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I am general Kristonal Prime and my clone identification number is CG-7979-56 i am a clone general and the leader of the 599th sky corps. but you can call me general or sir.

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When their train runs empty of its fuel reserves on the way to Appleloosa, Drawbar and his brother Axle Box are stranded deep in the forest. With no way of calling for assistance it's up to the two of them to find a way to get the locomotive moving again. Their search brings them to a quiet lumber mill, where they'll find more than just a way home.

Contains: double-dose gay shipping, country accents, and poorly-understood train jargon. Read at your own risk for each.

Cover art is public domain and courtesy of Pixabay, via Google Images.

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After coming into contact with a strange blue crystal that has the ability to enhance Unicorn Magic, Sweetie Belle accidently opens up a portal to another planet, bringing fourth an adventure with the Heroes and Villains of two different worlds.

(It could happen.... Only on The Hub!)

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