• Published 22nd Sep 2015
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800 Popularity Points Recieved - IMNOTHERE889

Youre the new kid at at school. After accidentaly being locked in the school one night, you life is threatened by some robbers. You manage to survive, getting popular the next day. Thats when a certain girl catches your eye...

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This Was Expected, But Unexpected At The Same Time!

You open the door to your house.

"Mom, I'm home."

Almost instantly after that, your mom runs out from the kitchen and runs up to you and hugs you.

"Oh, I was worried sick about you! Where've you been all night?"

Your mom pulls away from you and looks you over.

"And how did blood get on your clothes?"

You didn't want to tell your mom about the night you just had, so you decided to think of a lie.

"Er, uhh, my new friends said that they were having a party, and I went to it. I had an amazing time. One guy had a nosebleed, and at some points he decided to use my clothes as a tissue."

You nervously smile, hoping that your mom doesn't see through your lie. Your mom gives you a suspicious look for a second, then it turns to one of happiness.

"Glad to see that you've made some friends. Oh, and I would've liked it if you had told me about this earlier."

"Hehe, sorry. I didn't have my phone, and the party was starting right after school, so..."

"Okay. But, why aren't you at school?"

I'm so screwed.

"Oh, uh, when I arrived this morning, The Vice Principal said that I didn't have to go since I was so tired."

"Okay. Well, buster, I've made breakfast, and afterwards you can relax in your room. Got it?"


You walk into the room and eat your french toast. You finish quickly and head upstairs.

"I wish that night never happens again."

You sigh and walk to your computer.

"Might as well try to finish My Little Amnesia."

You turn on your PC and the screen comes to life. After quickly skimming Dee-vi-ant-art (that's how you pronounced it anyway) you go into MLA.


You yawn and turn off your PC. The lack of sleep you got was really getting to you.

"Honey, I'm going out! I'll be back in an hour or two!"

Following your mom's words was the sound of a door opening and closing soon after. You get up from your chair, walk over to your bed, and flop onto it. You sigh happily after feeling your soft mattress instead of a hard shelf. But your happiness was short lived. Almost five seconds after flopping down, there's a knocking at the front door. You growl unhappily, scrunching up your face angrily. You get up and stomp downstairs to the door. You open the door to see a girl with poofy pink hair outside the door.

"Hiya new kid! Principal Celestia wants you at the school, prontomagonto!"

"Uhm, how do you know where I li-"


Pinkie Pie grabs your arm and drags you off to the school, you yelling in protest all the way. You quickly arrive at the front doors of the school. Wow, they fixed that fast. You sigh and walk inside. The halls were empty. You expected the children to be scattered around the halls, it was the end of the school day after all. But, Pinkie grabs your arm again, and drags you to the gym. You groan.

'Gee, I wonder what surprise I'm in for.'

You enter the gym, and you get pulled by Pinkie onto the stage. She leaves soon afterward, leaving you with the Principals.

"Attention students of Canterlot High, this student you see before you managed to singlehandedly get rid of some robbers, saving our safes. If this student wasn't stuck here overnight, we would've been broke."

You nervously shift with the gaze of most of the children on you as Principal Celestia spoke. She turns to you.

"And so, I present to you a medal of bravery."

You feel really flattered about all this, but all you did was steal a few Fuzzers, kick a guy, run away, and trick guys into shooting each others' thighs. Celestia puts a medal around your neck, and the crowd goes wild. Celestia motions at everyone to silence.

"Okay, kids. That's the end of the school day."

Everybody in the room sighed in relief and started to leave. You walked down from the stage, only to get patted on the back on your way down.

"not bad, for a new kid."

You turn around to see one of the most beautiful girls you've ever met. She had curly red hair, said hair had yellow highlights in it, making it look like bacon. She was wearing the kind of clothes that scream 'bad girl' but the look on her face says otherwise. She looks.. Comforting. She holds a hand out to you.

"I'm Sunset Shimmer. It's nice to meet you."

You shake hands with her and introduce yourself.

"Well, it's been nice, but I've gotta go before my mom gets home."

"Okay, see you tomorrow!"

You walk out of the gym, with Sunset Shimmer on your mind. On your way home, she's on your mind. When you get inside the house, go upstairs and flop onto your bed, she's on your mind.

Yup, it's official, you have a crush.

Author's Note:

It is so hard to keep the gender unknown in this fic.
Halp meh

Oh, and, interesting stuff will happen in the next chapter, you'll see.