• Published 22nd Oct 2018
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Terminal Chaos - Eternal Sunset

After the photos from the slumber party at Rarity's have been posted on Anon-A-Miss blog, the Rainbooms go to Sunset's apartment to confront her, but when they arrived they didn't count on finding her sick in bed.

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The Rainbooms were all gathered around Sunset's locker. However, unlike the previous times they waited for their friend, they were not engaged in any of their usual lively conversations. Normally, Pinkie Pie would be speaking loudly and cheerfully about new party ideas or a crazy dream she had, but the pink chatterbox was oddly silent, wearing a sour expression that looked out of place on her. Applejack and Rainbow Dash also looked particularly angry while the others wore dejected looks.

Several students glanced at the Rainbooms, laughing at their expense because of the embarrassing pictures. Applejack lowered her hat to cover her eyes while Rainbow Dash just growled in frustration. Fluttershy whimpered as she hid behind her hair while Pinkie Pie looked dejected. Finally, Rarity simply closed her eyes and took deep breaths.

The thing that upset them so much? It was Anon-A-Miss. The last time the troll had posted something, Applejack’s childhood nickname was revealed to the whole school. Soon she was being teased, with kids oinking at her because of ‘Piggly-Wiggly’. It was just embarrassing. But this time, Anon-A-Miss had posted pictures from the girls’ last sleepover at Rarity’s, and they were pictures that only Sunset could’ve taken, making her their prime suspect. They all felt betrayed by the girl they had taken in as their friend. Now, thanks to her, they were the school’s laughing stock.

"I can't believe she would do this to us," Rainbow Dash growled as she clenched her fists in anger.

"After what we've been through, I honestly thought she had changed," Rarity spoke, ashamed and disappointed in Sunset Shimmer.

"She really was a no good snake through and through," Applejack said bitterly through gritted teeth.

"Why, Sunset?" Fluttershy whispered but her friends managed to hear her. They waited for Sunset to show up, but as the minutes ticked by until the starting bell rang, Sunset still hadn't shown up.

"That's odd. It's so unlike Sunset to simply be late for school," Rarity pondered. Sunset Shimmer always had a perfect attendance record.

"That's probably because she knows we're on to her now," Rainbow Dash angrily pointed out. "She knew that as soon as the photos of the slumber party got posted on Anon-A-Miss that we'd know she was responsible!"

"She's as guilty as a fox caught in the hen house," Applejack agreed with Rainbow.

"We better head to class, no use in waiting around for a no-show." Rarity said with a sad sigh as she and her friends headed towards their morning class. The girls went through the day enduring mockery from their classmates who gleefully laughed at them. It was like they had completely forgotten that the group of girls had saved them twice now.

Sunset still did not turn up for any of her classes, and the girls should know as they shared quite a few of them with the fiery-haired Equestrian. Finally, the lunch bell rang and the students filed out of their classrooms and towards the cafeteria. The Rainbooms gathered at their usual table, the five girls wearing expressions of anger, annoyance or misery.

"When I get my hands on that traitor, I'll make her regret for ever posting those photos," Rainbow threatened as she bawled her fists on the table.

"Now, Rainbow darling, there's no need stoop to Sunset's level," Rarity said as she lay a comforting hand on Rainbow Dash's shoulder.

"But we can't just let her get away with this!" Rainbow shouted.

"Well she ain't answering her phone," Applejack said as she tried to call Sunset, only to be switched to voicemail. The texts she sent also went unanswered. " Yah reckon we should visit her place?"

"She probably already left and went back to her world," Rainbow Dash commented while crossing her arms. "I bet she has Twilight fooled too."

"Only one way to find out." Applejack said and the girls agreed to confront Sunset Shimmer at her apartment after school let out for the day.

The remainder of their school days was filled with the usual ridicule, but the girls soldiered on and managed to make it until the final bell. Applejack put her textbooks away in her locker, taking only the ones she would need for homework. A few students passed by whispered about ‘piggly-wiggly’ and she could only sigh.

"Hey, Applejack," Applebloom greeted her older sister. "Yah ready to go home?"

"Hey, Applebloom. Sorry, but ah won't be joining yah or Mac," Applejack says as she closes her locker and puts on her backpack.

"What?! but why not?!" Applebloom asked in surprise.

"The girls an' ah need to head over to Sunset's place," Applejack explained. "Tell Granny I'll be home late."

Applebloom watched her sister head to the exit as a frown formed on her face. She took out her phone to make a call.

"Hello?" Sweetie Belle answered from the other end.

"Sweetie Belle, we got a problem," Applebloom informed her.

"Did something happen?" Sweetie Belle asked worriedly.

"It's what didn't happen," Applebloom said in frustration and she told Sweetie Belle what Applejack had told her.

"What are we gonna do?" Sweetie Belle asked, concerned that their plan was falling apart.

"We're just going to have post somethin' that'll really rile them up," Applebloom stated. It was all for a good cause, at least that was what she kept telling herself.

The Rainbooms made their way towards Sunset's apartment, with different scenarios going through their minds as they approached the apartment complex.

Would they find Sunset at her apartment?

Would they catch her as she was in the middle of packing up all her things?

Applejack had a scowl on her face ever since they left the school and it seemed to deepen the closer they got to Sunset's apartment building.

'How could she do this to us, to me!' Applejack thought bitterly. 'We were gettin' along great. Heck, ah said she was family! Why Sunset?'

Rainbow Dash wanted to get to Sunset's apartment as quickly as she could, but was forced to keep pace with her friends.

'They're so slow. I could've been there by now!' Rainbow Dash shouted internally before shaking her head. 'No, I shouldn't be upset with them. Sunset's the one who betrayed us!'

Rainbow Dash couldn't understand why Sunset would betray them. All those times they hung out together, their late night video game sessions. Besides Applejack, Sunset actually gave Rainbow some decent competition in sports and with Sunset's ability to quickly adapt to any situation, Rainbow Dash was pleasantly surprised that Sunset had quickly become someone she was proud to call her rival, her best friend and possibly something more.

The Rainbooms had finally reached Sunset's apartment and after walking up the stairs to Sunset's floor, they found her door where Applejack immediately proceeds to furiously pound on it.

"Sunset! Sunset we know yah are in there so open up!" Applejack shouted. They received no answer.

"M-maybe s-she's not home?" Fluttershy suggested softly, a little terrified at Applejack's furious knocking. She had never seen her friend so angry before.

"Do you think maybe she did go back to her world?" Rarity asks.

"Hold on a minute," Rainbow Dash dug into her pocket and pulled out a key.

"What's that, Dashie?" Pinkie Pie asks as she looked at the key curiously.

"It's a spare key Sunset gave me to her apartment in case of an emergency," Rainbow Dash explained as she inserted the key. She remembered when Sunset had given it to her as a sign of her absolute trust and confidence. Rainbow was truly touched that Sunset trusted her so much and she had promised to use it wisely. “Okay, door’s open.”

Rainbow Dash swung the door open and the Rainbooms marched inside, calling out Sunset's name as they searched her apartment. Strangely enough nothing looked too out of place, but then they heard loud, furious coughs coming from Sunset's bedroom. They girls immediately rushed towards the bedroom and threw Sunset's door open.

Rainbow and Applejack looked furious and were ready to tell off Sunset, but their words quickly died in their throats, as all of them froze when they laid their eyes on a very sick Sunset. She was in bed with the covers pulled up to her neck, taking heavy labored breaths. Her cheeks were flushed, her face was covered in sweat, her hair looked greasy and she had dark bags under her eyes.

"Sunset!" Fluttershy cried as she rushed to her friend’s bedside, followed closely by the rest of the girls. She placed the back of her palm against Sunset's forehead and immediately pulled back. "She's burning up!"

Rainbow Dash looks down at her sickly friend, her previous rage having fizzled out. Sunset looked awful. "Hey, Sunset!" Rainbow called out her friend's name to get her to respond, but when she didn't she tried again while gently shaking her. "Sunset!"

"Rainbow, ah don't think yah should wake her," Applejack stated, as she looked at her very sick friend, a pit of worry forming in her stomach, replacing the blind rage she felt earlier.

Suddenly Sunset groans as her eyes flutter open and takes in the sight of her friends.

"H-hey," She greeted weakly.

"Sunset!" the girls shouted in relief but recoiled at the sight of Sunset's bloodshot eyes.

"How're yah feeling, sugar cube?" Applejack asked with great concern.

"Honestly, I've been better," Sunset told them before coughing violently.

"Take it easy, Sunny, you need to rest," Pinkie Pie suggested.

"Sunset have yah had anything to eat?" Applejack asked.

"Just some toast and crackers," Sunset mutters weakly.

"Then me an' Pinkie will whip ya' up somethin' real nice," Applejack volunteered.

"Yeah!" Pinkie Pie cheered. "I'll make my chicken soup! That's always good when I get sick!"

"We'll take good care of you, darling," Rarity says as she pulled back Sunset's covers to reveal her sweat-soaked pajamas that were clinging to her skin. "My goodness darling, you look positively dreadful! Did you even take a shower yet?"

"Can't....too weak." Sunset muttered weakly as she coughed again.

"Then I'll help you out of those wet clothes and get you cleaned up," Rarity volunteered as she helped Sunset get off her bed. "My goodness! Fluttershy wasn't kidding, you're boiling darling!" Her skin felt like it was burning as it made contact with Sunset through the fabric of her pajamas.

They made their way out of Sunset's bedroom and into her bathroom when Sunset felt a familiar sensation in her stomach.

"Sweet Celestia!" Sunset said as she hurried into the bathroom and knelt down in front of the toilet. Rarity held Sunset’s hair back and turned away as she did not want to see her friend blow her chunks. However, if she had been watching, she wouldn’t seen that instead of vomit, bubbles came streaming out of Sunset’s mouth. They popped silently, unnoticed.

Rarity continued to look away with a cringed expression as Sunset repeatedly puke into the toilet. Soon, the terrible nauseous sensation passed and Sunset knelt by the toilet, breathing heavily.

"Are you finished darling?" Rarity asked as she dared to take a peak. Sunset looked flushed but she was no longer vomiting. Rarity then carefully flushed the toilet and then went to disrobe her friend.

Meanwhile, Applejack and Pinkie Pie were preparing something for Sunset in the kitchen when Rainbow pulled Applejack to the side.

"What is it, sugar cube?" Applejack asks curiously.

"Are we just going to ignore you-know-what?" Rainbow Dash asked as she casts a glance towards Sunset's bathroom where the sounds of running water could be heard.

"Listen, Dash, now's not a good time to be talking 'bout that. Besides, seeing her like this makes me doubt if she even did it at all. She's in bad shape and before yah ask, she aint faking it. not even Sunset can fake being sick like this."

"Only one way to find out," Rainbow Dash made her way into Sunset's room.

"Dash? what're ya' up to?" Applejack followed after her friend and saw her picking up Sunset's phone.

Sunset's phone immediately turned on upon being picked up and Rainbow Dash saw that her wallpaper was a picture of all of them. She stared at it sadly before attempting to open Sunset's phone to the homescreen but to her dismay it was password locked.

"Didja honestly think Sunset wouldn't have put in a password?" Applejack questioned as she raises an eyebrow at Rainbow Dash.

"It was worth a shot." Rainbow Dash said sheepishly.

Some time later Sunset came out of her bathroom looking slightly better, but she was still burning up. She took a few shaky steps forward before almost losing her balance. Luckily, Rarity was there to catch her and she gently guided her to the bedroom. Rarity put Sunset back in bed.

Pinkie Pie and Applejack brought in a bowl of chicken soup and a glass of milk, Rarity helped Sunset into a sitting position, and Fluttershy helped Sunset eat as much as she could before she couldn't eat anymore. Sunset got back in her covers and was tucked in by Rarity and Fluttershy.

"The poor dear," Rarity looked at Sunset as she still breathed heavily.

"We gave her some cold medicine, so hopefully that helps," Rainbow Dash said as she looked at Sunset with worried eyes.

"Ah reckon we should spend the night to make sure she's okay," Applejack suggested.

"Excellent idea, Applejack." Rarity was delighted by the suggestion.

"Good think I always carry these in case of emergencies!" Pinkie Pie says cheerfully as she pulled out her friends' pajamas from behind her.

"Ah better let my family know what's going on," Applejack said as she took out her phone.

"Me too," Rarity said, as she too took out her phone, the rest of her friends soon following.

Appleboom frowned as she reads Applejacks text:

"At Sunset's, she's sick. will be sleeping over. Be back tomorrow. Goodnight."

She was hoping that the Rainbooms would cast Sunset out of their group, but the girl her had not shown and it made the redhead a little concerned. Now Sunset was sick and her big sister and her friends were at her place, taking care of her. This meant that she would be spending less time with her sister than before. She did not like that at all.
She received a text notification from Sweetie Belle telling her that Rarity was spending the night at Sunset’s since she was sick. Applebloom replied that she had received a similar text from her sister.

What re we going to do? They're still with her.

We'll do as we planned n' post the next secret tomorrow when they come to school.

Will that work?

Ah'm sure it will. once they come to school without Sunset and see the post, they'll think Sunset posted it when they left.

If you say so.

Trust me, come tomorrow our sisters will drop Sunset and spend more time with us.

"Applebloom, supper's ready!" Granny Smith yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

"Comin' Granny!" Applebloom replied, before she quickly texted Sweetie Belle that she would text her later. She rushed out of her room and down the stairs to the dining room.

"Where's yer sister?" Granny Smith asked from her seat at the head of the table.

"She's at Sunset's place, says she's sick and is spendin' the night there with her friends to make sure she's okay." Applebloom explained as she takes her seat.

"That's mighty nice of her," Grand Pear said from the end of the table.

"The poor dear. Ah'll see if ah can whip up somethin' for that cold of hers." Granny Smith said as she started eating.

The family enjoyed their supper in peace, except for Applebloom who was unhappy with the whole situation.

Scootaloo was playing video games in her room when there was a knock on her door.

"Come in." She called out.

Her bedroom door opened to reveal her mother Spitfire. "Dinner will be ready in five minutes, so finish up what you're doing."

"Okay, Mom," Scootaloo responded.

Spitfire smiled at her daughter before she closing the door as Scootaloo went back to focusing on her game.

Being the daughter of two star athletes from the Wonderbolts soccer team wasn't easy. There was the extra attention she received from strangers and some kids at school wanting to get close to her so they could get a chance to meet her parents. There was also the added pressure of living up to her parents accomplishments, especially their athleticism as her classmates and some of the coaches were disappointed with her performance when she was younger. But her parents would remind her that she should ignore them. Her father even told her that he wasn't very good at sports when he was younger and was teased by the other kids in school. This surprised Scootaloo considering what his career was, He told her that if she worked hard then she would definitely get better.

Scootaloo eventually did get better and soon after found great friends in Applebloom and Sweetie Belle, heck she was even friends with Diamond Tiara of all people!

Scootaloo finally beats the level before stretching her arms up in the air. She cast a glance to her nightstand at a photo of her and Rainbow Dash. The chromatic-haired girl reminded Scootaloo of her parents. She was athletic and driven like her mom, but goofy, and fun like her dad. She was super happy when Rainbow decided to take her under the wing and become her big sister.

Scootaloo giggled as she recalled the look on Rainbow's face when she first met her parents.

They always did everything together, from sports practice, hanging out at the skate park, and even the special sisters event that Sweet Apple Acres hosted every year. But then she started hanging out with Sunset Shimmer, which consequently meant she wouldn't be hanging out with her as much as she used to. Several times she had to cancel their usual hangout time in favor of Sunset and other times she brought her along and the equestrian ended up taking up Dash's attention.

Scootaloo learned firsthand how athletic Sunset was, and she had to admit that she was good but because of that athleticism, Rainbow Dash wanted to test herself against her and discovered that Sunset made the perfect training partner. Scootaloo would try to train with them but they were beyond her and she ended up sitting on the sidelines. She hated how much Sunset took up her time with Rainbow Dash and after learning a certain secret from Rainbow Dash, she feared that she will lose her. So when Applebloom brought up her plan to frame Sunset and separate her from their sisters, Scootaloo was all too eager to join in. She was worried when Applebloom called her and said that Rainbow and her friends were spending the night at Sunset's because she was sick, but Applebloom told her that tomorrow they'll post that secret which will guarantee the Rainbooms will leave Sunset.

She got up from her bed and after saving her progress, turned off her game and headed downstairs for dinner, wondering if tomorrow would be the day that they rid themselves of Sunset and get their sisters back.

"Done!" Rainbow said from her spot on Sunset's couch. She and the rest of her friends where doing their homework.
"Thanks for the help Rare's."

"Don't mention it, darling," Rarity said as she closed her book and placed it inside her backpack.

"Hey, if none of you mind, I'm going to go check on Sunset," Rainbow Dash spoke before getting up and going to Sunsets room.

"Do you think Sunset will be okay?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

"Her fever is pretty bad, but ah'm sure she'll be better by tomorrow." Applejack assures her.

"Cheer up, Fluttershy!" Pinkie Pie says excitedly as she popped up in front of Fluttershy. "Sunny will be fine! She has us after all!"

"You're right, Pinkie. She does have us to watch out for her," Fluttershy agreed as she gave Pinkie a smile.

Rainbow Dash opened the door to Sunset's room and peeked inside to see Sunset's slumbering form resting on her bed. Rainbow Dash entered the room and closed the door behind her before approaching Sunset.

She looked at Sunset's face and although she appeared peaceful, she was far from it. She picked up the damp cloth resting on Sunset's forehead and put it in a plate filled with cold water to re-moisten it before placing it back on Sunset's forehead. She observed Sunset for a bit before reaching for her hand. She was surprised by how hot her hand was and started to grow more concerned for her sick friend.

"I know what it's like to be sick, but I don't remember ever being this hot." Rainbow Dash muttered to herself. "I wonder if Sunset has a thermometer?"

Rainbow Dash looked at Sunset for a little longer before going back to the others.

"How is, she Dash?" Applejack asks.

"She seems fine." Rainbow Dash explained as she took her seat. "Hopefully, she gets better tomorrow."

"One can only hope," Rarity added.

The girls spent the rest of the evening playing games, watching television or telling scary stories courtesy of Pinkie Pie. Although they had fun, it wasn't nearly as fun knowing that their friend was sick in the next room. Eventually they all decided to call it a night which caused Pinkie Pie to pull out several sleeping bags out of nowhere and laid them on the living room floor. Now questioning where the pink party planner got them, the girls got in their sleeping bags and wished each other goodnight before Pinkie turned off the lights.

Several hours later Applejack's eyes fluttered open before she got out of her sleeping bag and carefully maneuvered around her friends to head towards the bathroom. After Applejack exited the bathroom she glanced over to Sunset's bedroom.

"Maybe ah should check on her," Applejack whispered to herself as she made her way towards Sunset's room.

She carefully opened the door and entered Sunset's room. She walked up to Sunset's bed and places her hand against her cheek.

"She's still burning up." Applejack was concerned, Sunset's condition didn't seem to be improving. "Not much ah can do about it now." She re-moistens the rag and after placing it back on Sunset's forehead, Applejack stared at Sunset for a minute before speaking.

"Sunset, are yah really Anon-A-Miss?"

Not expecting an answer, Applejack left Sunset's room but not before giving her one last worried look.

Author's Note:

Here's the first chapter to my new story, I hope you all enjoy it and for those who've read it in the forums I hope you enjoy the added content. I want to thank KR Chrome for his help with this chapter.