• Published 22nd Sep 2015
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Youre the new kid at at school. After accidentaly being locked in the school one night, you life is threatened by some robbers. You manage to survive, getting popular the next day. Thats when a certain girl catches your eye...

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Aggh, Stupid Dare!

A love story. What else would you have expected? It has the tag, even says so in the description, kinda, so what were you expecting? A Minecraft Crossover? Wrong story, bro.

Anyway, lets get this out of the way, shall we?

You're a nerd.
You have abwolutely no hope of becoming popular.

At least, thats what you thought.

Lemme start from the beginning.

You had just moved into a new town from your old one, Manehattan. It was because your mother had gotten a new job in this town, or she just wanted to get away from your father. You didn't know which was true, most probably the latter, but it could be both. Anyway, a new town means a new school; in your case: Canterlot Highschool. The kids there most probably shortened it to CHS because of this day and age. I mean, COME. ON! We shorten stuff all the time, like 'lol', 'omg', 'ikr', 'idk', so why wouldn't they shorten it to amek it easier on their tongues?

Anywho, you were stuck sitting in the front seat of your mom's car for over three hours, and you've been reading stories on the internet (not fanfiction, mind you, but actually actual stories), stories such as Chronicles of Ancient Magic and Gods and Guards, you were such a quick reader that you managed to read the first books of both series' within the time you sat in one spot. Buuut you were quickly getting that pins and needles feeling, you were sure that your legs had fallen asleep by now, and you really needed to hse the bathroom.

You readjust your glasses, and you look up from your phone to see out the window. You were nearing your house, you recognized the houses and street from your mothers' description of the place. After a few minutes, your mom pulls into the driveway of one of the houses. You get out of the car, followed closely by your mom, the latter walking to the door and unlocking it. The first thing you do, as I'm sure most of us would do after a long journey, is run to the bathroom (at least, when you found it, it was like Twily Potter's room, under the stairs) and relieve yourself. If you think I'm gonna describe it, I'm not. Find another story if you're interested in that kinda stuff.

After doing your 'business', you walked out of the bathroom and saw your mom carrying a couple of boxes with old ornamwnts and trophies.

"Care to help clear out the car?"

"Sure, mom."

You walked outside to the car and took a couple of boxes out and stacked them on top of each other. Then, you walked inside and plopped the boxes next to the couch. After two more trips to the car and back, no boxes remained. You sigh in relief and flop onto the couch, and pull out your phone. But when you go into the goggle chrome app, you are met with an unpleasant surprise...



Data ran out.

Now you wont be able to resume the adventures of Thylas and Purra or Tirek and Colt... at least you know a portion of their stories. But, you still wont be able to continue.

"Honey, we have wifi!"

Oh. Nevermind.

"If you help me unpack these boxes I'll get you connected!"

Great. Just. Great.

You groan. You may be a major reader, and you read in a book recently that after a divorce, and you stay with your mom, the child is not supposed to help the mom do anything until they've settled in on their new lifestyle. But your mom is so sweet, maybe you can ignore the books for once...


You get up, and start unpacking various trophies and gifts out of a box and onto the table in front of the couch. You got all sorts of gifts from your gran, since she travelled all over the world. You're pretty sure that she's even been to the moon and back.

After separating the gifts from the trophies, you walk over to a trophy case, open it, and start the repetative task of putting one trophy in after another. This took a while, since your mom and dad were athletes and won trophies so often.

'Ugh, why is this taking so long? I swear we had less trophies than this,' you thought. You mentally kick yourself for not staying in the bathroom and pretending that you had a runny tummy.

After what felt like forever, you finally finished with the trophies. You noticed that mom was already done with a few of the boxes, and only two of them (and the gifts you didn't pack) were left.

"Tell you what, quickly give me your devices and I'll get you connected. You look like you're about to die, there." Your mom let out a chuckle.

"Okay." You pass her your phone, and you dig around in your backpack for your PonyPad. You pass it to her, and after a minute or two, she passes you your devices.

"Your room is upstairs, second door on the left."

"What's the first door?"

"Another bathroom."


You walk upstairs and you follow your mom's directions. You pass the first door, and just to make sure, you peek inside. Yup, sink, toilet, shower and bath, definately a bathroom. Walking past the door, you find the door that supposedly was your room. You look behind you, and you see a door directly opposite the one in front of you. That was probably mom's room. You turning back around, open the door, and walk inside. With a flick of the light switch, your room lit up. In it, was a small bed, a TV, a bookshelf, a cupboard, and a desk with a computer on it.

'Wow,' you thought, 'I forgot how spoilt I was when I was seven.'

You flop onto your bed and pull out your phone. You forgot how tired you were, despite sitting down most of the day. You let out a yawn, plug in your earphones, but them in your ears, and start playing some Discord.

You fell asleep in a matter of minutes.


"Hooonnneeeeeeyyyyyyy...... Hhhhoooooonnnneeeeeyyyy....."

You mumble something and turn over.

"Honey, it's time for school."

Your eyes snap open. 'School?, you think, 'school starts today?'

"Aight, aight, I'm up. What's for breakfast?" You rub your eyes, getting rid of the last of your sleepiness.

"Just eggs, bacon, and toast."

"Oh, okay."

You climb out of bed and stretch. Walking out of your room, you notice some paintings and photos have been put on the walls. You smile at one picture in particular, it was you on your seventh birthday, when you got your computer.

You shake the memory out of your head and walk to the kitchen. Walking to the fridge, you see your more place a plate of eggs, toast and bacon on both sides of the table. You open the fridge and pull out some orange juice. You Go to the cupboard, pull out a glass, and pour your drink into it. You go to the table and start eating.

This day seemed to start normal for you.... 'Maybe it'll be normal all throughout.'

Oh, how wrong you were.


You say goodbye to your mom and close the door to the car. You sigh, and walk up the steps of the school through the front door, backpack bouncing slightly on your back. You walk through the hall, reading the map you received from your mom after breakfast. You kept on bumping into people, and they bumped into you, getting a bunch of people saying "Hey, watch where you're goin', man!" to you in the process. But you couldn't. You needed to find your locker.

After a few more minutes, you manage to find it. On your way to school you memorized the code. You put it in, and looked inside your locker. Empty, save for a class timetable taped to the side. You pull it off and looked at your subjects for the day. First, Geography, English next, then lunch. After that, Science then you have Maths. The school day ends early today, today being a Wednesday.

You fold up the paper and put it into your pocket for future use. After readjusting your glasses, you close your locker and wait for the bell to ring, signaling the school day's start.


The first two subjects went by without a problem, and now it was lunch. Since you were unable to make any friends during class (though there was a pink haired girl you remember as Pinkie Pie bothering you during English, asking you to PLEAAAASSSEEEEE be her friend), you had to sit alone. You manage to get to the cafeteria early, so the line's pretty short. You grab a tray, get what you want, and you find an empty table to sit at, far away from everyone else. The cafeteria starts filling up more, and you start eating your lunch. You're silently hope that someone feels pity for you and sits by you, but your prayers go unanswered. Alone you sit the entire time.

Soon teh bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. You stand up, pick up your tray, throw all of your uneaten food away, readjust your glasses, and grump off to your next lesson.


Your school day had just ended, and you had just dropped off your stuff in your locker. After closing it and turning around, you come face to face with a girl. She had rainbow colored hair, and her skin was a cyan. She looked at you with a visible smirk.

"Uhm, is there anything you need?"

"Yeah. I'm Rainbow Dash. You're new here, right?"

"Yeah. I'm new."

"Well, if new kids want to get MY respect, they gotta stay in the janitors closet for the night."

"Why would I do that?"

"So I won't make fun of you."

The thought of being teased and made fun of does not sound appealing to you.

"Ugh, fine. Where is this fabled, 'janitors closet?" You keep a straight face, making quotation marks with your fingers when saying 'Janitors closet'.

"Haha! It's over there." She pointed to a door only a few meters away from where you were standing.

"Okay. I'll see how long I can stay in there."

You walk over to it, and twist the knob to see if it opens. It does. You walk inside, and you close the door.

"Okay, Rainbow. I'm in. What do I do now?"



"Wait for tomorrow to come!"

"Ah, figs."


Your eyes flutter open.you look around, and notice that it's dark. Youre also in the janitors closet, still.


Author's Note:

I added some elements of my own life into this, like the divorce thing. But it happened to me when I was much younger. Oh, and Chronicles of Ancient Darkness and Gods and Warriors are epic books. Anyway, onto the next chapter! Alonzee!

Also, feel free to point out any mistakes I make. I dont bite.