title) was the best. The first couple made me laugh, but the fourteenth one made me think and gave me feels.

This reminds me quite a bit of "Alberto Caeiro", one of the personas of the portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. A bunch were surprisingly good and insightful, but even the others had a very unique and interesting flow.

This is good. Have a thumbs up and a fav.

Llch #12 · Mar 17th, 2014 · · 1 ·

i just get who is Maud Pie! She is grown up pony version of Wednsday Addams

i like rocks and some one shuld make a poetry about rock music and a song a bout rocks. i made a poem about rocks
Rocks are rocks
They rock
Like a rock
They're a rock
I like rocks.

I enjoyed these poems.

Here I was, reading through these and laughing along... I was not ready for #14.

Very nice collection--very Maud-esque. It made for a nice Monday follow-up to the episode!

A rock isn't considered as a symbol of change. Yet it does eventually. It just takes waaaaaaaaaaaay longer.

So, anypony want to play a small game of camouflage? :]

Nah Diara loosing here cool time to time and gives a few fu*** so she at least looks like a human being

My hat off to you, good sir. Never before did I believe that one could make such interesting poetry about rocks.

"I've written over a thousand."

You'd better get cracking, then. :pinkiecrazy:

Wow, these are both hilarious and deep. You have a knack for poetry, my friend. Have a thumbs up and a fave.

You know, I need to thank you. Because I was thinking about writing a fic sometime soon actually, and I was trying to have a plot interesting enough to catch eyes. But this is incredibly simple, and partly because of that, it's incredibly good. I realized instead of trying to be complex, I should just write what I love and go back and edit it into something better when the mojo has passed.
Regardless if it's as complex as this fandom or as simple as a rock.

One of the tricks to writing is knowing what needs to be written, above and beyond all else. It is easier to produce an unfocused piece of writing than it is to produce something which is succinct. This doesn't mean good writing is short, by any means, but that a well-written story should be as long as it needs to - no shorter, and no longer. Finding the essence of your story and producing that is what makes for really strong things.

The longer something is, the harder it is to keep under control and to make into what it needs to be. That doesn't mean that long things are bad - it means that long things are harder.

And honestly, here, the most important thing for getting your story noticed and read is not length, or amazing writing, or anything else of the sort. It is a very good idea. Don't be afraid to do something because it is short.

I'm glad this inspired something from you. I hope you have fun with it.

Wow. Speaks man speaks.

These are awesome! How many more do you plan on doing?

Rock on, Maud.

I know this "story" is tagged "comedy" and "random," but if I read these while listening to a byzantine organum (such as this one), the poems suddenly become unbelievably depressing... :pinkiesad2:

Smooth rocks
Are smooth and round
Because of rivers
That flowed over the ground.
Now the rivers are gone
And the rocks anon
Keep sitting there on the ground.

My whole life is meaningless. It's but a fraction of an instant in the eternity of time. I'm going to die, and there is nothing I can do against it. My death will have no noticeable impact on our infinitely vast universe. Even rocks are a brief occurrence compared to it, yet their existence will outlast my own, and they will be able to tell the rest of the world far more about themselves than I ever could.

Once you were rock
But rain and plants have made you not.
Now you are soil
Sleeping on the bedrock
The regolith supports all life
Which is good.

Maud Pie is a genius... :fluttercry:

EDIT: and this was before I got to some of the later chapters... :raritycry:

This work is so beautiful. But it shouldn't be tagged comedy.

Yeah, that was the joke :-P

Not sure it really made me laugh all that much, but damn, this is quality. I'll be glad to see more of these. The fourteenth was the biggest stand-out for me, for obvious reasons.

Hmm. She does live on the rock farm, after all... makes sense that she'd be into the science of rocks.

Quartz is my favorite. Some of the later ones are trying too hard--it doesn't seem like Maud would be into metaphors like that.

But anyway I love this whole thing, I absolutely adore the idea and it's awesome that you actually pulled it off so well.

You can't tag a story both "Comedy" and "Sad" per the site rules (the site will actually complain at you if you try), so something which has both sad and comedy in it has to be tagged one or the other.


They should add a "Normal" tag... :trixieshiftright:

4113235 You're thinking like Pokemon

Huh. :rainbowhuh: At the start this just seemed like a goofy jokefic, but especially by the later poems, these start getting deceptively profound. I very much dig the concept!

... Isn't a real science.

Maud is a genius on the written word. I find her captivating to say the least.

What you have done on this particular story has amazes me to no end. The way you wrote such an endearing series of poems that can enlighten oneself and even a story hidden beneath those very words. One cannot simply say if these are genius or simple. But it is definitely about rocks.


This guy gets it so very much.

I just noticed that after reading, everyone feels the urge to discuss the poems. As much as possible, for these poems are not just for sole understanding, but for the understanding of a group that thrives on relationships and friendship.

This is truly... truly a work of art, in and on itself.

I'm quite glad so many people enjoyed this, doubly so because I pretty much did it out of the blue, and don't often write poetry. I've been trying not to comment too much on the poems themselves, because I'm one of those hipster types who thinks that a proper poem should speak for itself, plus it takes something away from it if the writer just out and out explains something. The joy of a poem is in part the discovery of it.


Agreed to the highest of degrees:twilightsmile:

These are magnificent, good sir or madam! Please carry on uncovering more of Maud's beautiful poetry, when you find it. :pinkiehappy:

Well. This is something that could proudly be put on the first page of a geology textbook :twilightsmile:

That is a truly, truly awful pun. Maud would be proud, I'm sure.

I'm glad you liked these poems enough to comment on them. Always good to know that all that work transcribing from pony to English was worthwhile. :rainbowwild:

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