• Published 1st May 2012
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A Brief History of Equestria - K9Thefirst1

A look at how Equestria formed from the Tribal States to the Unitary Diarchy State of today.

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Biographies of the Founders

Biographies of the Founders

With the passage of time, the truth about significant events, and the ponies who made them, may be exaggerated, and sometimes flat out changed to make the story more interesting to the speaker and her audience. This has been the case with all of the founders to some extent or another, some more than others.

For example, if the historical Princess Platinum could see the selfish mare-foal she is remembered as, she would quietly mourn the piece of her soul that died. The historical Private Pansy would be hard-pressed to restrain her urge to strangle the timid leaf she is portrayed as on stage. And the real Commander Hurricane might look at his own pop-culture shadow and claim to fancy her for an evening.

So for the sake of giving at least a slight reminder of the real ponies that founded Equestria, the following chapters will give short biographies of each of the six ponies who lead the three tribes to uniting into our fair nation, and offer a look into the Tribes as they were in their final years up until the unification into Equestria, and the events that shaped these critical ponies' lives.