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This story is a sequel to Spiderman Equestria's Hero: Season 3

Adam has everything he could ever want; friends, a wife, a home. There is nothing that could make him regret any of it.

But a superhero's work is never done.

Crime is still a problem in Canterlot City and the people need to be protected. Watch as Spiderman teams up with old friends and new ones, as he takes on some of the greatest threats of his life.

New chapters will be uploaded on the first of every month, because I need to make time for them; I have both my job and other IRL stuff.

However, bonus chapters will be put up just whenever, so keep checking.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Spiderman Equestria's Hero: Rise of the Insidious Six.

Spiderman.... the hero of Canterlot city, the warrior of the multiverse; may finally meet his match.

Rykers' worst inmates have escaped and are now on the loose again; can Adam, and his friends, defeat them and send them back to jail before they bring the whole city down.

Spiderman is in for a some great adventures in this season; musicals, team ups.... and maybe even a wedding. All coming in this, the third season of Spiderman Equestria's Hero.

Chapters (21)

Princess Twilight Sparkle now not rules over Equestria but lives in the palace with her wives in a polyamorous relationship.

Chapters (1)

The six elements of Harmony took Twilight's birthday party to the Canterlot garden party in Sweet and Elite. But what happens after that? The party relocates again at the request of Princess Celestia, and Luna comes as well!

Chapters (6)

After the return of her brother Prince Shining Armor, Princess Twilight Sparkle is working hard to prepare her country and her student for the challenges ahead. Celestia Solaris, devoted student to the Princess of Magic, tries to deal with crazy friends and crazier royals.

A collection of prompts in the Blaze AU first established by ArguingPizza. Reading the first Blaze prompt isn't required, but helps frame some of the story and characters.

Future chapters may or may not be prompts.

Chapters (3)

When spike goes on a walk for some alone time in the woods he sits down near a tree, he reflects upon and goes back through the most recent events with nightmare moon, all he had done was simply sleep while they stopped her, he did nothing... he wished that one day he'll be able to help them all in his own way, as he thinks it over a strange spider crawls on him and bites him and he passes out, when he wakes up he feels nothing different at first, but after a couple days he notices strange changes... and after a strange earthquake Spike is sucked into another world where he must learn to master his new ability's and get home

Chapters (13)

The trip was supposed to be simple: a few weeks sailing to deliver family spices to a new buyer, a quick vacation, and back to the plantation. One mysterious, and coveted, box turned Cold Snap's chance to prove himself into a desperate struggle to survive on the wild seas at the mercy of a captain that sailors feared to whisper of, if they even believed he existed.

Others want that box, and the only thing keeping Snap and his friend alive is a ship so unnatural it had to be created by demons. Everything he thought he knew about the world's past is shattered in a game of cat and mouse to see who cracks the box's mystery first.

Unable to back out, and finding himself not eager to do so anyway, Snap throws his lot in with the peculiar Captain Gideon, who harbors more than a few secrets about his ship and himself.

Chapters (18)

The name's Jack, imagine sleeping in college and realizing you overslept in college, when a 22 year old guy aka me, tries to go to class in said college what happens? I get teleported to a place full of lion chickens as a spicy chicken. What does a guy like me do? Kicking, lots and lots of kicking.

Now I'm here with no one to help me except for some edgy chickens, wooden wolves, and this weird chicken who won't stop bothering me! Well, not helping but annoying, yeah that's the word for it.

I'm a martial artist, in a world full of adventure, "friendship", and frustration because NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!!!!! Except for the wooden wolves but shut up. This is going to be fun.

Featured: 4/11/2024 RAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

Notice me, Eevee Verse person!

Chapters (2)

In the Ponyville Railyard, towards the back, in a old siding by themselves, sit 6 old hopper cars filled with gray gravel. The cars are rusty, the letters on them having faded long ago. The cars have not been touched in ages, and seemingly serve no purpose. Scootaloo aims to find out why the cars are there, and what purpose they serve. Now she wishes that she'd left well enough alone, because when something has been abandoned, there's always a reason behind why it was........

(This is my first foray into the world of MLP horror stories, so hopefully this goes well)

Featured as of 5/4/22?!:pinkiegasp: Holy cow. Thank you everypony!:yay::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Chapters (1)

A young Twilight just started kindergarden and learns that a girl at school is deaf. She is determined to learn this new language and befriend her.

Chapters (1)