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Every generation the bravest breezies leave their home and travel through a much more hazardous and hostile world, all for the sake of pollen. How could a bunch of yellow dust possibly be worth it?

The answer is a story that every breezie should know. One that Seabreeze teaches his daughter the night before he leaves for Equestria.

Winner of the World-Building Association's April 2015 writing contest. Prompt: "Fairy Tale."

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Depending on the credibility of this story, seeing as its a real event that is apparently essential to risk loving members I find it likely that it is true. This makes the breezies the defenders of the entire everything. I approve of this.

Woah, now this is some head canon i can work with

"It is truly a special flower, my darling. When you sacrifice it, you add three mana of any one color to your mana pool."

"Breezies: Defenders of the Entire Everything"
That'd look really cool on a T-shirt.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

I went with the most special and magical flower I could think of. (And you can't use the ability if it stays tapped!)

Aww, that was nice. I like the bit where "every generation" to the breezies seems to correspond with "every year" to the ponies, which means "months" of training is pretty serious preparedness. Unless I'm remembering the episode wrong and it wasn't a yearly occurrence.

I'm curious why Equestria was created by a tree though. Wasn't it built by someone's Alicorn OC instead? (Or maybe a satanic pact, it's hard to keep these things straight).

Hmm. I'm not sure how much this is doing for me as a story, but the headcanon here is definitely tickling my brain, and I appreciate that fresh look into Equestria. :twilightsmile: Rare for "it was all a dream" to have any gravitas as it does here.

This is why I liked "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies". The Multiverse became pony-canon, more or less. As such, the breezies offer the ultimate outsider's perspective.

There's no indication of annual frequency in the transcripts, but breezies probably do have shorter lifespans than ponies, even when not being menaced by bees and acorns.

As for the tree, you may be familiar with it.

Oh right, THAT tree. That makes sense.

Good filly

You could just say "girl."

Wanderer D

And really, with the help of the ponies, what could go wrong?

Famous last words

I now accept this as head canon. I love it. and I could easily see this happening. and dude, you have a way with imagery. damn.

This was a sweet little story. It's weird enough with the sapient plant gods to tick the fantasy box, but still makes sense enough to be intriguing to follow. Easily the best thing about it, at least for me, is the narrative voice of Seabreeze. I can practically see the way he gestures and expresses himself as I read along. Well done! :ajsmug:

Also, "it's a special flower" was funny. That's Seabreeze's story, and he's sticking to it!

This was not only adorable, but easily one of the best "the world is a dream of the gods" stories I've come across. I particularly liked the idea of connected dreams. It does land an even more apocalyptic air to Discord's plunder seeds, though.

If the Tree of Harmony is Yggdrasil, then the plundervines are a vegetable Nidhogg. If they did succeed in killing it, the end of the world probably would've followed whether or not it was dreaming the world.

In any case, thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Came from your blog! Was hoping for a good story and wasn't disappointed! :pinkiesmile:


"Talwind" -> "Tailwind"?

Argh. And in the first line even. Thanks for the catch.

I hope that was a good explosion.


If I was complaining about the lack of quality, it would have been obvious. But I wasn't. This was great. A WINNER IS YOU.

5904104 Unless it's in a My Little Pony fanfiction...

You know, I really wonder why I haven't read this earlier. I absolutely love the way this story was told, and the style of writing was magnificently handled. Nice job.

Huh. I never came back and did the favoriting+commenting thing after judging was over. Weird.

In any event, this story was absolutely fantastic. I would say it was easily the winner, but man, Norse put up a good fight.

Anyone else came here from the reviews post?

What a lovely wee creation myth. The Seattle's Angels recommendation was more than deserved.

An interesting little tale. Quite likely, though, the Breezies simply wanted big flowers, 'cause the ones from home are so little.

This is a nice world-building creation myth/legend. I love seeing well-written stories with Sea Breeze too.

Winner of the World-Building Association's April 2015 writing contest. Prompt: "Fairy Tale."

Do you know where I can find the runners up?

That was nice. If I was planning on sleeping tonight, this would be a great way to end the day.

Certainly one of the more satisfying Breezies tales I've read, and I particularly enjoyed your world-building.

6070227 And then in this scenario we must ask ourselves, "What is Discord?" Is he something from the Outside that infiltrated the dream?

Anyway, anime has made it clear that Nidhogg is related to a dragon maid. :trollestia:

This reminds me of a certain XKCD comic...

Oh, very nice. :)

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