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Annoying classmates. Domineering upperclassmen. Trouble at home that no one can ever, ever know about. Being the Junior Princess of Canterlot High School is far less glamorous than Diamond Tiara would have everyone believe.

With all that she has to deal with in her life, just what sort of person would be distinguished, determined or deluded enough to want to spend time with her?

Well, there is that one transfer student...

Edits: nanashi_jones. Art: IJAB. Give them your love.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 44 )

Finally! I've been reading for a story from you to come out!

Sweet! Well, here's your chance!

Yah, sorry about the extended hiatus -- I had to get a new batch ready. :twilightsmile:

No need to be story:twilightsmile:just glad you're back.

An EqG story? By Bookish Delight? That has Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in it?! :heart:

I love how adorable the cover art is!:pinkiehappy:


You're three for three! :pinkiehappy: Dig in!

Well I'll be darned. How dare you make Diamond Tiara, in all of her snooty, spoiled, selfish snippiness a sympathetic character? Same goes for Silver Spoon, of course; and I love the idea of Ms. Harshwhinny as a history teacher.

This is going to be very interesting, I'm sure. :twistnerd:

Silver seems to be lost somewhere between being a nice girl and being the bully we know. Is that intentional, or was she supposed to be going one way or the other?


That's a really good question! You should hold on to it. :twilightsmile:

I know, right? You should thank this guy over here for it!

Thanks! :twilightsmile:

And much as I'd like to, I actually can't take credit for Harshwhinny. She was one of the few parts of the IDW EQG 2013 Annual comic that made actual sense.


Except for the fact that Trixie was apparently seen doing Glee Club. With her theatricality, my headcanon is all too tempted to make her, at the very least, have tried musical theatre and failed miserably at it. Or perhaps she gets her hamminess from a secret musical addiction? The possibilities are endless! :rainbowlaugh:


At least for now, I think it's safe to say that Trixie, music and ham go hand-in-hand. In hand. :rainbowlaugh:

A very interesting bit of world building thrown into the story. I love world building like that!

Overall, I liked it very much, especially the characterization of Diamond and Silver as they were presented, it flowed very naturally from the places they were shown to come from and gave me a bit of insight into the background of the parents as well. Home schooled Silver Spoon? Interesting... I wonder why her parents would choose to do that. So many possibilities.

It was also interesting to see the fine line that Silver Spoon is walking between falling in directly behind Diamond Tiara and acting as a gentle tug in the opposite direction. I'm very interested in seeing where this ends up.

Also, the moment when I realized this is happening during the movie's events. :rainbowlaugh:


Oh, thank goodness. My editor and I were a little worried that the timeframe of the story's events might be too vague. Relieved now. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I've been worldbuilding EQG for a while now because funsies. There'll be more worldbuilding happening soon -- if you wanna get up to speed on all the hints, go ahead and check out this -> this -> this, in that order. Marvel's got nothin' on me.

Thank you very much for the feedback. As much as I like writing Diamond here and finding new ways to portray her, crafting this Silver Spoon is easily some of the most fun I've ever had with MLPfic.

:twilightsmile: See you next chapter!


Spoiler tags included to protect the spoiler-conscious.

There were three cues that tipped me off:

Sunset nabbing Snips and Snails (They weren't with her in the opening introduction to her human self)

The violet girl with the star dress (Who could that be? :twilightblush:)

The CMC with their video- that they'd just put it up online was a subtle clue - though perhaps it wouldn't have as many comments by the same afternoon as the movie suggested they did (unless they have a lot of followers) by the library scene just a couple hours later. I think. The movie has a horrible within the day chronology. Or had they put it up the night before? I'm going to guess night before.

I maybe missed some references... It's been a couple months since I've seen the movie.

Honestly, I don't think you could have worked in the chronology any more clearly with the limitations of the perspective you were working with. Neither Diamond Tiara nor Silver Spoon were present during the iconic scenes (except the cafeteria song and the dance... and the demon thing.) I feel that trying to put in a more obvious reference would have felt clunky.

Even so, unless you plan on referencing the events later, I think the story would stand well on its own regardless of the timeline.

Also, added to my short read list! I'll get to reading them this weekend. Three day weekend! :eeyup:


Yep, you've caught them all so far. Good work. :raritywink:

Oooh! Enjoy your weekend!

Thank god this doesn't have a Complete Tag on it because I totally groaned in disappointment that I had nothing left to read after that rather sweet ending. I like how DT helps her get that social anxiety thing more in-check.

Anyhow, the EQG backstory stuff was probably some of the best I read in how Sunset 'acquired' those two clunkers - Snips & Snails. From there on the story was a non-stop enjoyment. The flow was pretty well paced, Di and Silvy were very alive in this story and it pleased me to no end reading such a fine story. xD

I look forward to more. Soon, I hope! <3


Oh, no, this is just the beginning. I have plans for our girls. If you thought things were sweet now... :scootangel:

Anyway, thanks, and glad you're in for the long haul! The story's actually mostly done, but there's a lot of editing to do. So it'll take some time, but it won't be, like, a glacial pace or anything.

4331345 Oh, thank goodness! :rainbowlaugh:

An episode a week would be sweet. :twilightsmile: Though if you mean sooner than a week then I'd be pretty impressed! :pinkiegasp:

You are quite delightful indeed, Bookish. I tend to be busier now a days but I'll try not to let updates get buried in the feed :P (I so wish there was a Story and Blog button to see only blogs, story, then story updates. We have similar options for other things.)


Well, we could always go back to the old version. You know, the one with SilverBot? :trollestia:

srsly just read it

This story is 100% Diamond Cutter approved!


:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

...also best button ever

The writing style is a tad weak, and while the world-building is good, the opener doesn't quite grip me. I get you're trying to start a snowball effect, beginning as something small only for it to grow into something huge and out of control, but the opening is still a little slow.

It's great background setup for the movie it's based on, but at this point I dunno... :applejackunsure:

Thank you for your honesty. I can't do much about the pacing, basically since I already did. You should have seen this before overhaul and edits. :rainbowlaugh: The awesome will happen when it happens.

I will say I'm more curious about the "weak writing style" bit. Can you elaborate if you can? PM is fine, or here.



I can't do much about the pacing, basically since I already did. You should have seen this before overhaul and edits.

Oh, don't I know it. I always go through like, five edits before submitting it to an editor for one final go. Sometimes the first draft is so wrecked I just toss it out and start from scratch.

As for weak writing, general examples include things like

* Not writing in terms that appeal to all the senses. Sights, smells, what you can hear, etc. The best way to put a reader into the story is to write them as if you were there yourself. The simplest way is to write in a way that appeals to the human senses. So that hallway scene right in the beginning? I can imagine there being the dull murmur of students, maybe Snips and Snails smell a bit funny today, and so on. This leads to another facet:

* The environment is just as important as the characters. And by environment, I don't just mean what's physically around the characters, though to an extent that's important too. What's the feeling in the air of a particular scene? I can't imagine Miss Harshwhinny's history class being too friendly. Maybe everyone enters in complete silence under her domineering eye. Things like that.

* The characters get little description. There's bits and pieces where you DO describe a character, which is good. But there's good and bad descriptions: too much and you're invading the reader's imagination, too little and the reader doesn't have much to work with. I get that this is a fanfic and we wouldn't be reading this at all if we didn't care about characters whose appearances we already know. But at the same time, it's very good writing practice to describe a character as if the reader has never seen them before.

As you can see, the "weak writing" in this case is just missing some small details. But you know what they say about small problems: they tend to pile up and become one BIG problem.

Loved this story, cannot wait for the next chapter! I'm gonna have to agree with Brony_Fife, you could use a lot more description. (it's something I struggle with a lot as well.) I love your dialogue and characterization. The references to the EQG movie were cool. Just work on your description, which god above knows, is easier said than done.

Keep on rocking.


Thanks for the input, both of you. I'm very much a dialogue and character author, and I've only been getting the hang of adding descriptive elements into my work over the last couple of years. Sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn't.

Part of this is (and I've talked with you about this before, Fife) that I've seen too many stories -- many of them "critically acclaimed" in the fandom -- so bogged down with the environmental and descriptive details that the characters and plot get completely lost and I fall asleep entirely. The key, of course, is to relate those details to the characters, but one of my biggest goals whenever I sit down at the keyboard is to write the stories that will personally keep me awake. Sometimes things get a little barebones, and usually I have to go back and add things in later drafts.

As I keep writing, I'll do my best to find a balance. :twilightsmile:

4432468 Finding that impossible balance is difficult to do. But I think you can do it. You just need to put the effort in and be aware of the problem. That's what helps me.

It's a risky game, attempting to plug us into the perspectives of characters traditionally viewed as antagonistic. Most of the time, that's done by finding (or creating) a previously-unseen side of them that is easier to sympathize with than what we are accustomed to, but riskier still is what you seem to be going for here. Rather than soft-peddle Tiara's abrasiveness, you instead plug us right into it, and allow the intimacy of her perspective to help us understand it better without necessarily excusing it. I'll be curious to see if this 'fic continues on that trajectory; there's not much of a story, after all, without some kind of arc to it, and the name of the whole thing is "Tiara Turnabout", after all. One way or the other, though, it means we're off to a very fascinating start.

It helps that your world-building here provides a really solid backbone to the whole thing. I appreciate the ways in which you extrapolate and build on "Equestria Girls"' broad-strokes look at the social hierarchy of Canterlot High, giving us a really clear sense of just how things work around these parts. Seeing the delicate, and more than slightly imbalanced, alliance that exists between "Queen Bee" Sunset Shimmer and "Prinfess" Diamond Tiara is especially well done; indeed, their scene together, while brief, is one of the most fascinating thus far. That sense of "there's always a bigger fish" is really keenly felt, and seeing Sunset coerce and push Diamond around helps us to understand that much better why Diamond is so determined to be on top of everyone else and get the chance to dish it out to others, as well as just where she's learned her best tactics from (it's also one of a handful of clever little ways to clue us in as to just when this takes place in relation to the actual "Equestria Girls" movie, but that's a bonus x3). I especially liked the notion that Sunset is "borrowing" Snips and Snails to be her muscle from Diamond; it not only serves as a nice explanation for what those two are doing around her in the movie, but gives us a pretty good grip on just how things are run around here. You never quite push it into "so that's why she's like that" territory, mind (you save that duty for another, subtler element we'll get to later); like I say, this doesn't yet seem like a story meant to soften Diamond to make us appreciate her more, but rather help us to make sense of who she is already, and you can tell by the way she bristles at having to cow-tow to Sunset's demands that Diamond was already behaving in much the same fashion before the older bully came along to disrupt things.

Which is part of what makes your ability to have Diamond so quickly try to assert herself into her "proper" place once Silver gives her the opportunity so effective. Your Diamond is a really fascinating animal thus far, and your prose and dialogue both do excellent work at defining who she is and how she thinks in very compelling fashion. It's a strength of yours I bring up often, your grasp on Character Voice, and the nature of the character in this case makes it all the more indispensable. This is especially true when it comes to your grounding Diamond's behavior in a coherent world view; the many little hints and touches you put into the prose to demonstrate the ways in which her upbringing have informed her personality and actions are nicely played and wonderfully organic to the flow of the story, especially because Diamond herself is rarely anything other than entirely casual about it (the way that she immediately identifies Silver, not by who Silver herself is, but by who her father is, was an especially striking moment to me). This isn't some all-powerful Force that she weighs with each and every action and thought; her affluence and state of living are so ingrained to her at this point that they're really just a part of her daily business, not worth really considering or thinking over. "So that's why she's like that", in other words, becomes less a matter of simple "Event A led to Behavior B", and instead acts as an underlying element, not fully visible but clearly present even so: she knows, beyond any shadow of a doubt, How Things Are, an order as natural to the world as breathing or the Sun, End of Story. It gives Diamond a believable psychological profile that fits the character as we already know her perfectly.

Equally intriguing is your Silver Spoon. We're not given quite the same insight into her perspective here as we are Diamond's, but we get a pretty keen look at her even so, and it's intriguing to me the compare-and-contrast going on here. It's pretty clear that while she shares some of Diamond's beliefs, she doesn't necessarily share her overpowering conviction, and the little moments where we see a gentler, more doubtful side to Silver surface are some of the most potent of the chapter. I especially love that moment when Silver admits why she never visited Diamond before even though they're technically neighbors, only cutting herself off when it comes time to genuinely admit how she felt. It makes for a very interesting dynamic between the two characters; both are trying to size each other up, and I get the sense both value the other's approval at a certain level (though in different ways and for different reasons; Diamond pretty clearly likes having someone around who can validate her sense of self-superiority, whereas Silver is more interested in having someone who wants to keep her around), so even as they're forming a companionship here, there's a certain air of tension to the whole thing even so.

I think the thing I'm most fascinated by, overall, is how you're willing to treat characters we're normally used to seeing as protagonists. The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Twist, even Twilight to an extent...you show us how they look to Diamond without flinching, and even as it can be a little saddening at times (even as we get how Twist "earned" Silver's rebuttal, it's hard not to feel badly for her attempt to stand up to someone who commands a lot more power than she does, whether that someone is fully aware of it or not, go so poorly for her), you sell it fully with the strength of the perspective you've already given us into Diamond and Silver's viewpoints and with the strength of conviction in your writing. You can actually buy into the notion that the Cutie Mark Crusaders' antics, usually viewed as endearing despite its hopelessness, could all too easily translate into something genuinely annoying and off-putting for others, or show the way in which Twist, right though she may be to get indignant, has nonetheless crucially misjudged Silver Spoon because of the airs Silver puts on. There's no obvious "tell" here to let us know who's "really" right or wrong as most other stories of this type would most likely include, no wink or nudge to the audience to let us know everything's OK.

Which is what sells this whole story thus far, honestly. You're playing around with subtleties and nuances that most writers don't usually consider when it comes to this duo, attempting to flesh them out in a way I really haven't seen before. It's yet another in a long line of highly-successful attempts to play some very interesting games with the tools "Equestria Girls" gave us, and thus far it's one I'm very excited to see as it continues to expand and unfold. :D


:rainbowlaugh: This is why i like having you around, dude. You've pretty much decoded everything I've been going for here. All that's left for you is to sit back and watch the happy drama unfold.

I'm glad you noticed and liked the conflict between Diamond and Sunset. A shame I can't take credit for it -- this is entirely due to my editor. She has this amazing way of looking at a story I give her, then pointing to some random place on it and going,"hey, did you know there's an even better story hiding here?" And then I go "zomg you're right" and then stuff like this happens. It has never not happened. You'll see it happen again in next week's Trixie fic. It's getting kind of scary actually

As for the rest, yeah, I'm doing a whole lot of experimenting. Unfortunately, since it's the Adorabullies (and human ones at that), it's not going to have as much of an audience as a Rainbow Dash shipfic or something, but there's no way I'm not going to finish this. If I actually manage to pull off what I'm trying to pull off with these two, it's going to be one of the best mad science character experiments I've ever performed. :pinkiehappy: See you when I do.

As usual, much thanks for the review.

4439175 Hey, always happy to be of service. <3

And hey, kudos to your editor for the call, it was a good one! All due credit to them, but I do still feel like extending you the credit for executing it so efficiently; you have a very good, particular style for handling strong relationship dynamics, friendly or otherwise, and it shines through pretty clearly in the Diamond/Sunset scene, at least to me. Still, nice t'know you have an editor as awesome as you are helping you out. :D

...also, a TRixie story? Next week? I AM EXCITE. 8D Heck, I don't think you've done a Trixie 'fic since "Infinity Climax Unicorn" (or "Trixie vs. The Gala", if we don't feel like counting Bayonetta-flavoring in there x3; ), have you? Can't wait. ^3^

Good on you for that, too. I really do appreciate what a unique perspective and proposition this whole story is; not just an "Equestria Girls" 'fic, not just a Diamond/Silver 'fic, but one that wants to treat both those things honestly and respectfully rather than necessarily try to subvert or "fix" them the way others might. It's a bold move, but it's oh-so-Bookish when you stop to think about it, and I rather love it for that. ^_^

As usual, much thanks for the story. :heart:

So whens the next chapter plan to come out. I don't know why, but I l

Awsome story. When's the next chapter coming out? I wouldn't mind pre-reading if it helped. I don't know why, but I love DiamondxSilver stories

"But you do know NorthTech'th taking over thith city bit by bit, right?"

Hel-lo... :trixieshiftright:

"The feel of Queen Sunset's lovely fist against my cheek is something I've dreamed about for ages-"

What's this, Bookish? Projection? :trollestia:

Interesting backstory for the town. Do the Apples still count as the town's founders all those years ago?

Also, I revise the pic from the other comment I made:

"But you do know NorthTech'th taking over thith city bit by bit, right?"



Since EQG takes place in Canterlot, the Apples (at least in my mind) play a slightly different historical role this time around. They're still old-school, but things have been shuffled a bit. I might be able to work it in, but we'll see.

5980582 I see! Looking forward to see what the difference is :)

a phone with a prominent picture of an apple as its wallpaper, and a stylized star engraved on the back.

Well that's an interesting switch.

"Baby singing coming from a bunch of babies who don't know when to stop squealing like their mommies abandoned them!"

"Yeah, you'd know all about that, huh," Scootaloo muttered under her breath.

Ouch, low blow Scoots, low blow.

This was really 2014? Feels like it was 2013. My, I must live in a hyperbolic time chamber or something. Everything seems older than they really are. xD

When more chapters? We need more SilverTiara romance fics Q_Q TT-TT


Where's the rest?

Where's the rest?!


Let me check when this was last updated, or published I guess...............


And yet I will still add this to tracking.


but there's no way I'm not going to finish this.


I went and found this after that last SS/DT fic prompted me to see if you'd ever done anything else with them, and as I sit here in an airport waiting lounge picking low-hanging fruit off of my read list, I've gotta say, it still holds up. Don't think I've seen anything else use EG1 as a background element to someone else's story, and it makes for a cool setup.

So 'NorthTech' needs us even more than we need them.

Except Silver, given that they're probably your biggest customer, you most definitely need them to keep afloat, and you certainly can't cut the off without hitting significant legal consequences (probably). And NorthStar is looking for new suppliers last I heard (in another story)...

Lovely story, hoping for an update soon :)

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