• Published 25th May 2017
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My Little Transformers - cyberlord4444

After the restoration of Cybertron, steps were made to restore contact with those scattered by the war. One of these groups was a Rescue Bot squadron that crashed into Mount Canter 1000 years ago, time for first contact

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Chapter 1

Cybertron, it used to be a beautiful place, teeming with life. But not life like you or me, this life was mechanical in nature. However, centuries ago, a war broke out between two factions, the Autobots, and the Decepticons. The war caused countless casualties, including the ability for Cybertron to support life. However, not all Cybertronians took part in the war. One such group was the Rescue Bots, a group dedicating to protecting life, in all it’s forms. Various squadrons were tasked with evacuating civilians, with limited success. One such squadron, Alpha 9, was given the task of safeguarding a protoform nursery. To do this, they decided to hide in a star system that little strategic value, although a scientist would have great interest. It was surrounded in strange energies and gravitational anomalies that made scans unreliable at best, the perfect spot to safeguard the next generation.

However, the same energies that they were counting on to protect them, also caused the ship they were flying to fail. In an effort to survive, they transferred all the power they could into the structural integrity field, including life support. They placed themselves into stasis, setting it to release them when they received a message that said the war was over.

The planet they landed on was one inhabited by ponies, capable of using magic. Over time, a city was built upon the mountain they had augured into. These events went unnoticed by the Rescue Bots, until a thousand years later when a message that that the fires of Cybertron were relit, and hostilities between Autobots and Decepticons had ended. As such, deep under Mount Canter, something awoke.

Inside a futuristic control room, five large pods sat, humming softly as the silhouettes of five large figures. The rest of the room lay dormant, until one console lit up, a voice emanating from it.

“Attention all Cybertronian civilians, this is Ultra Magnus. I am pleased to inform you that the war has ended. Cybertron has been restored, to life if not to its former glory. Return home, so that we can restore it together.”

As the message ended, the room hummed to life. The pods cracked open, steam pouring out. Out of one of the pods emerged a massive figure, encased in red boxy armour. He yawned and scratched his head before turning to one of his fellows, a green figure who’s armour was more angled, “Tow-Line, status on the Lost Light.”

“Looks good from what I can see Hot Spot,” Tow-Line replied, “we had a small leak in the auxiliary energon tank, but the automatic seals kicked in before we lost too much. I’m gonna want to do a full inspection though, looks like a lot of the diagnostic system is still throwing up errors from the strange energy of this world.”

“Excellent news, not bad for a retrofitted energon tanker,” Hot Spot said, grinning, before turning more sombre as he turned towards another figure who’s white armour had a distinctly more feminine look, “First Aid, what’s the status of the nursery?”

First Aid clicked her tongue before replying, “There don’t appear to be any pod failures, but I’m still going to give each one a visual inspection.”

“Good idea, that’s precious cargo,” Hot Spot replied. He then turned towards the last two figures, “I’m going to try to get in contact with Cybertron, Streetwise, Rotorstorm, think you’re up for some scouting?”

“You can count on us sir,” said Streetwise, who was in a slimmer black armour. Rotorstorm, who was in a curved orange armour and had a pair of swords on his back, merely nodded.

“Glad to hear it,” Hop Spot replied, “and keep a low profile, don’t want to attract any unwanted attention.”

“I know you’re our Wrecker bodyguard, not a Rescue Bot, but do you have to act so paranoid?” Streetwise asked Rotorstorm, who was currently glancing around, one hand on the hilt of one of his swords.

“Just because Ultra Magnus sounded the all clear, doesn’t mean there aren’t Deception extremists just itching to steal the protoforms and brainwash them into soldiers,” Rotorstorm replied.

Streetwise just sighed before turning his attention back to his hand-held scanner, “These crystals are pretty interesting, they appear to be naturally generating the strange energy of this planet, but exposure to the leaked energon has turned them into a hybrid.”

“Are they explosive as regular raw energon?” Rotorstorm asked slightly worriedly.

“I don’t think so, the crystal structure appears to be more stable than regular energon, but you’ll forgive me for not wanting to test that,” Streetwise chuckled.

Rotorstorm chuckled back, “Good thing my pal Wheeljack isn’t here, he loves making things go boom.”

Streetwise and Rotorstorm shared a laugh before they were interrupted by a pair of feminine sounding screams.

“Sounds like a couple of ladies need some rescuing, huh mister Rescue Bot?” said Rotorstorm.

“You’ve got that right,” said Streetwise, before they rushed off in the direction of the screams. “Pity our alt-forms were corrupted by the extended stasis, it’s a lot faster than running.”

“If you’re that concerned about it, less talking more moving,” Rotorstorm chuckled before they both picked up the pace.

Twilight screamed as a trio of strange bug-like ponies attacked her and Cadence. She thought that the brainwashed bridesmaids were the last line of defence, but then these 3 came out of nowhere. Since she didn’t know any spells that could be used for combat, and Cadence was exhausted by her long confinement, this was not looking good. She swore that if she got out of this, the first thing she would do was ask her brother for some tips, after rescuing him from the fake Cadence of course.

“Looks like we’re in a real pickle, huh Twilight?” Cadence said, her tone trying to make light of the current situation.

Twilight decided to forgo replying to do something marginally more productive, “HELP!!!”

The bug ponies chuckled darkly, knowing that nopony would be able to hear them all the way down here. However, as her cry echoed down the cavern tunnels, a rumbling replied. It sounded like the footsteps of some gigantic beast, and it also sounded like it was getting closer.

“Please be friendly, please be friendly, please be friendly,” Twilight chanted, eyes shut tight and hooves clasped in prayer.

The rumbling stopped as it sounded like it was right beside her, she cracked open her eye to see a giant black metal limb. Turning her gaze upwards, she eventually fixed her gaze on a metallic face, its eyes hidden behind a smoky visor.

The figure reached behind its back and pulled out a strange L-shaped device, from the way he held it it looked like some sort of weapon. “I am Streetwise of Rescue Bots squadron Alpha 9. You three are under arrest for assault, and whatever other charges these fine citizens decide to pursue.”

The three bug ponies just hardened their expressions before leaping at Streetwise. Streetwise dodged to the side before pulling the trigger of his weapon. A ball of electricity erupted from it and clipped two of them, causing them to convulse before dropping to the ground unconscious. However, before the third could recover for another attack, a bolt of energy erupted from deeper in the caverns, rendering it unconscious as well.

Streetwise sighed before turning towards where the bolt came from. “I had that under control, but I suppose I should thank you for using the stun rounds.”

“Hey, I needed to make sure my rifle was zeroed in properly,” said another metal figure that walked out of the shadows. This one was in orange armour, had a metal plate over his mouth, and his weapon was much longer with a scope on it.

“Fair enough Rotorstorm,” said Streetwise before putting his weapon away and turning towards Twilight and Cadence, “are you alright?”

“We’re fine,” said Cadence, as Twilight was currently too shocked to do anything except stand there with her mouth hanging open.

“We’ll be on our way then,” said Streetwise as the two of them turned to leave, “we’re supposed to be keeping a low profile, so I’d appreciate it if you kept this to yourselves.”

As the two of them walked away, Twilight’s brain finally rebooted. “Wait, I have so many questions!”

“Later Twilight,” said Cadence, “we need to get out of here before that imposter marries Shining.”

Twilight nodded as they turned towards the exit, a mental checklist forming in her head.

1:Get a few pointers from Shiny

2:Come back down here, track down Streetwise and Rotorstorm, and learn everything she could

Author's Note:

Bet you can't guess what Alpha 9's nickname is.

PS. While these are all technically cannon Autobots, I've put my own spin on them, First Aid is supposed to be a guy for one. Does this make them OCs? Honest question here.

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