• Published 22nd Sep 2015
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800 Popularity Points Recieved - IMNOTHERE889

Youre the new kid at at school. After accidentaly being locked in the school one night, you life is threatened by some robbers. You manage to survive, getting popular the next day. Thats when a certain girl catches your eye...

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Okay, This Was Definitely Unexpected!

You walk through the halls of the school the next day. Everyone seems... Nicer, to say the least. They were congratulating you, patting you on the back, even clearing a path away for you to walk through the crowd. You were flattered of course, but, this was unrealistic from a stereotypical point of view. It just wasn't right. Being nice to a nerd? Congratulating a nerd for what that nerd has done? Nope, being nice only happens when an idiot wants to cheat on an exam, and congratulating a nerd for 'passing that spelling test last week' is usually for the same thing, cheating.

Eventually lunch arrived. And, you are never sitting alone again, I can promise you that. You were even the first in line, since everybody waited for you to go inside before them. You were getting the royal treatment! When you say down, pretty much everybody moved away from their tables and flocked towards yours. Everybody was asking you questions, having a laugh or two, chatting about games, they were having the time of their life — including you. The one table that didn't move was full of girls, four of them you recognized; one was Pinkie Pie, who caught you looking at her and waved at you like crazy, another was Rainbow Dash, you silently thank her for making you stay in that janitors closet, a girl named Fluttershy, you met her during Science, and the last one you recognize... Is Sunset Shimmer. But, you decided to pay no attention to her since you had friends to chat with.

It was a great change from your first day. You had friends, people actually cared about you, it was great!

But, there was one part of your day — or should I say, night — that completely ruined it.


Sunset Shimmer couldn't get that nerdy kid out of her mind. So, during lunch she chatted about said kid with her friends.

Sunset sighed, "I just don't know what to do."

"Sunset, darling, isn't obvious? Just go to that, err, nerd, and confess!"

Rarity threw her arms in the air as if to emphasize her point.

"Yeah! Ohh! Or, you can throw that nerd a party and confess over a slice of cake!"

Pinkie jumps up, but ends up falling backwards onto the floor. All the girls look over the table to check if she's okay, since she hasn't gotten up yet.

"Ehh, don't worry, she's Pinkie Pie!"

Rainbow shrugs it off and takes a sip of her juice.

"Maybe you could... Err... Oh my gosh! I just had the best idea ever!"

Everyone looks at Rainbow, curious of what she has to offer.

"It can be like a prank! We can get the nerd stuck here overnight again, a couple of us can dress up as some bad guys, You can act scared, Sunset, then that kid can fight us, and BOOM! Confess your feelings shipping happened knight in shining armor blah blah blah and they lived happily ever after the end. So, what do you think?"

"Rainbow! That idea is-"

Rarity was cut off by Sunset.

"Actually quite good... Yeah, I can work with that..."

"Really?" Rarity was devastated, "You're going to work with an idea as dumb as THAT!?"

"It could work, it could work. So, how do you propose we get that kid stuck here overnight?" Sunset took a bite out of her Apple.

"If there's one thang Ah've learned from Geography and History, that kid suuuurrreeee loves Fuzzers."

Applejack looks back to the kid that was being swarmed by everyone else. She turned back.

"Soooo... What? We lead the nerd to the janitors closet using Fuzzers, ask Mr Diamond for the keys, and lock that kid inside?"

Rainbow looks at everybody at her table, wanting an answer to her question.

"Actually, that ain't a half bad plan."

"Seriously? You're joking. Applejack, you're joking."

"Actually, Rainbow, I agree with Applejack. Your plan isn't that bad. Not that bad at all."

Sunset blew a strand of hair out of her face.

"Okay, so we're going through with this. Lucky for us, I stole some Fuzzers during Geography yesterday. So, we're in luck!"

"Yeah, let's do this!"

Applejack was obviously hyped about this.

"Uhh, Pinkie, who're you waving at?"

Sunset looked at her with a confused face.

"Oh, just your crush!"



It was after school. The bell had just rung, and students were now filling up the halls, wanting to get home for the weekend. But you hadnt noticed the bell ringing because you had brought your phone to school, and you were wearing earphones, and currently listening to the Doctor Whooves soundtrack. So you just sat there, finishing your work. Then, just as you finish...


A Fuzzer lands right in the middle of your workbook.

"Huh? Whered this come from?"

You pick up the Fuzzer and examine it.

"Who would throw away a perfectly good Fuzzer? Oh well, finders keepers."

You stuff it in your poket and pack up. You still had your earphones in. When you finished packing up, you put on on one of your favorite songs: Battle of the Bands. You had no idea who sang it, you just heard it on YouHoof one day, went onto PonyTunes and downloaded it. The song was just... wow. Anyway, once you were finished packing, you picked up your backpack, and started to walk out of the class. Once outside, you notice something small and green on the floor.

You bend down to see what it is.

"Another Fuzzer? Geez, what is wrong with these people?"

Song changed to Under Our Spell.

"Oh well, more for me!"

You stuff the Fuzzer into your pocket and look up slightly. There was an entire line of Fuzzers leading all the way to the janitors closet.


You walk along, picking up the Fuzzers as you go. You end up in the janitors closet, where the last Fuzzer of the line was on the shelf. You pocket was bulging with Fuzzers by now, and you pop one into your mouth. The song ended, and it seemed that all was silent. But when you turned around...

...the door had closed. And,


That means it's locked now.

"Horsefeathers! Not this again! Oh well. Hopefully nothing bad happens tonight."

And so, you sat down in the closet, using your backpack as a pillow. It helped slightly, but you were even more cramped. Oh well. It will do for the night. You put on the MinePony soundtrack in hopes of getting to sleep easier, but you swear you can hear two feminine voices and one manly, westernlike-voice screaming at you, "Help Usss! Help us!" You pay no attention to it and listen to the calming piano. You slowly fell asleep.


You woke up to the sound of someone screaming. Sure, you had your earphones in, but the slow piano was playing, leaving many holes of opportunity to wake you up. You groggily got up, and stretched. Your spine popped, and you felt the satisfaction of doing that come in. You take out your earphones and put them into your backpack. Tried opening the door, even though you knew that it was locked. It opened somehow, which really puzzled you. You walked out into the open, and then the screams started again.

"Somebody! HEEEELP!!"

You recognized that voice. It was Sunset Shimmer's. You ran as fast as you could to where you thought it was coming from, which just so happened to be the gym. There, what you saw, was Sunset backed up to a wall, and two people doing the backing. The two people were dressed in all black, so you couldn't make out any features. And.. The had bats. Like, baseball bats.

"We got ya naw!"

The voice sounded feminine. It also reminded you of someone, someone with a cowboy hat and blonde hair... As well as that voice shouting at you to help when listening to MinePony.

"Yes, darling, we've got you!"

That voice also sounded feminine, it, as well, also reminded you of someone. Someone with purple curly locks and a huge love for fashion.

"Hey, stop that!"

You didn't care if you recognized the voices. You just had to save Sunset Shimmer. You ran up to them, but much slower than you were before. Could you punch a girl? You weren't sure. But if it was to save Sunset, you're willing to do so.

"Oh, my knight in shining armor or whatever has come to save me!"

Sunset did a swoon. You saw that it was very obviously fake. You still didn't care. You ran up to the first girl, and kicked her straight down to the ground. You punched the other girl, and soon she was also down on the ground. You looked down to see their faces, the first girl had green eyes, light orange skin and a few freckles. You looked to the second girl. She had dark blue eyes and white skin.

Just as you were about to figure out who they were, Sunset hugged you. You found yourself blushing, but you didn't mind.

"Thank you for saving me."

"Err, no problem..."

Sunset pulled out of the hug and looked at you.

"It means a lot."

You saw that she was pulling closer, and you went right onto panicking mode. 'No! This isn't right!' you found yourself thinking.
And then, she kissed you. Your first one ever, but you pull away instantly. You live by the stereotype, and this definitely isn't it. You've broken it enough, being popular and all, but this was crossing the line. Your face was completely red, and when you saw her face, she looked confused, but her face was as red as yours.

So, once you pulled away, you said, "I'm sorry. But the nerd isn't supposed to get the girl."

You walk away, leaving a confused and saddened Sunset Shimmer behind. You walk to the janitors closet, get your backpack, and go the journey home. You pulled out a Fuzzer at some point, but after staring at it for a while, you said, "I'm not in the mood for Fuzzers." So, you put it back into your pocket and sneak into your house through an open window. You sneak upstairs, and just before you open your door, you whisper to the one opposite it, "goodnight, mom. I love you." And with that, you go into your room, shut the door, and flop onto your bed.

Author's Note:

Yes, all chapter titles shall have exclamation marks. No exceptions.

Also, pronouns suck in this chapter.

Trying so hard to keep the gender 'in the middle' as it were.

Also, I'm trying to do something that ties some of my stories together. That's why there's the MinePony thing.