• Published 17th Mar 2014
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The Collected Poems of Maud Pie - Titanium Dragon

Maud Pie has written thousands of poems. Here are some of her poems. They're about rocks.

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Farming Rocks

Every rock is different.
Some rocks grow best
When left alone
And let to grow
Where they start.

Other rocks only grow
When they are moved
Every day.
If they are left
In place
They stop growing.
Only if they move
Do they keep growing.
But they can
Roll around in circles
And still grow.

Sometimes a rock
Needs to grow
Away from the farm
For a while.
But after it grows
It can return to the farm
And grow more.

Some rocks
Can't grow on the farm
At all
They can only
Grow somewhere else
Because the farm
Isn't right for them.
These rocks
Roll away from the farm
So that they can grow.
But we don't forget about them
Because some rocks
Away from the farm
Grow into
The best rocks of all.