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When a pair of Federation mobile suits appear in Equestria by accident - all their pilots can hope to do is figure out a way to regroup with any and all allied forces in this completely alien land. What they didn't expect - or at least they were hoping to avoid - was the attention from the ponies, dragons, and other wide varieties of creatures all around them.

It's more of a hassle than they'd like to admit.

Edit: Somehow made it on Featured. H O W

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I guess I should explain. I became the most powerful psychic type Pokémon in the world after buying something for my costume. But when I arrived in my Equestria, ponies were technologically advanced with the earth ponies getting steam powered, pegasi getting wind powered and unicorns getting magic gems powered. But noble ponies have electric powered tech, apparently not even the princesses know about this but then the nobles tried to catch me like they captured pokémon here, with cages, not pokéballs and that frustrated me! Now, here I stand, with my artificial nation, waiting to strike back against Equestria! Come Princesses and Elements! TEST MY STRENGTH!!!!

(Pokémon and My Little Pony isn't mine but if it was, I would be hiring people to help me with story ideas)

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Long ago, the nations of Equus were attacked by a vicious race known as humans, who hailed from a previously undiscovered island nation. The war against this species was horrific and costly, but the peoples of Equus were able to defeat these invaders, inevitably resulting in their complete and total enslavement.

However, when Equestria discovers proof that the humans came from a world all their own, they are horrified to learn humanity could still be a threat.

Fearing another invasion, the nations of Equus decide to make a preemptive strike on this new world, known as Earth by its people, seeking to take control of both this planet and its inhabitants. However, what they fail to realize, is that the humans of this world might not be the monsters they think them to be.

Finding themselves faced with an unknown enemy, the world humanity knew suddenly flipped on its head. With the threat of enslavement looming over them, the world will have no choice but to take up arms and come together as one as they fight to defend their home and way of life.

Cover art by Uz Naimat.

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Long ago, before Nightmare Moon, the long forgotten Human Kingdoms made their last stand against the united armies of Equestria and the Griffons. Decades of warfare had led to this point, where three great armies would clash and the future of an entire species forgotten to time would be decided that day. Twilight would learn this shocking secret in a long forgotten book in Canterlot library, her discovery would shed some light onto Equestria’s dark past, and the past of its rulers.

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When Twilight Sparkle was just a kid, her best friend was a girl named Sunset Shimmer. Though their friendship had a bit of a rocky start, they quickly became inseparable, no matter how much everyone thought of them as ‘weird’. They were there for each other.


Years after the tragic accident that tore them apart, Twilight is determined to move on from her loss, and she sets off on an independent research project to investigate the strange happenings at Canterlot High. Little does she know that she will soon come face to face with what appears to be a literal ghost from her past.

Coverart by Kare-Valgon. Chapter illustrations by Zorbitas.

Edited and Pre-read by Dubs Rewatcher, r5h, and Kalan.

Takes place after Rainbow Rocks, but was written before Friendship Games and does not take it into account.

Chinese translation

Print copies now available.

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Yes, the black and white pegasus who steps out of the glowing mirror seems very nice, but Pinkie's twitches tell her that this is her evil twin. And when Pinkie makes her own journey through the mirror to meet even more Pinkies and even more Pies, well, that just means more fun! Doesn't it?

I've been haphazardly planning this since March 12, 2011, the day my story "Pinkie Pie's Evil Twin" went up on Equestria Daily. A year and a half later, a little rewriting has turned it into the first chapter here, and the rest will follow in due course. Twelve chapters, maybe? I guess we'll all find out together!

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This story is a sequel to The Twilight Enigma

With the queen of Twilight Town present, the Storm King's invasion of Canterlot goes badly for his commander and minions. Not satisfied with a mere victory, Captain Blackmane and her friends go on the hunt. Twilight is determined to find the Storm King and make sure he will never be able to harm anyone ever again. It's obviously a mission of reasonable prevention, not murderous revenge. Obviously... Right?

Book 4 of the Alicorn Adventure series.
Sequel to The Twilight Enigma and prequel to The Skyla Pseudonym.

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Have you ever just been having a regular day, then suddenly, BAM, you're dead? Well, no, of course you haven't. But what do you expect to happen after you die? If the answer was getting shoved into an overly pink copy of a pony princess, you'd be lying. Worse yet, she made me an alicorn just like her, which causes a whole new set of problems.

Unfortunately, she was adamant that I stay and become her twin sister. I ditched her immediately in my bumbling confusion and fear, and who could blame me? The last thing on my mind was being here! Ponies, princesses, and twin sisters? What kind of fantasy story was that? I was on the run, hiding from guard patrols, and fighting for my next meal. However, my own hubris caught up to me in the end, and her super powerful mother, Cadance, found me and made me see how stupid I was being. And Cadance, is an absolutely crazy powerful pony, with an even more powerful maternal instinct. So when it came down to her word against mine, she was really hard to convince, and she wasn't taking no for an answer.

(AKA, Super wholesome, fluffy, found family. And me having fun tugging on heartstrings.)
(Cover image by: me)

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Every generation the bravest breezies leave their home and travel through a much more hazardous and hostile world, all for the sake of pollen. How could a bunch of yellow dust possibly be worth it?

The answer is a story that every breezie should know. One that Seabreeze teaches his daughter the night before he leaves for Equestria.

Winner of the World-Building Association's April 2015 writing contest. Prompt: "Fairy Tale."

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Congratulations on choosing this, the first edition of A Brief History of Equestria!

For far to long, the vitally important role of educating our foals of the history of our nation has been delegated to Folk Lore and word of mouth, while the realities of the past have been documented, stored and educated only to the elite. It is therefore the intent of myself, the Royal Historical Society, and the Royal Ministry of Education to provide the common pony with access to a document that offers as full a history of Equestria as can be practically provided, which is the tome you now hold in your hooves.

Keep in mind that no single book cannot replace a properly structured and scheduled classroom on the subject, and while an Encyclopedia format would give a much more comprehensive narrative, the copious amounts of information would render the exercise counter-productive. As such, this book can only give what amounts to a summary of an abridged version at best. It is my hope that everypony who reads this gains an insatiable thirst for more. Hopefully with further editions, more knowledge can be included, along with a collection of tie-in texts that focus more closely on specific areas of interest.

-Twilight Sparkle, M.B.A., on behalf of the Royal Ministry of Education.

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