• Published 14th Oct 2019
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The Union of Evil - TheClownPrinceofCrime

Grogar has a powerful ally who helps him accomplish his goal of conquest and destroy Equestria together.

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Corruption Begins

As the storm ceased its rage, the clouds dissipated along with the ceasing of the lightning and thunder. A full night has passed during the violent storm. Celesta’s sun finally started to rise in the horizon, indicating the beginning of a new day.

In the Everfree Forest, all the animals began to roam around the woods as they start off their day. A couple of chipmunks were playing with each other, sprinting from log to log. Suddenly, their peace was interrupted.

As the critters looked up, they saw three creatures standing before them. One was a middle-aged centaur, the other a changeling, and the third a young pegasus filly. Filled with natural fear, they crawled away from the larger figures. The trio looked around to see if anypony was around.

Once they made sure they were alone, they started to converse about their plan.

“This is going to be soooo much fun! Are you guys excited about this?!” Cozy said voicing her excitement of spreading chaos.

“Indeed,” Chrysalis concurred. “So far, we are one step ahead of every pony. We need to make sure our plan goes perfectly. I will deal with the unicorns. You saw how easy it was for me to manipulate them. They might have recovered from my deception, but, even so, I can trick them again!”

“Are ponies actually that dumb? It’s like they’ll believe anything!” Tirek said. “This is exactly why we take advantage of their lack of intelligence just like how I easily tricked Discord into helping me absorb the magic of his ‘friends’. It’s really laughable.”

“Too bad Twilight and her friends won’t realize what will happen until it’s too late!” Cozy boasted.

“Yes! I can already imagine the look of fear in her eyes when she witnesses the destruction of the magic of friendship and everything she holds dear! And then after we deal with her and her friends, I’ll have my personal score settled with Starlight Glimmer!!” Chrysalis growled.

“Then no time to waste! Cozy and I will handle both the earth ponies and the pegasi.” Tirek suggested.

“Yep! Just like last time during that sun holiday.” Cozy eagerly replied. “This is going to be sweet.”

“Definitely. Let’s split up! We will rendezvous back in Grogar’s lair.” Chrysalis said.

The trio then separated and dispersed into the various parts of Equestria. But unbeknownst to them, they were spied by a dark bird-like creature with glowing yellow eyes eavesdropping on their plan. It flew after them to see what they’ll do.

Chrysalis wandered toward Canterlot for about thirty minutes until she arrived. Disguising herself as Crackle Cosette, she entered into the city, looking for an opportunity to sow seeds of distrust. It didn’t take long enough for her. She saw Fancy Pants trotting with a few of his friends down the road toward the palace. She smiled wickedly, knowing what to do.

“Greetings, sir! Would you mind if I have a word with you?” she asked him. Fancy Pants looked behind him and noticed the green unicorn running toward him.

“I apologize, but I am quite busy at the moment. Princess Celestia and I have an official meeting in her palace today, and I must not be late.” he replied.

“But it is something in regards to the earth ponies, sir!” She pleaded. She needed to be persistent if the plan was to fully succeed.

Fancy Pants thought for a moment, then answered with a sigh, “Very well. If it is something urgent, I presume. And you are...?”

She replied, “Oh yes, forgive my lack of manners. I’m Crackle Cosette, a photographer. I’m here to inform you of the plot the earth ponies are making about stealing all the wealth and bits of Canterlot. They think that they are better than we unicorns are!”

“What?! Where did you hear of this?” he demanded angrily.

“I overheard their conversation. They clearly don’t like the way we live and function here. They always have a prejudice against unicorns. It would be best if you keep all your belongings to yourself then risk encountering those jealous earth ponies.” she suggested.

“Well most definitely, I will! I knew those earth ponies couldn’t be trusted! Thank you for this, Ms. Cosette. We unicorns must stick together.” he said.

He then resumed his travel to the palace. Once she saw Fancy Pants and his friends rudely ignoring and dissing the few earth ponies they walked past, she evilly chuckled to herself. Things were going according to plan.

Tirek traveled to the fields that various earth ponies tended. He had to keep a low profile. Cozy Glow was with him. Once they hid behind the doors of a barn, they briefly discussed their plan.

“This is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to cause so much damage!” Cozy squealed in excitement with an evil-looking expression.

“You already said that the last hundred times, Cozy. And keep quiet! You don’t want us to get caught.” Tirek told her.

“Sorry, I get too excited sometimes. Anyway, you know what to do. We’ll get both the earth ponies and the pegasi.” Cozy reminded.

“Of course...this will be pleasant.” he said, smiling. Tirek made sure that nopony was around before he made his way to the large crops of corn.

Once he was in the right position, he activated his horns and sent a blast to the corns, igniting them on fire. The blaze slowly spread toward every crop in its path, nothing stopping it. Tirek proudly beheld his work. Eventually, the entire field was engulfed in an inferno.

All the farmers noticed the fire being spread throughout the field. They quickly grabbed buckets of water to help extinguish the flames. It took about a few hours until the fire was quenched. But the unfortunate event was seen. All the ears of corn were burnt to ashes.

“How did this happen?! We’ve been working months in the fields and now all our corn is gone!!” complained one of the farmers.

“Something or somepony must have caused this. But who would do such a thing?” asked another.

Cozy flew over their heads. “I know exactly who did this! I’m very sure of it!” she said.

The farmers, puzzled, asked, “Who are you?” She flew down to their level to make eye-contact with them.

“I’m just somepony who overheard the nasty conversations of some of the pegasi. I’ve heard them say that they were planning to burn your crops because they thought it would be fun! Can you believe just how heartless and disrespectful some of those ponies are?” she lied. The farmers looked at one another with surprised looks on their faces.

“Seriously?! They think it’s funny to ruin some hard-working pony’s life by doing all this?!” one of them angrily shouted.

“I can’t believe it! Pegasi are just no-good trouble makers!” another yelled.

“Thank you, little filly, for telling us. We need to stay away from the pegasi and make sure they don’t come to us!” the other farmer said. They all nodded and went their way back to the barn to clean up the mess that was made. Cozy turned around and winked at Tirek who was hiding in the bushes.

“Nice work back there. This actually confirms my statement earlier that these ponies are indeed dumb. They don’t even realize what’s actually going on.” Tirek said before looking back at the barn. “I am really tempted to absorb their magic. Ohh, I love to taste their energy!” he said, licking his lips.

“Now, now, Tirek. You will have your fun when we conquer Equestria. Remember, first things first.” Cozy reminded.

With a disappointed and impatient look, Tirek said, “Ughh, fine. Earth pony magic is my favorite flavor. That’s all.”

Both of them quietly went away from the perimeters of the barn. Yet, none of them noticed the same creature viewing them from a large tree. It flew again after them to see what they will do next.

Cozy flew in the air for about half an hour with Tirek following behind. Soon, they spotted a pegasus near a tree reading a book. Tirek hid behind the bushes while Cozy walked up to the male pegasus. She tapped him on his shoulder to get his attention.

“Golly, good sir! I desperately need your help!” She had fake tears on her eyes and started to cry.

The pegasus immediately put his book down, “What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” he asked, concerned.

“There were several unicorns who were picking on me because I am a pegasus filly. They said that pegasi are weak and pathetic.” said Cozy, still crying.

“They did?! How could they?! No pony should ever go through that! I’m so sorry that happened to you. Is there anything I can do to help?” he asked, now full of anger and compassion.

“Oh, I just need at least the pegasi to be aware of what the unicorns are up to. They could hurt us or bully us!” Cozy replied with the look of worry.

“Don’t worry, little one. We pegasi must stay together. I need to alert all Cloudsdale about this. Stay close to your loved ones. The unicorns must not be near us!” With that, the pegasus flew away.

With a sinister smirk, she muttered, “You poor fool, if only you knew what is truly up. And who cares about family anyways?”

Tirek and Cozy then departed on their way. Thus, the treacherous trio have been working together for the corruption of the ponies of Equestria to betray each other and turn on each other. Very soon, the Magic of Friendship will vanish so the Legion of Doom would be able to defeat their enemies...or will they? The winged creature saw their work and quickly flew back to report to its master.

Author's Note:

I hope you all enjoyed reading this. Stay tuned for the next chapter! :twilightsmile: