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Grogar’s master plan is coming to full fruition as the time of vengeance and Armageddon is nigh upon Equestria. However, he needs to eliminate loose ends first before he can accomplish his goal. His scheming minions Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow are trying to backstab him with a plot of their own. Fortunately for him, he has a mysterious friend who has been collaborating with him not too long ago. Is there something more to Grogar’s plan than meets the eye? Who is this ally that Grogar allied himself with? What does he intend to do with his would-be traitors? Will this ally of his grant him an army so powerful that all of Equestria will tremble before them? Join him as he unfolds his ultimate power and true colors.

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This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: Chaos

Anon-A-Miss have exacted their revenge, but as the smoke clears it becomes apparent that Sunset Shimmer isn't the only one affected...

Third and final book of Anon-A-Miss in the Anon-A-Miss Saga.

The Main 7 tag is up for simplicity, as Sci-Twi does not appear in this story.

Part of "Not Just Any Old Continuity", which includes
Not Just Any Old Trilogy
The Crystal Prep Chronicles
TimberTwi Tales

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Thorax has been on his own for a few months. Those months have been hard for him, the creatures that he could become friends with, the only thing he ever wanted since he hatched, were running away from him or attacking him because of his species reputation but, everything was better for him than his crazy queen Chrysalis and the other changelings who are as much crazy as her.

Everything finally changes when he comes across a man by the name of Dutch Van der Linde who offers him a place in his gang and because of it Thorax finally gets what he wanted for his whole life, a friend, and people who he can call his family.

However, as the time passes, his new family begins to fall apart...

A crossover story between Red Dead Redemption 2 and MLP:FiM.
Contains spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2 (as if it wasn't obvious enough)
(I suck at summaries)

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After the slumber party at Rarity's, the humane 5 are shocked to discover that the pictures that were taken during the slumber party have been posted on Anon-A-Miss's page for the whole school to see. pictures that were taken using Sunset's phone.

Naturally the girls assumed that Sunset was Anon-A-Miss and when she didn't show up at School it further proved her guilt. But when they visited her apartment using the spare key Sunset gave Rainbow Dash in case of an emergency, they discover a very ill Sunset resting on her bed.

Pushing their anger aside to aid their sick friend the girls soon discover that Sunset is not Anon-A-Miss as whoever it is made a post while they were watching Sunset.

Now as they figure out who Anon-A-Miss could be, Sunset's fever continues to get worse and when her body starts flashing red, they realize that whatever Sunset has is beyond their world's ability to treat.

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This story is a sequel to History Lesson

New chapters added as I can. Apologies for the inconsistency.

History Lesson is strongly recommended as prior reading.
(Spoilers for History Lesson.)

When Starlight Glimmer sabotaged the first Rainboom, she inadvertently created eight broken worlds. In this the eighth world, Chrysalis, Sombra, and a resistance led by the new Element bearers wage war against one another for control of Equestria. Princess Twilight Sparkle has tasked Starlight with restoring harmony, hope, and love to this version of Equestria; but with so much war, death, and destruction, can life ever return to the way it was supposed to be?

History Reimagined follows the path of a hypothetical eighth fallen timeline not depicted in Friendship is Magic.

Non-Con tag for implied acts only. Sex tag for discussed acts. Gore and violence tags for mild gore and fantasy violence.

Cover art credit: Chrysalis vector by TwilightSpark2112 (wings edited to be transparent). Starlight vector by Uponia (body) and LolliponyBrony (head; edited to change facial expression). Sombra vector by 90Sigma.

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My name is Wallflower Blush. When the Dazzlings arrived at Canterlot High School, little did I know that they would set into motion a series of events that led to the distinct possibility that my band, Wallflower and the Galloping Gala Band, could win the Battle of the Bands and claim eternal bragging rights and high school immortality.

Of course, our first obstacle on our path to greatness would have to be Twilight Sparkle and the Rainbooms.

This story also features Beauty Brass, Frederick Horseshoepin, and Parish Nandermane as main characters.

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[Co-written by Onyx Archer]

The Memory Stone is gone, and Sunset Shimmer’s friends have regained their lost memories... but her own memory has not returned.

Faced with the reality that her friends would lose their memories of one another, Sunset Shimmer dove in front of the magic shot forth from the Memory Stone, and watched as her memories of her closest friends left her bit by bit. In the end, this act allowed her friends to come out on top, and regain what Wallflower had taken from them in her quest for revenge.

With the memory stone destroyed, the question now is how to restore her memories. After all, who was she without the memories of the events that had defined her? Could she still be the same Sunset Shimmer that her friends remembered, or is that Sunset Shimmer gone forever?

Twilight Sparkle of Equestria certainly doesn’t want to lose a dear friend. But, perhaps, some things really are forever; some things once done cannot be undone.

Digital pdf version here

Featured on 2/18/18!
Coverart by overlordneon

Chapters (12)

After one-night Sunset's memory is erased completely. After not going to school for over a week, everyone is worried. Her friends need to try and do whatever they can to help her... but will they have time before it is too late? And wasn't the memory stone broken too right? (Story set after the Forgotten Friendship)

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Inspired from the Equestria Girls Short: Best Trend Ever: Choose Your Ending, I've decided to make my own.
Rarity forgot to bring her latest trend, and feels stumped. Seeing Wallflower with her plants gives her an idea that plant life is the new trend. However, Wallflower, who is still getting used to being around people ends up with more attention than she can face. Luckily she ends up getting help from three friends.

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Sunset Shimmer has faced many demons, both mental and literal. She’s forgiven herself to the path of friendship and has taught others the same like her teachers Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight Sparkle. Sunset has it all but one question has remained in the back of her head since the Memory Stone incident. A deep and nagging question that she’s never considered before until now.

Is the other me in this world still as bad as I was before I accepted friendship?

As Sunset struggles to find the answers, other events have started to play out as the decade awaited Tournament of Champions has arrived. As the four schools of the Canterlot City School District prepare for the upcoming spectacles, Sunset finds the most unexpected volunteer in the Tournament: herself.

With the help of her human and Equestrian friends, Sunset competes in the Tournament in order to meet her human self but at what cost? Can Sunset and her allies compete against the best of the best in the city?

Alliances will be forged, friendships will be tested, relationships will be changed forever, and magic will be changed forever.

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