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I am general Kristonal Prime and my clone identification number is CG-7979-56 i am a clone general and the leader of the 599th sky corps. but you can call me general or sir.

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In the criminal justice system, biblio-malfeasance is considered especially heinous. In Ponyville, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Athenaeum Unit. These are their stories.

Inspired by the comic The Damage Fee by LoCeri.

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In the criminal justice system, Equestrian-magic-based offenses are considered especially heinous.

In Canterlot City, the dedicated young women who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Everfree Investigations Unit.

These are their stories.


Inspired by this blog post.

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What do you get when you get when you combine Lauren Faust’s MLP:FiM and David Mitton’s TUGS? I’m about to answer that.

Bear in mind this is my first story to post on this site, or on the Internet in general. What’s more, I dare say this is the first story on this site that will feature TUGS. That being said, if anyone spots any grammar errors of any kind, feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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John is a RAF pilot, he and a Luftwaffe Pilot, Wolf, crash-land in Ponyville, Equestria nearby a cottage after a intense dogfight over the Cliffs of Dover, they have to put their differences aside in order to return to their world with the help of the Mane 6, but will they overcome their war fueled hate for each other, or will they kill each other in Fluttershy's backyard?

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AU in where Twilight is a dragon but still is Princess Celestia's student. Twilight has a more logical head on her shoulders and takes her job as a caretaker to Spike more seriously than canon.

motherly!Twilight, manipulative!Celestia

Idea sparked from Winter Quill's stories Growing Up With Scales and Sparkles and Scales

Cover art courtesy of Majestickfire9

Not Beta'ed, all mistakes my own. Don't like? Don't read. Cross-posted on ff.net under PlutoMilo

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When Princess Twilight Sparkle seeks to modernize Equestria, one of her first targets was the Equestrian rail network. Seemingly overnight, most lines were nationalized, the out of date steam locomotives were abolished and replaced by diesels and electrics, and unwanted lines were being ripped up left and right.

In a time where sentimentality could not stand in the way of progress, two colts will take it into their hooves to save an old line and keep its hundred ton secret safe from the scrappers torch. But they will soon learn that running a preserved railway is much more difficult then simply clearing the weeds and running trains.

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Princess Luna is a rather archaic princess. Being a thousand years forward in the world, it is understandable. She always assumed that she would always be an outlier to others, never finding something even nearly as old as her besides books and buildings.

However, she is surprised to discover an object more archaic than her. Far more archaic.

A train.

A rather... famous train.

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I have grown to expect the unexpected. On the Island of Sodor, the absurd and supernatural are considered normal. Ghosts of engines and spiteful brake vans, creatures causing all manner of hell on the Skarloey Railway, a potentially rabid dog putting Sodor in the center of a political conflict, and much, much more. Sounds almost exciting, doesn't it?

What I, Edward of the North Western Railway, never expected, not in my entire life, was appearing in a different world where humans have been replaced with ponies, not to mention the fantasy aspects involved.

If I told you that I had experienced stuff even more absurd than that, would you believe me?

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This summer,The mane 6,Young 6,And CMC went to the island of sodor.
They met found Thomas and his friends.Twilight tried to help by turning into an engine like Thomas.But,She ended up causing confusion and delay.How will she and Thomas deal with this?find out.

(You might notice Rosie might come to Sodor sooner than expected.Also,Pinkie pie has her voice from ‘Hello,Pinkie.’ And Spike has his voice from Pony life.)

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This story is a sequel to Ghost Train: the Untold Story of Timothy

There have been many tales to come from the Island of Sodor, most of which have not been told. In this new collection, join me for another journey into the world of Thomas and his friends as we witness new sites and, for the first time, Thomas journey beyond his Island home for a special celebration.

A sequel collection to my earlier Thomas anthologies, these tales are a mixture of TV series stories, Christopher Awdry stories, fan stories, MLP episodes, and my own original material.

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