• Published 22nd Sep 2015
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Youre the new kid at at school. After accidentaly being locked in the school one night, you life is threatened by some robbers. You manage to survive, getting popular the next day. Thats when a certain girl catches your eye...

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This Is Bad, This Is Really, Really, Bad! Wait, Happy Ending?

The weekend came and went. You didn't care. Soon, it was time to go to school. You didn't care. When your mom tried to make conversation during breakfast you didn't care. You just wanted this day to be over with so you can go back to sulking. When the school day started you didn't care. Even during class you didn't raise your hand, or care. You seemed very different from the nerd you were last week. You didn't care. You felt like your life didn't matter anymore. You just didn't care. Even the massive amount of Fuzzers you had gotten on Friday didn't help. Nothing could get you out of your state of depression.

The day came and went in the blink of an eye. Still, you didn't care. You just wanted to sulk while listening to some Green Doe. You slammed your locker when you put everything inside it. You didn't care. But you found yourself staring at your locker for some reason, as if just staring at it could solve all your problems. You were still there when only a few kids were hanging around, just lingering to gossip with their friends. But there was a sound that made your blood turn cold. A gunshot. You whip around to the front doors of the school, everybody else following suit. Who you saw made your blood turn to ice.

"'Ello, kids. Did ya miss us?"

It was Jenkem and Krokodil. They were back. Krokodil armed with an assault rifle, Jenkem with a baseball bat. Why he also didn't have a gun was completely beyond you. Everyone was too scared to move, including you. So, Jenkem and Krokodil walked through the hall, the eyes scanning every child. Soon, they fell upon you. You gulped. This cannot end well.

"Well, well, well... If it ain't that nerdy kid 'ho gave us a beatin' last week..."

You noted that Jenkem has what appears to be a British or Australian or something accent.

"Time for us to return the favor!"

Krokodil has an American accent. Again, you gulp. The two men walk toward you, so close that they were looming over you. Jenkem stuffed his gun into your stomach and got ready to fire, putting his finger on the trigger, ready to pull at a moments notice, while Krokodil hovered his bat above your head. And then,must like last week, what you've learned from Colt McGrath and his melee skills comes back to you. You smile, much to Jenkem's and Krokodil's surprise, and you kick Jenkem where the sun don't shine, succeeding this time around. After that, you kick Krokodil in the stomach, making them stagger back. A crowd had formed by now, obviously worried about something pretty darn obvious. You scanned the crowd, but Sunset wasn't there. Why would she? You broke her heart.

Jenkem eventually got back up, and Krokodil came to, and the battle begun.

"You'll pay for that, you little insect!"

"Ya will be no more!"

"Oh, really? Bring it on, chumps."

You were getting cocky and you knew that. You ran up to Jenkem, punched his face, grabbed Kokodil's bat as it came down, grabbed Krokodil's head, and kneed his chin. The two men were getting frustrated. You could easily tell by the rage in their eyes. You were about to land a punch to Jenkem's shoulder when he grabbed you, stuffed his gun in your stomach again, and held down the trigger. All the kids ran away. He let go and you fell to the ground. You would fighting for air, coughing up blood as you do so.

"Ya worthless piece 'o filth."

"What comes around goes around!"

And then, Krokodil smashed his bat into your head. You felt your vision fading, but before you passed out, you could make out a girl running up to you and hugging you, your face stuffed into bacon-looking hair...


You are awoken by the sound of a beep. The beep is constant, coming every few seconds. You really don't want to, but you open your eyes. You're in a room that appears to be very clean, and you're lying in bed. Looking down you notice that you're no longer wearing the clothes you put on this morning. You also see that your arm has an IV Drip attached. You realize that you're sitting in hospital. But who's that girl that's asleep, with her head next to your legs? You recognize the bacon hair, but you just can't remember the name...

"S-Sunset Shimmer?"

She opens her eyes and looks up at you. She immediately perks up and hugs you, tears coming out of her eyes.

"I'm so glad youre okay."

"Why would you be worried about me in the first place? I broke your heart..."

She pulls away from you and looks at you with a comforting smile.

"Either way, I was still worried about you."


After reviewing no reply, she kisses you. You were surprised, of course, but you eventually turned into mush, just clay in Sunset's hands, to be shaped to her will. At this, you threw your stereotype out the window. After too short a time, Sunset pulls away.

You say jokingly, "y'know, the nerd isn't supposed to get the girl."

"I know. But either way, you're still my nerd."

At this, she reconnects your lips.

A love story. What were you expecting? But in the end everything turned out okay. Krokodil and Jenkem get to jail, Rarity and Applejack don't sue you, and, best of all, you got Sunset Shimmer.

Again, I ask you, what were you expecting?


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So let's see how crazy this story is.

The mistakes I make are usually the result of me typing too fast. I write on an iPad, you see.

Again, I ask you, what were you expecting?

...a sequel?:derpytongue2:
Seriously, good story, my friend:moustache:

Lol, nice one, that actually had me laughing quite hard! :pinkiehappy:A kind-of sequel is already out, but only with one chapter out. It's called Sue Me, You're In Love and it ships the reader with Fluttershy. :yay:
Also, thanks for the fav! :twilightblush:

This is pretty good. Nice work

She used her almighty principal powers.
Because science.

Comment posted by IMNOTHERE889 deleted Nov 12th, 2015

6624655 Why does everyone in Equestria Girls react to the existence of magic like a fart in the wind? Just roll with it, it makes it much easier.

This person right here. I like them.

I don't care about all the erring mistakes and unrealistic scenarios because this story right here be funny as hell. :rainbowlaugh:

I, sir, applaud you for writing something so entertaining. :moustache:

Comments like yours are ones that I appreciate.


6734509 Not a problem. Credit is deserved where credit is due.

Thank you, thank you.

i was expecting Springtrap to appear and go all MLG on Krokodil and Jenkem

6792581 that would have been cool, I must admit.

6792589 yes, but in all seriousness i wasn't expecting that happened

I was about to say something witty then I forgot what I was going to say.

6792606 XD, i'm reading your 'Sue Me, You're In Love' and im guessing it takes place after this as that mentions the reader getting shot in this

6792610 yeah, it's a kind-of sequel. It doesn't count as a sequel anymore because I'm rewriting it with a better story.

6792639 well, it will be rewritten once I have my three other chapter stories out of the way.
(Might not ever get written, because I'm writing all these one-shots like a typewriting monkey instead of updating.)

Hmmm, I certainly would have killed those guys. You got to seriously apply pain to the guy that has the gun, once he's stunned, hit him in the face(Recommend Uppercut) or the side of the leg to get him down on the floor, he should then either drop the gun, or hold on to it loosly, and he carries it to the ground with him, quickly kick him in the face or stomp on it, after that grab the gun.

Surprisingly, this is all self-taught. Tehe!:trollestia:

6914144 I will try to remember that for future reference.

6914144 SHORYUKEN.....3....2....1....KO.

Well that escalated quickly:rainbowlaugh:

7028317 that statement is true.

Why couldn't you have just renamed this story to "Throwing all stereotypes out the window: The Story"?

7063931 I dunno. Maybe I didnt do it because that would be a very long title for a story. :P

7064322 Says the guy sith the super long chapter titles. :P

7064876 who ever reads chapter titles? XD

7065174 People with eyes! A-and..uhh..can said someone back me up about this one?


firestrike has a point

7065305 i got you i read chapter titles and I've read allot of books

Suprisingly not shit from what i saw in the rage review

7766324 wait, when did it get a rage review? I remember this being in the group, I probably just wasn't around for the review.

Those buggers pulled a tattletale strangler and got away somehow it seems

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