• Published 25th May 2017
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My Little Transformers - cyberlord4444

After the restoration of Cybertron, steps were made to restore contact with those scattered by the war. One of these groups was a Rescue Bot squadron that crashed into Mount Canter 1000 years ago, time for first contact

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Chapter 3

After Hot Spot and co picked their collective jaws off the ground(not literally), they decided a round of introductions was in order. “We’re Rescue Bots Squadron Alpha 9, I’m Hot Spot, the commander of our unit. This is Streetwise, my second in command and law enforcement specialist. That’s our medic First Aid, our engineer Tow-Line, and our Wrecker escort Rotorstorm.” As Hot Spot said their names, he gestured to each of the other ‘Bots in turn.

“Well, thank you for saving us Mr. Hot Spot, I’m Twilight Sparkle, these are my friends Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Rotorstorm, “so, who’re the partycrashers?”

“Changelings,” said Rainbow Dash, “their queen tried to marry Twilight’s brother to get Canterlot soft enough to invade.”

“Looks like she succeeded,” said Streetwise, “although you’ll have to tell me how that works later.”

“No time for that now,” said Twilight, “we need to get to the Elements. If we can get them, we can stop her.”

Hot Spot wondered what these Elements were, but shrugged it off. ‘Must be something like the Matrix,’ he thought to himself. “Alright, Rotorstorm, think you can escort them to get these Elements?”

“No problem,” Rotorstorm, a cocky grin on his face, “just don’t expect me to call for backup.”

“I know I know, just cleanup,” Hot Spot replied, rolling his eyes, “the rest of you, go rescue the civilians, I’ll see about this queen.”

“She’s in the throne room,” said Rarity, “she should still be gloating.”

“Thanks,” said Hot Spot, “now, Rescue Bots, and Wreckers, Roll to the Rescue!”

“Quite a lovely sight, wouldn’t you say?” Chrysalis asked Celestia, who was encased in a cocoon, “soon all of Equestria will become food for us.”

The liquid in the cocoon prevented Celestia from talking, but the look she shot Chrysalis said everything she thought about that plan.

Chrysalis just smirked as she ran a hoof along the cocoon, “I wonder how the love for your subjects will taste?”

Just then, something pounded on the door. “Go see what that is,” she said to one of her guards.

As several Changelings approached the doors, they suddenly flew open as several other Changelings flew through. Hot Spot followed through directly after, ducking his head to fit through.

“And what are you?” asked Chrysalis.

“Hot Spot of the Rescue Bots,” Hot Spot replied, “I assume you’re Chrysalis?”

"Queen Chrysalis if you don’t mind,” Chrysalis said, “are you here to serve me?”

“No,” Hot Spot said as he drew his axe, “I’m here to take you in.”

Chrysalis laughed, “You have spirit I’ll give you that, but I’ve consumed enough love to take down Celestia, an iron golem won’t be a challenge.”

“We’ll see,” Hot Spot said as he charged forward.

“Got another group over here,” said Streetwise as he blasted a group of Changelings away from a family of ponies.

“These things are worse than Scraplets,” said Tow-Line as he braced a wall that was ready to fall.

“No they’re not,” First Aid retorted as she tranqed a whole battalion of Changelings. “That looks like all of them.”

Just then, she felt something tap her leg. Looking down, she saw that a young unicorn was nudging her, “Thank you.”

First Aid’s expression turned gooey, “Aren’t you the cutest thing in the history of cute!”

“Uh... did you just see?” Streetwise asked.

“I saw nothing,” Tow-Line replied, “and if you want to wake up with all your parts tomorrow, neither did you.”

“Got it.”

“So, these Elements, you sure they’ll be able to take care of this?” Rotorstorm asked as he swatted away a group of Changelings.

“They worked on Nightmare Moon and Discord, and they were much more powerful, they should work just fine,” said Twilight as she blasted a Changeling that slipped past.

“Nothin’ personal Twi’ but there was only one ah them, how do we know that they’ll work on all these?” asked Applejack.

Rainbow dash scoffed as she dive-bombed another one, “These guys are nothing. Once we take down the queen we can mop up the rest no problem.”

“I like the way you think Dash,” said Rotorstorm, “you wouldn’t make a half-bad Wrecker.”

“If you don’t mind me asking Darling, you seem a bit different than your companions,” said Rarity, “might I ask why?”

“I don’t see why not. You see the Wreckers aren’t like the Rescue Bots, we’re warriors through and through. We handle the missions that no one else would even consider possible, and make it look easy. Optimus Prime wanted the Nursery guarded by the best of the best, so they sent me.”

“Heh, might need to put that to the test, at least the speed anyway,” said Rainbow.

“Anytime, anyplace, except for here and now,” Rotorstorm said before morphing his hand into a gun and blasting a group of Changelings, “right now I’m kicking Streetwise’s tailpipe.”

“Oh look we’re here,” said Twilight as they arrived at the Element Vault, thankful that she wouldn’t have to listen to much more machismo. However, the door was sealed shut by a think layer of Changeling goo.

“Huh, guess it’s closed for the day,” said Pinkie Pie.

Rotorstorm kicked the open. “Looks open to me,” he said, causing Rainbow to grin and Twilight to facehoof.

Hot Spot and Chrysalis were still fighting, neither able to land a critical blow. Chrysalis’ attacks were primarily in the form of thermal and kinetic blows, both of which Hot Spot’s armour was designed to handle, being a specialist in firefighting. Hot Spot however was hampered by the size of the room preventing him from being able to swing his axe without hitting something and getting it stuck. Luckily he had another option, his heavy cryo-cannon which shot bursts of super-cold fluid, unfortunately Chrysalis was too small and nimble for Hot Spot’s limited combat experience to hit.

“It is a pity that I have no idea what you love, enslaving you would make the conquest of the rest of Equestria foal’s play,” said Chrysalis.

“I’m going to love beating you, does that count?” asked Hot Spot.

Chrysalis began to retort, but her gaze turned to one of the windows, where she saw the rest of Alpha 9 thwarting her plans. “This cannot be happening.”

“Sez you,” Hot Spot said before using his cryo-cannon like a baseball bat, sending Chrysalis through said window. Hot Spot jumped after, grabbing his axe on the way, landing among his comrades as they faced her down.

“Not bad chief,” said Rotorstorm, “looks like you made my job kinda pointless huh?”

“Queen Chrysalis, you are charged with, so many things I don’t have time to list them all,” said Streetwise.

“Don’t think you’ve won yet,” said Chrysalis as emerald flames licked around her hooves, “prepare to feel the full power of a Changeling Queen!” With that, the flames consumed her entire body, growing into a conflagration the size of the castle. Then, it vanished, leaving behind something that looked like a cross between a dragon and a scorpion. “Behold, my original plan for dealing with Celestia,” Chrysalis’ voice emerged from it, albeit much deeper, “I wonder how powerful it is now that I could defeat her without it.”

Tow-Line summed up the situation, “Ah scrap.”

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