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I am general Kristonal Prime and my clone identification number is CG-7979-56 i am a clone general and the leader of the 599th sky corps. but you can call me general or sir.

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It has been a hundred years since Equestria has registered with the Cornerian Army. During that time technology on Equestria has increased at an astronomical pace. New buildings, new vehicles and new species now walk with ponies.

But along with the new technology comes a promise. A promise for those who wish to leave Equestria and travel to the stars beyond. To explore the vastness of space and protect it from those that seek to do it harm.

Slipstream is the first of two ponies from Equestria to join the ranks of the Cornerian pilots. So she will be the first to see that the heavens are far more dangerous than any would have believed. That it is a place of criminals, thieves...and mercenaries.

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Hi, my names Ignis Ragnorak and besides my unreal name I was a pretty normal guy. I use the term "was" because now, I live a life that is anything but normal. Now you might be thinking "How is your life anything but normal?" and to answer that I have three words. My. Little. Pony. That's right I live in the world of Equestria but that's not all, I have magic from Fairy Tail, the quirk One for All from My Hero Academia and the Matrix of Leadership from Transformers. How did this all happen, well your going to have to read this story to find out how I got my powers, ended up in Equestria, and became one of its newest guardians.

WARNING: mild cursing and death, but no brutality

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Paladin Palkia, is the last being of his universe left after a calamity occurred and wiped out all of the humans and Pokémon in it, but before he was destroyed, he opened a spatial portal and finds himself in the world of Equestria. How will this legendary beast fare in this world, and will what happened in his world, happen again? And... Was he the only one to make it out? And, why does he look like a pony?

I do not own the cover art by the way.

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Spike has had enough of being treated as a slave instead of a friend. He works, cleans, does chores for Twilight and her friends, and gets abandoned. Being sick and tired of being used as a tool, an object for his so-called friends, he wishes for better life without them. Little did he know that his wish was going to grant him the best adventure ever.

While Spike is gone, Discord is going to disguise himself as Spike to see if Twilight and her friends are worthy to be Spike's friends or not. Change is on the horizon in Equestria for everyone. However, some changes are not for everyone.

Thenewbluebrony sent me a gift. An artwork of Spike's Fairy Tail Emblem on his chest. In honor of the gift, I've decided to make it my cover art image for the story after the 200th chapter.

I lost count of how many times the story was featured after 100 times but it started on June 16th, 2021 since I mainly publish chapters late at night. (Habit of mine)

(Spoilers in the Comments. You have been warned.)
(Please note that this is an alternate universe of Fairy Tail)
(Takes place before season 8)
Fairy Tail is copyright of Hiro Mashima

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Twilight tried to convince them. Tell them that things were not as they appeared to be. That the Cadance that everypony had seen was an imposter. Yet, no one believed her. Not her friends or her teacher who was like a mother to her.

So, instead of arguing further, she left. She went back to her room in the castle so she could head home. Yet, despite it being a simple teleport spell she used a thousand times before, something went wrong. Now, Twilight was nowhere near home. Hay, Twilight don’t think she is in Equestria anymore.

One thing is for certain. Twilight will do everything she can to make sure she find a way back. Fortunately, she don’t have to do this alone, a fox by the name of James McCloud is going to try and help her. She have to ask herself a question first, does she want to go home?

A MLP/Star fox crossover. I own nothing.

It's back and this time it's staying, I hope.

Warning; There is no sex/clop in this story

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In the criminal justice system, biblio-malfeasance is considered especially heinous. In Ponyville, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Athenaeum Unit. These are their stories.

Inspired by the comic The Damage Fee by LoCeri.

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In the criminal justice system, Equestrian-magic-based offenses are considered especially heinous.

In Canterlot City, the dedicated young women who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Everfree Investigations Unit.

These are their stories.


Inspired by this blog post.

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What do you get when you get when you combine Lauren Faust’s MLP:FiM and David Mitton’s TUGS? I’m about to answer that.

Bear in mind this is my first story to post on this site, or on the Internet in general. What’s more, I dare say this is the first story on this site that will feature TUGS. That being said, if anyone spots any grammar errors of any kind, feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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John is a RAF pilot, he and a Luftwaffe Pilot, Wolf, crash-land in Ponyville, Equestria nearby a cottage after a intense dogfight over the Cliffs of Dover, they have to put their differences aside in order to return to their world with the help of the Mane 6, but will they overcome their war fueled hate for each other, or will they kill each other in Fluttershy's backyard?

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AU in where Twilight is a dragon but still is Princess Celestia's student. Twilight has a more logical head on her shoulders and takes her job as a caretaker to Spike more seriously than canon.

motherly!Twilight, manipulative!Celestia

Idea sparked from Winter Quill's stories Growing Up With Scales and Sparkles and Scales

Cover art courtesy of Majestickfire9

Not Beta'ed, all mistakes my own. Don't like? Don't read. Cross-posted on ff.net under PlutoMilo

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