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This story is a sequel to Six To Eight Weeks Dungeon

Ponyville's new code enforcement officer is still locked up tight in Princess Twilight's "Friendship Dungeon". It's been exactly a week now and Twilight seems to be nowhere closer to finding a solution that will allow her to release Sugar Berry. But that's fine, she's been there for a week so far and there haven't been any issues. Well except for what happened with Rainbow Dash, we don't talk about that.

But she fails to realize that Sugar Berry is in fact a government appointed official. And if she doesn't check-in after some time somepony is bound to find out and ask questions.

This is an entry for Ocalhouns Big 250k Contest

Edit 6/4/2016: Now with fewer grammatical errors courtesy of Boop-Happy Lass

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- Second Person Point of View -

After moving to Canterlot High, You meet Sonata Dusk, and she may be the best thing That has ever happened to you. It all starts, by bumping into each other, then moving, then date, and so on.

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You're the new kid in Canterlot High. After accidentally falling asleep in the janitors closet (you were in there because of a dare given to you by a cyan colored girl with rainbow colored hair), youre stuck inside the school for the night, with no way of getting out until morning.

You manage to survive the night, but only just. This earns you major popularity points, even a few surprises, and thats when you notice a girl with red hair (containing a yellow highlights making her hair look kinda like bacon) has got a thing for you.

How does this go? Only time will tell...

{2nd/second person/reader insert x Sunset Shimmer}
Cover art- http://www.deviantart.com/art/Sunset-Shimmer-492701158

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- Second Person Point of View -
You've been friends with the main six for years. It was questionable at first, but they did get used to you and inversely. The last year has been strange when you hang around them. It isn't until Apple Bloom confronts and tells you about what is the problem. There has been a bet placed for you, each of the main six will have their way to make you kiss them, claiming the winner and taking you as their boyfriend.

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Sunset returns to Equestria to escape the living conditions of the human world. Once she gets to Ponyville to rebuild her life, she runs into a human that makes her feel complete. Except... he doesn't like ponies.

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Sonic, Shadow, and Silver have been sent to the world of Canterlot High along with the seven Chaos Emeralds by the Master Emerald after hearing of a prophecy about the fate of worlds. They will have to go through school again if they are to regain the seven Chaos Emeralds and saved the worlds from the eternal darkness, for the emeralds have been claimed by some of the students of Canterlot High.

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My life
WIll never be the same
'Cause, girl, you came and changed
The way I walk
The way I talk
I cannot explain

Nocturne and Spike are two guys out on the town, when they see a gorgeous mare walking the streets, looking for a little security. The hapless duo follow her, and get neck-deep in mayhem: gangsters, dancers, bar fights, fires, and a boss that makes things a little "chaotic". Nocturne wants to pursue this mare, though--she's everything he could possibly want, and more.

A little something born from my love of ponies and the music of Michael Jackson. Based on and inspired by MJ's "You Rock My World" music video.


Nocturne (OC) -- Michael
Spike -- Chris Tucker
Fluttershy -- the pretty girl (Kishaya Dudley)
Discord -- "Big D" (Marlon Brando)

NOTE: "You Rock My World" was performed by Michael Jackson, written by Jackson, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III, LaShawn Daniels, and Nora Payne, and was distributed by Epic Records. The music video was written by Jackson and Paul Hunter, and was directed by Paul Hunter. I do not own the lyrics shown above, and some changes made to any lyrics in story are in keeping with site rules. Thank you.

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The war-stricken continent of Ylisse is finally at peace. The kingdom prepares for an era of prosperity led by Chrom, the prince who is to be crowned as Exalt. The battle-hardened soldiers who earned this victory now return home, looking towards a bright future. The Dark Dragon Grima is defeated, and we are free from the supposedly imminent fate of destruction that came with him. The question we should ask? "At what cost?"
First-person crossover with Fire Emblem: Awakening (major spoilers).
In Fire Emblem: Awakening, it takes place in the story after Grima is defeated (BY ROBIN).
In MLP, think of the setting as some time in early Season 3 (Twilicorn will not be included).
Cover art was spliced by me; all credit goes to the original artists.
Constructive criticism is appreciated.

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This story starts immediately after the events of Rainbow Rocks. I plan on following the lives of all the main characters through their final years at Canterlot High and beyond. We'll see how each one copes with dating, graduating, preparing for what comes after, and growing apart. I'll cover more of the girl's families and hopefully answer some questions not addressed in the movies (like where did Sunset Shimmer live and what did she do for money). Hopefully you enjoy.

8/22/15 I added the dark and gore tags for one passage in the chapter Time Passes Part 2. It's not super graphic and there won't be anymore passages like that, but I felt it was my responsibility to add these tags for the sake of anyone you might be sensitive to such things. I may edit that section later. If I do, I'll remove the tags. Until then, they'll stay.

9/13/15 I added the "sex" tag because there is one scene in "You Can't Judge Love Part 3" which some readers might find offensive. There is no, I repeat NO sex described in this story. Suggested, alluded to, but never, ever described in any detail. But I just want to make sure all my "I's" are dotted and "T's" crossed. Thank you.

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When they find themselves banished to a world full of strange two-legged creatures called humans, the Dazzlings find existence of true Equestrian magic at an unexpected place: Canterlot High School. After signing up to be new students at this high school, they find themselves stuck with a certain someone who just won't leave them alone.


Please be aware the only reason there's a romance tag is because of some light shipping of Adagio and Sunset Shimmer which comes in a later chapter.

Also, the Dazzlings are half-Siren and half-pony in this fanfiction. My headcanon, my fic. It's as simple as that. Sue me.

Chapters will be posted on DeviantArt before they get posted on here. http://robocheatsy.deviantart.com/gallery/61662358/A-Dazzling-Tale

(I will post chapters here whenever possible I order for this to get caught up to the one I have on DeviantArt. After this is caught up, chapters will usually be posted on weekends (usually Saturdays.) )

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